Will Allen Jordan, AKA Will Allen

Will Jordan also uses the name Will Allen.

Will Allen, convicted sex offender and bigamist, deported from the UK, returns to New Jersey

Will Allen writes long, heart-plucking e-mails. He sends them to women who he meets online. Women find themselves captivated by the e-mails. He seems so open and honest and they have so much in common. The women have finally found someone who checks all the right boxes.

Before long, Will Allen wants to talk on the phone, and women find that he’s a wonderful conversationalist. Soon they meet in person, and Will Allen says that he’s finally found his soul mate, the woman that he wants to marry, the woman that he’d like to have a child with. But he doesn’t know if he can have a child—because he had a bad case of mumps as a boy, he has low testosterone. In fact, he is probably sterile. With her, however, Will Allen would really like to try.

Will Allen has told the story, or something like it, at least five times. In reality, Will Allen already has 11 children with five different women. And his real name, by the way, is William Allen Jordan, but he may not want new women to know this, because William Allen Jordan is the name under which he was convicted and jailed for sex offenses with an underage girl, failing to register as a sex offender, bigamy and other crimes.

Although William Allen Jordan is an American citizen, he did his time in the United Kingdom, where his crimes and conviction were splashed all over the media. It turns out that the low testosterone story was one of the milder lies that he told. In fact, one woman who Jordan seduced, Mary Turner Thomson, of Edinburgh, Scotland, wrote an entire book about the outrageous charade Jordan was able to perpetrate not only against her, but against several women simultaneously. Her book is called The Bigamist—The True Story of a Husband’s Ultimate Betrayal.

William Allen Jordan, the CIA Agent

When Mary Turner Thomson first met William Allen Jordan online in 2000, she was a 35-year-old single mother of a young daughter. Jordan, who was living in the UK, sent her his engaging e-mails, rhapsodizing on personal responsibility and how much he wished he could have a family. After an enjoyable and frank e-mail exchange, they agreed to talk on the phone. At the appointed hour, Thomson waited for his call—nothing. Both furious and worried, she sent e-mails to her new online suitor. After two days, Jordan finally surfaced, explained why he was unavailable and apologized profusely.

Thomson didn’t realize it, but this was the beginning of a pattern. They made plans, he blew them off, then contacted her with profound regret and explained what happened. Although the explanations were always plausible, after a few rounds of such behavior, Thomson became suspicious. Jordan was acting like a married man. She tracked down his place of business, went there—and found a family home with children’s toys in the yard.

Furious, she confronted Jordan. With this, he realized he had to come clean. Right in front of Thomson, Jordan made a long call to his “bosses.” Then he carefully explained to Thomson that he was actually a CIA agent, the house and the woman who lived there were his cover. By finding the house, Thomson had blown his cover, causing big problems for him and the agency. As he spoke, Thomson’s phone beeped again and again with SIM updates that read, “ODCI relay.” Jordan said it was the Official Department of Central Intelligence setting up her phone so that her calls could be monitored and traced.

Jordan continued the story for six years, providing further “proof” along the way. He carried a gun. He had sealed money wallets stamped “Ministry of Defence.” People called Thomson to confirm that Jordan was what he said he was.

Needs to raise money

William Allen Jordan proposed to Thomson, then didn’t show up for their wedding, or for the birth of their first child. He explained that he’d been stuck in Israel during the April 2002 Jenin massacre and was unable to escape. Jordan even had physical scars to prove his story, although Thomson later came to believe they were self-inflicted.

The couple finally married in October 2002, although Jordan missed the first night of their honeymoon. He promised Thomson he would leave the CIA to build a real family life with her, but to do so, they needed to raise money. At one point he said he’d lost his CIA passport, and it would cost £100,000 to replace it.

Then Jordan said the unsavory characters he dealt with as a CIA agent had discovered his whereabouts and were blackmailing him. If they didn’t pay, Thomson and her children would be hurt, even killed. At the time, Jordan was earning good money as an information technology contractor. He even did work for the Deputy Prime Minister’s office—this was true. But the money wasn’t enough to keep the family safe. He kept asking Thomson for more.

Thomson was so stressed, and so under Jordan’s control, that she sold her flat to help her husband raise funds. Eventually, she gave him a total £198,000. By the time she was pregnant with their second child, Thomson was broke and had to move in with her parents, and Jordan disappeared again.

The Other Mrs. Jordan

In April 2006, Thomson received a phone call from the other Mrs. Jordan. This woman had lived with Jordan in the house that Thomson discovered. She’d been married to Jordan since 1992—that’s when Jordan left the United States—and had five children with him. In fact, Jordan also had two children with their nanny.

Jordan had already told Thomson that he’d been charged with bigamy, but explained that the charge was false and the result of her failure to raise the last bit of blackmail money. However, the CIA would get the charge dropped. Broke, alone, brainwashed and scared, Thomson believed him.

She also believed Jordan when he said that charges of pedophilia against him were also false—they’d been set up years before in a CIA sting to help him extract information from a prisoner and should have been stricken from the record. So even as social workers explained to Thomson that in 1997, her husband had been convicted and spent time in jail for molesting a girl between the age nine and 13, she stood by her man.

The social worker said Jordan had been psychologically assessed and was considered to be a high risk for reoffending because he showed little sympathy for the victim. Jordan explained even this away and arranged for Thomson to talk to a grown girl who posed as the victim to confirm his story.

With the phone call from the other Mrs. Jordan, however, Thomson had to face the truth. Her husband was not a CIA agent; he was a con artist. Her world unraveled as she came to accept that her life for six years had been nothing but a mirage. Thomson eventually learned that not only was Jordan married to two British women at the same time, he was also engaged to, and trying to spend the money of, three other women—all of them single mothers with young daughters.

Jordan appeared in the Oxford Crown Court in December 2006. He admitted bigamy, obtaining funds by deception, failing to register as a sex offender and illegal possession of a stun gun. “You are a con man, a convicted pedophile and a bigamist,” Judge Thomas Corrie said to Jordan, according to BBC News. “You are an inveterate exploiter of vulnerable women, not just financially but emotionally.” Jordan was sentenced to five years in a UK prison.

Deported to New Jersey

William Allen Jordan was released from jail on May 2, 2009 and deported. He returned to New Jersey and immediately posted ads on He was soon back to his proven ways, sending long, beautiful, poetic e-mails to the women he met.

Mary Turner Thomson, in the meantime, kept checking the New Jersey Sex Offender Internet Registry for Will Allen Jordan’s name. She never found it.

Lovefraud attempted to bring William Allen Jordan to the attention of New Jersey authorities as a sex offender. The New Jersey Megan’s Law, which requires that convicted sex offenders register their addresses, is administered by county prosecutors. Lovefraud contacted the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office, because according to our information, it was likely that Will Allen Jordan was in Camden County.

An investigator with the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office informed Lovefraud that they could do nothing about the case. Apparently a conviction in the United Kingdom doesn’t count in New Jersey. William Allen Jordan is not obligated to register as a sex offender under New Jersey’s Megan’s law.

He is, therefore, on the loose and looking for the next single mother to have the child he always wanted.

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