This was not supposed to happen

I planned to discuss fearlessness and sociopathy this week, but instead I want to share with you a very sad event- the passing of my beloved father. My father, Dr. John M. Leedom was a good man and brilliant physician. This was not supposed to happen now, you see I was hoping to move closer to my parents after having recovered my life. I still have not recovered the status that I lost, and now my father will not get to be there when I do.

I have been thinking about all the things that were not supposed to happen, including the fact that I married a psychopath/sociopath. I am sure you also have your list. Today I spoke to a friend who was overwhelmed facing the loss of her dog. The dog is 15 and has developed paralysis. She does not have the money to treat the dog and is beside herself. There is little hope of the dog recovering any function even with treatment.

I reflected to my friend, “You have to accept the cards you were dealt. Once you emotionally accept what has happened, you will see clear to make the right decisions.” It was a real gift that my friend shared her sorrow with me because the act of saying those words was empowering. I am working on accepting what has happened and also working on understanding how to go on from here.
Follow the link John M. Leedom, M.D. to read about my father and his extraordinary contribution to medicine. Please keep us in your prayers.

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You have my deepest sympathy.

My condolences to you Dr. Leedom. Thank you for this site and how it is helping so many of us. I’ve been a “lurker” and just posted today and wanted to thank you. I’m sure your Father was so very proud of you and loved you without condition. He was a good and reliable man so you’ve been given such a gift, because you have great memories to help you through your grief. Hold on fast to all that was good about him. I too had a father that I loved (died when I was 12) and memories of him have helped keep me sane. You will grieve but you will always have him inside of you, even if he is not beside you. God Bless you and your family in this time, may He bring you comfort.

Dear Liane,

I am so very sorry for the loss of your father. There is no doubt that he loved you and was proud of you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Dear Dr Leedom,

I am truly sorry for the loss of your father. Tears are shed as I write to you because I know how proud you wanted him to feel for you. It’s just a gift a loving daughter would want to give to a loving parent. And just be proud that you are working on it and he knows that more than ever now.

I just recently read your story. It is so upsetting to me because the woman you are was tainted by this man. Because you trusted and loved a sociopath. People do not understand what that means. They don’t understand the level of manipulation that was going on. He did not care about your licence to practice and heal people and he did not care about the people your were helping to heal. And I wish the law could understand that! Unfortunately they do not and the chance you would have taken to clear your name was too great….and I understand that.

Don’t think “God” has forgoten that….you will succeed again….you are succeeding now. And your father knows more than ever who you are and he is proud of you more than ever “now”.

Thank You for all you have done for me and everyone here,


Dr. Leedom,
I just noticed this post about your father. I lost my father when I was 35. I still miss him and always will because there was so much good to miss about him. They give us an appreciation for decent men and the hope that there are still good men out there. A blessing from our fathers. My prayers and sympathy for you and your family. God Bless.

Dr. Leedom,
All my sympathy goes to you for the loss of your dad, and also your dream of making him proud, (though I’m sure he was that).

I just want to say that no matter what you may do or go on to be in the future, your decision to “advertise” your losses and vulnerabilities here on Lovefraud, to share your hurts and hopes with us, to give us a place to come when we are desperate and broken, is an enormous contribution to society. There is no other place like this, Liane, if I may make so bold; no other place where we can receive that special mixture of common sense and compassion that flows through your fingers, and through the fingers of all the bloggers here.

Thank you for keeping this website alive and well, for tending both it and us. I’m sure your father must be very proud of you, I know we are.

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