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To better protect victims, UK strengthens stalking laws

Jealous Woman Stalking Couple Of LoversFour years ago, a new stalking law enabled prosecutors in England and Wales to charge offenders with stalking, even when their behavior falls short of creating a fear of violence in the victim. The idea was to stop stalking behavior, especially in domestic violence cases, before it escalated.

Authorities have announced new orders that extends the law so that it protects people who are being stalked by strangers.

Police can apply to the courts for orders to make stalkers stay away from their victims, before the stalker has been convicted, or even arrested.

Stalking: New orders planned to give quick protection, on

New stalking legislation helps to bring thousands more prosecutions as CPS and ACPO launch protocol to improve service to stalking victims, on

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These new laws sound great.


I’ve experienced stalking for the last 6 years from an ex partner and reported incidents to the police more than a dozen times but they dismissed my reports and did nothing to help put a stop to it.
I’ve been left in fear of my life. I spoke to the womens aid in the uk who advised me to make a complaint to the police so i wrote them an email and included specific dates of incidents i reported over 6 years. The officer who dealt with the complaint came out to visit me for more information. A few weeks later he came to see me again to tell me they have no records on the police computer database for the majority of incidents i reported. Only one incident i managed to get the police officers collar number who himself never recorded any incident. He was interviewed by the officer dealing with my complaint to which he admitted he didn’t make a record or take any action for the offences as he was busy at the time dealing with a criminal in the cells?! He apolgised in a statement and that was it. This ex of mine as never been arrested, hes well known to the police for being highly dangerous but despite his past and all the evidence i have of him stalking me, hacking my computers, breaking into my house on two occasions, and following me In his car i have repeatedly hit a brick wall when I’ve called the police. Whats the point in introducing stalking laws when the police don’t even do what they paid to do..


I’m sorry to hear the police aren’t helpful. I hope you have some place to vent.

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