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What’s in Alec Baldwin’s wallet? Not pledge support from WNYC member

Editor’s note: The following post was written by the Lovefraud reader who posts as “Jennifer.”

“Alec Baldwin can always be counted on to give a good performance, whether on television or on the witness stand, and his testimony in State Supreme Court in Manhattan on Tuesday was no exception.” That’s a quote from the New York Times article about Alec Baldwin’s stalking case entitled, In Court, Baldwin Tells of a Stalker ‘Out of Hitchcock.’

According to the article, Mr. Baldwin alleges that he has been “harassed” and “stalked” by a woman he “painted” as “…both delusional and dangerous.”  And, while it appears that the woman’s behavior has certainly been extreme since their “meeting” (i.e., sexual tryst) in 2010, it’s also clear that Mr. Baldwin’s behavior/”performance” (including on the witness stand) has been highly questionable, if not egregious and highly immoral/unethical.  And yet, she’s the one on trial, facing “harassment” and “stalking” charges and he’s the one portrayed/”played” as deserving pity, protection, and justice…  And given his “celebrity” (and therefore, his money, power, connections, and public favor) it’s clear that this woman “doesn’t stand a chance.”  This woman (rightfully) rejected a plea bargain from a Manhattan district attorney and if convicted, she faces up to 90 days in jail.

In Woody Allen’s most recent and exceptionally brilliant film, “Blue Jasmine” (which is a fascinating and modern homage to Tennessee William’s “A Streetcar Named Desire,”) Baldwin plays the conning, cunning, corrupt, lying, philandering husband (aka, a socialized, white-collar psychopath) who is ultimately brought down/turned-in by his “delusional” (i.e., fully aware) wife, Jasmine, in a/her final act of vengeance.  But another interesting “variation on the theme” of how “art imitates life” (and vice versa).

I (and anyone who has had the great misfortune of being traumatized and victimized by narcissistic and/or psychopathic personalities) am/are all-too-familiar with the scenario described in this very disturbing article.  Among other critical imperatives, it underscores the dire need for (expert) mental health analysis and intervention, in the court room.

Woman found guilty

The title of the article in last week’s New York Times provides an encapsulation of the disturbing outcome of the “stalking” case:  Woman, Guilty of Stalking Alec Baldwin, Gets 6-Month Term.

According to the article, Judge Robert Mandelbaum took only five minutes to determine that Genevieve Sabourin was guilty of several misdemeanors:  two counts of stalking, and one count each of harassment and attempted aggravated harassment.  “He sentenced her to six months in jail, the maximum allowed, on top of the month he gave her earlier this week for contempt of court (for her repeated “disruption” in the courtroom).”

In my opinion, the analysis provided by Ms. Sabourin’s (criminal defense) defense lawyer, Todd Spodek, is far more accurate:  “He suggested Mr. Baldwin had called the police and had Ms. Sabourin arrested to avoid an uncomfortable conversation with her. ‘Mr. Baldwin does not have carte blanche to use the criminal justice system to sort out his relationship…'”

When questioned on the witness stand, Ms. Sabourin described Mr. Baldwin as “…a professional charmer.  He’s the best in the world.”  Additionally, his psychological profile includes sexual promiscuity/infidelity, a history of drug and alcohol abuse, episodic aggression and rage, and a notorious arrogance, egocentricity, and grandiosity.  And, it appears that he lied “compulsively and pathologically” (i.e., he committed perjury) when he testified in court.  Therefore, I would venture to say that this is a “textbook case study” of an acutely narcissistic/psychopathic (albeit “rich and famous”) personality.

Given my own horrendous experiences (and most recently, in Germany), I strongly identify with the terrible injustice that this woman is facing.  Therefore, I thought that it was imperative to do the following:

1.  I contacted the office of Ms. Sabourin’s lawyer and suggested that he acquire feedback from mental health professionals (and others) who have expertise in helping those who have been victimized (legally and otherwise) by narcissists and psychopaths and suggested that he begin with the websites like Lovefraud.

2.  Ms. Sabourin was given the option of adhering to a court injunction and mandated therapy in lieu of a hearing (which she (rightfully) rejected).  In response, I contacted the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and suggested that it was, in fact, Mr. Baldwin who warranted an extensive psychosocial assessment.

3.  With respect to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, I reminded them that this was the same office that dropped the criminal charges against (but) another rich, famous, powerful and (notoriously) sexually-predatory and womanizing man, i.e., Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

4.  I spoke with a supervisor in the office/chamber of Judge Robert Mandelbaum and told him that he should tell the judge to seriously reflect upon his sentencing statement to Ms. Sabourin, i.e., that “The rules of civil society apply to you as to everyone else…”  His (wrongful) determination, i.e., that Ms. Sabourin is “guilty on all charges” is not only outrageous, but, entirely misdirected.  In fact, it is Mr. Baldwin who has abused (and manipulated!) the justice system and who should not be (additionally) validated for doing so.

5. I also contacted the Member Services division of WNYC, the largest and most comprehensive public radio station in the United States, based in Manhattan.  Mr. Baldwin produces and hosts the program, Here’s the Thing, via WNYC, a bi-monthly talk show, centered on interviewing “the movers and shakers” in the arts, culture, and the media.  Throughout the one-hour format and despite the fact that his guests are always articulate, fascinating, and highly intelligent, (given his psychological profile) Mr. Baldwin consistently manages to monopolize all of the conversations…

I left a message for the Director of WNYC’s Member Services, yesterday, after reading about the sentencing of Mr. Baldwin’s (alleged) “stalker.”  I made it clear that I could not, in all conscience, continue to support the station (I have been a contributing member, for years) if Mr. Baldwin and his program was retained on the programming schedule.  (Approximately) one hour later, I received a message from Member Services.  I was told that in response to the objection of “hundreds” of WNYC listeners/supporters, Mr. Baldwin/his program was formally “dropped.”  I immediately called the station/department back and thanked them for honoring, via strong and swift action, the “wishes” (i.e., demands) of its members.  I also made sure to say that in addition to discontinuing the production of the program, that it should also prohibit the airing of previously-produced shows.

Seeking Closure

When asked why she (relentlessly) sought to meet with Mr. Baldwin, Ms. Sabourin said that she sought an explanation for his “dropping” her after their one-night affair:  “It’s not, because he’s rich and famous, that he can take advantage of women and throw them in the garbage.  I am entitled to ask for closure.”

She was also entitled to a fair hearing, which she also didn’t receive.

Here is more information on this case:

In Court, Baldwin Tells of Stalker ”˜Out of Hitchcock’

Woman Accused of Stalking Alec Baldwin Takes Stand to Give Her Side

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Alex Baldwin is a very evil covert sociopath..there is no doubt that he has messed with this women’s mind just like he did to his first wife, his daughter and is now doing to his second wife without her knowing yet. There is no doubt he lied on the witness stand and cried fake actors tears do dramatize his point. I can not even image the nightmare it must be to live behind closed doors with this man…just watching him rant on the street is bad enough and hearing about his abuse towards flight attendants, press etc. I hope very soon his new wife will find her way to love fraud and a good counselor who will tell her that her husband is a sociopath.

Jenn, What you did is amazing…Bravo to you for standing up for this women…hopefully Baldwin will be soon band in Hollywood for his horrid actions and behavior. I think this is what it takes, it takes a group of women to bring a sociopath down. Maybe Donna you should contact the radio show in NY and tell them you will be more then happy to fill the airtime they have after firing Baldwin discussing sociopathic abuse, that would really get Baldwin’s panties in a bind.


While I agree Mr. Baldwin DOES have some anger issues among other anti personality traits (the crying pppfft he is an actor) I just have to ask ……..
“When asked why she (relentlessly) sought to meet with Mr. Baldwin, Ms. Sabourin said that she sought an explanation for his “dropping” her after their one-night affair: “It’s not, because he’s rich and famous, that he can take advantage of women and throw them in the garbage. I am entitled to ask for closure.”
Why is she SO RELENTLESS to get an answer if in her own words in was only a “one-night affair” Maybe she should have thought about starting a friendship before she got intimate with him? She did seem to have some stalking issues herself. She did seem a little obnoxious in my eyes. I am not here to demean this situation at all, I have been victimized in enough relationships with narcissists and sociopaths in my 53 years, so I know what its like. Just my observation.


I have always had mixed feelings about this man. The math just doesn’t add up. He has so many telltale signs of a disordered personality.

Yet he has written a book (can we say GIANT pity-ploy) about his divorce. He characterized his divorce thusly : “The harshest thing I can say is I was married to someone for whom all dissent was abuse,” he told ABC News at the time. “If you had your own opinion, you were abusive. And getting into the details doesn’t matter ’cause it’s not good for me legally to do that and it’s not good for my daughter.” (cited from Huffington Post)



Why did Kim Basinger finally divorce Alec Baldwin?

He is violent, verbally abusive and controlling. Hmmmm. Sounds like he just could be a garden variety psychopath. All signs indicate that he is showing signs of a personality disorder.

The verbal thrashing he gave his teenage daughter a few years ago. Psychopaths do not care about children. They only exist to reflect their accomplishments and to control. Alec apparently has ZERO tolerance for anyone challenging him.

Men like Alex don’t change. They just get another girlfriend to flatter and then the abuse begins because they get bored. Always bored. Most suck at times to be them, but then Alec has a lot of money to keep him comfy. The psychopath doesn’t sit down with anyone and talk about feelings. This is not his modus operendum. When they are done they are done. Bye bye.

The ex girlfriend? I have found that many not all of there targets can also be very disordered. My ex targeted his next victim and as I saw the relationship unfold I caught a glimpse of her life. She only lived 2 miles from me.

I noticed that she appeared to be VERY much a narcissist and had no interest in her two teenage children. In fact, she kept throwing her son out of the house. I suspect this may be a perfect relationship. TWO narcs living the dream. Or maybe not. My ex gets bored after about 4 years. This is average with a new victim.

Time will tell what happens to men like Alec. The latest wife will get a belly full someday and take him to court and get half.

Then he moves on. We know the rest. Rinse and repeat.


Daily Mail wrote about Alex Baldwin’s voice mail message to his daughter…the voice mail was sealed by the court:

Alec Baldwin with daughter Ireland, and ex-wife Kim Basinger: A voicemail left by the Hollywood star for his daughter Ireland calling her ‘a rude pig’ was made public

The actor has been banned by a court from seeing his 11-year-old daughter, Ireland, after unleashing a string of insults at her on the telephone.

Baldwin was furious when Ireland – who lives with her mother Kim Basinger in Los Angeles – did not answer the phone when she knew he was due to call from New York.

During the call, recorded on the girl’s answering machine, Baldwin, 49, ranted: “You are a rude, thoughtless little pig. You don’t have the brains or the decency as a human being.

“I don’t give a damn that you’re 12 years old, or 11 years old, or that you’re a child, or that your mother is a thoughtless pain in the ass who doesn’t care about what you do as far as I’m concerned.
“Once again I have made an ass of myself trying to get to a phone. You have humiliated me for the last time with this phone.”

He then threatened to fly to LA “for the day, just to straighten you out on this issue”.
Baldwin, calling on April 11 at 10.30am New York time (7.30am in California), told Ireland he drops everything when it is time for his scheduled phone calls and expects her to do the same.
The message had been contained in a sealed court file in the former couple’s three-year custody fight over the girl, who lives with her mother in Los Angeles.

Baldwin’s attorneys filed papers asking the court to investigate the source of the leak, saying Basinger was “the only parent with custody, possession and control of the minor child’s telephone voicemail message”.

Basinger’s attorney didn’t respond to requests for comment. Her Hollywood representative said only, “The voicemail speaks for itself”.

Baldwin, star of ‘The Good Shepherd’, and Basinger, 53, who won an Oscar for the 1997 film ‘L.A. Confidential’, divorced in 2002 and have been battling over Ireland for years.


The Daily mail discussing Alex’s Vanity fair interview on an aritlce discusing Alex’s divorce from Kim Bassinger…..

“But in an interview for Vanity Fair magazine he said he fantasised about murder during his bitter child custody battle with his ex-wife Kim Basinger.

Baldwin said he wanted to murder her lawyer ‘with a baseball bat’ and wanted Harvey Levin, the creator of the hugely successful website, to die a violent death for posting a voicemail recording where he called his then 11-year-old daughter Ireland a ‘rude thoughtless little pig.’

Chatty man: Alec gave the shock interview to the August issue of Vanity Fair, on sale in the UK on Friday, July 6
Baldwin said: ‘I wanted to stick a knife in him and gut him and kill him and I wanted him to die breathing his last breath looking into my eyes.’

Die: Baldwin said he wanted TMZ creator Harvey Levin to die a violent death for posting his voicemail rant
In the interview, which took place before his weekend wedding in New York, Baldwin said he has learned to control his anger issues.

‘You have to let that go,’ he said. ‘Enough time – I mean, it does heal wounds.’

Although he didn’t think he would marry again after his split with Kim, Alec revealed he couldn’t help falling for Hilaria, who he credits with putting him on a diet and keeping him away from alcohol.
He said: ‘I thought, I’m probably never going to meet somebody like this again, and so I decided I would get married.. which is kind of mind-blowing to me.’….”


Oh wow. I think things might have gone a lot easier for this poor woman if she could have just kept it together in the courtroom. Her behavior was really troubling, bordering on unhinged. I realize he played it to the hilt for maximum effect. He wanted her crushed by the system and it worked. He’s just an atrocious human being.

I understand she got played by Alec Baldwin in a huge way, and my heart bleeds for her. It’s obvious how badly he hurt her. Nobody deserves to be treated like they’re disposable. But he got married and that’s the time reality should have sunk in. He’s gone girl – let him go!

I hope she gets help. She obviously needed it and didn’t get it. As for him, I hope he gets everything he deserves.


Balwin is so worried his wife will find out how sick he is that he had to make a big deal…a very big deal….to make himself look like a protector of his family and to stop her from revealing his manipulation.

I myself when confronting my sp about his lies and cheating (and this is while we were together)when confronting him over the phone and I told him I was going to come over to talk with him. He threatened to call the police and have me arrested if I did. And he would have trust me…..he also was once a cop…(he probably had some whore over there…he liked whores..)


Just like my husband. Throwing a fit and threatening to have me arrested when he was caught. His first comment was “I want you out of the house by Saturday “. He was the one who got exposed in the affair with the coworker/fellow deputy. I guess sociopaths hate when the truth comes out. I noticed that he hated the truth and tried to twist it to his advantage. Even in my divorce now, he hates it when the “affair” gets mentioned. The very next thing he does with the help of his attorney, is threatening me. Doesn’t he know that those times are over. Bring it own, I am ready and prepared.


So true….Kaya, we see there threats frightening and callous at the time it happened….now away from his abuse, I see how sick it was, unkind, horrible, and unloving….to threaten me without a reason although he could take money from my boss and not return it and cheat and lie etc…..Good riddance to bad rubbish…Your ex sounds just like Baldwin twisting truth to his advantage….”Be gone, you have no power here”…said Good Witch Glenda to Bad Wicked Witch…and then she laughed….you go woman, nothing can bring you down!!! You have us!!!


“Be gone you have no power here”, I love this statement. I will make it my new motto. Oh yes, my soon to be ex is just like Baldwin. Arrogant, deceiving and lying. Yes you are right, when I look back now and I discover so many more lies and things he was hiding, it’s unbelievable. His threats don’t mean anything to me. It’s just a sign what a weak coward he is. A sorry excuse for a police officer. I noticed that I don’t even think about the “other” woman anymore. I used to be so jealous and “hate ” her. I am not wasting any thought or energy on them, they are not worth it. Let him live in his world of porn, sex and Viagra. I am glad I am not a part of this anymore.


I am apparently playing “devil’s advocate” today. But my take on women who pursue a one-night stand with a famous person (or anyone, for that matter), is that they should not claim to be surprised or shocked when the man doesn’t want to hear from them again.

Sure, Alec Baldwin is a sociopath. But let’s stop giving women who place themselves in this position a free pass. This star-struck nutball could have been killed – she is sleeping with people she has met for the first time, with no knowledge of the type of person she is using and by whom she is being used.

Really. Smarten up. Take some responsibility for yourself. While we cannot control the actions taken against us by the paths of the world, we certainly don’t have to ASK FOR them to take a shot at us!

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