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How your brain enables you to be deceived

brainWhen we finally catch on that everything a sociopath told us was a lie, most of us are furious with ourselves for not seeing the deception.

We should cut ourselves some slack. A documentary that aired on the History channel explains why our brains misinterprets what we observe, and/or totally misses what is going on around us.

“We believe first, and ask questions later,” says science writer Jeff Wise in the show.

Your Bleeped Up Brain: Deception, on

Link provided by a Lovefraud reader.

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If someone you truly love goes back to their ex wife what happens to your brain? My heart is broken but my brain still wants him back. Why?


Probably for the same reason many of us still find ourselves yearning for a long gone lover. Addiction! They’re like a drug to us, and when that drug is gone, withdrawal cravings set in. We’re still needing our “fix”.

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