True Lovefraud Stories

Empty promises by sociopaths
True stories of love, deceit and fraud

If you haven’t been victimized by a sociopath, count your blessings. Then ask around. You probably know someone with a story to tell—if he or she will talk.

Being the victim of a scam is embarrassing. Humiliating. Victims keep asking themselves, “How could I have been so stupid? Why didn’t I see it coming?” The last thing they want to do is tell other people how they participated in being duped—even though it’s not their fault.

Sociopaths are really that good. They can fool anyone. But because few people are willing to admit what happened, the rest of us have no idea how many sociopaths are out there, how they operate and how much damage they cause.

Lovefraud is here to educate you.

Read these true stories of fraud masquerading as love. The stories are based on interviews with victims, documentation supplied by victims, and information from public sources, such as court records and newspaper accounts. Lovefraud makes efforts to verify the accuracy of all statements made in the stories.

If you have a similar story of love and deception to tell, contact Also, Lovefraud hears from members of the media who are looking for sources. If you are interested in telling your story to Lovefraud, a reporter or television producer, please complete the Lovefraud Media Survey.

Case histories true stories of love, fraud and betrayal

James Montgomery
Using the Internet to meet and scam women, including Donna Andersen, author of

Tom Guida
Fake psychologist, fake Special Forces, fake brain cancer patient, fake husband

Budimir Drakulic
Owed his former girlfriend, Katherine Underwood, $1.6 million for 20 years

Michael J. Bonert
Sentenced to 21 years in prison for stalking his former girlfriend, Vicki Kuper

William ‘Patrick’ Alexander
Joyce Alexander believes her murderous son will kill her too

John R. Sperry
Punished his ex-wife by throwing acid on her face

Andrew Funches AKA Ty Fortner AKA Drew Fortner AKA Logan Zander
Swindles 10 women, claiming to owe a gambling debt to the mob

Mark Ledden
Stabs his wife 11 times with kitchen knives

Will Jordan, AKA Will Allen
Convicted bigamist in the UK, scamming again in the US

Scott Peterson
Convicted of killing his wife and unborn child

Rabbi Fred Neulander
Convicted of hiring a hit man to murder his wife

Ed Hicks
Seven wives, 4 overlapping marriages, 6 ads on the Internet

Phil Haberman
Gets married—and claims more money from the Army

Phil Haberman Continued
Judge orders ex-wife to remove blogs that expose Haberman

Patti Milazzo
Forges husband’s signature on mortgage and credit applications

R. C. “Bill” Strunk
Used car salesman takes woman for a ride

Michelle Drake
Fakes pregnancy with triplets to defraud family and friends

Brian Ellington
Victim tells how he combines sex and fraud so she would support him

Cedric Youngblood
Repays his wife’s kindness with cheating, theft and brutality

Patrick Giblin
Uses telephone dating services to swindle more than 100 women

Lance Larabee
Pilot who cons women for houses, boats and planes

Dennis SanSeverino
Steals woman’s home and inheritance in real estate scam

Barry Lichtenthal
Sexual predator ruins the career of Dr. Liane Leedom

Jarrett Weaver
Shoots his wife, and then himself

Isaac Goodwin
Army Specialist marries for money, and his wife commits suicide

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