Will Allen Jordan, bigamist and sex offender, on the loose in New Jersey

Lovefraud has just posted a new True Lovefraud Story about Will Allen Jordan, a con man, bigamist and sex offender who, from our information, has returned to New Jersey and is trolling dating sites looking for his next victim.

I’ve heard a lot of stories about sociopaths, and this guy is one of the worst. He has the ability, often found in sociopathic cult leaders, to get into the minds of his victims and twist their thinking. He is frightening.

Will Allen Jordan had a criminal record in the United States, where he was born. In 1992, he seduced a British woman and left the country with her, moving to the UK. He was able to start a new life, but he didn’t change his ways.

In 2000, he met and seduced another woman, Mary Turner Thomson, convincing her that he worked for the CIA. Her story is truly harrowing, and she wrote a book about it called The Bigamist—The True Story of a Husband’s Ultimate Betrayal.

Jailed in the UK, free in the USA

In 1997, Jordan was convicted in the UK of sex offenses against a child and served time. In 2006, he was convicted of failing to register as a sex offender, bigamy and other offenses. He was released in May 2009, and deported back to the United States.

When he got here, he immediately signed up for and started trolling for new victims. He found them. I know, because I spoke to them.

Unfortunately, he’s still out there. And—get this—he doesn’t have to register as a sex offender in New Jersey. Apparently, the New Jersey Megan’s Law applies only to people who were convicted in the United States. His conviction in the United Kingdom doesn’t count.

Will Allen Jordan targets single mothers of young daughters. I hope if any of them have met him online, they Google his name and find Lovefraud.

Read the True Lovefraud Story:

Convicted sex offender and bigamist deported from the UK, returns to New Jersey

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Tobe-I cannot picture you in a convent. You would be totally out of place. You’re too pretty!

I’m all about live and let live.

But, if I walk away from the things that are right to be done then what I do is set the next one up. I can’t do that with a concience.

I don’t understand the people who say its ok.

it would be different if there was no clear issue- but there is one.

That is not to say I dodn’t love him or at least who I thought he was, I did.

And it feels sickening in the way it feels when you have to put an animal down. Its right, but its awful.

Only this situatiion is as much about what the lawyers can get from me as what the spath would take.

this is about the people whose job it is to serve and protect from these evil no doing them.

And this is about the fear I have of what happens down the road.

Look, everybody here has had a reprieve experience because that is what they do. When its my turn, he may not be happy with me for discovering a lot of things. For not being in his love world for not staying put. And for making sure what he sought to gain is not available any longer.

What do I think the reprieve will be about? Reconciliation? Uh, no.

So what has to be done has to be done now while there is advantage. A swift sword.

And the system is failing me over and over again.
they want my money and mytime but they don’t want to produce results and they have these weird attitudes. Like its ok for him to hit the next target.

the next poor woman who shows up here farctured as we all have been and stuggling to regain her place in the world because she was gutted by this one

I think that if I was stranded on the side of the road that these who would take my money would not stop to help and the SPATH would have.

Its a bizarre and twisted situation but, it is the way things are.


silver –
i think you are dead right about the swift sword. i am hoping that something bears some fruit for you, really soon . that some door you bang on opens and their is someone behind it who will open the next door and the next.

i lived with a guy when i was 20. he turned out to be a violent alcoholic. i left the house one night when he was getting berserk (only one of two times i was around for that. i left the 2nd time and didn’t go back) came back hours later to find my and his favourite belongings smashed and on the lawyn, one of his vehicles in the middle of the street, a rifle in the tree, the door wide open, the animals freaked out…and him nowhere to be seen.

the phone was torn off the wall. it was 2 am. the neighbour couple was just coming home. i asked if i could use their phone. she was pregnant. he helped her to bed. and then came out to the kitchen, AND HIT ON ME.

i get it.

oh hell, i probably didn’t need to tell THAT story. sorry, i feel a bit out of it.

can you get a ‘local’ reporter onside? anyone running for re-election? anyone a political rival of any of these folks not doing their job?

I am not in a position to make a big public campign out of it.

I think what I have to do is be persistent and if I can’t make it happen. accept it.

Like your story – it is a weird and twisted scenario and just sickening because of the frustration.

If he gets out and there isn’t a really clear don’t even think about it boundary there might as well not be one…

Maybe I make that up.

Nobody was weird than my N ex husbamd. Bat shit weird he was

never so destructive but been through so really weird stuff too.


ahh, you had an N, too! i got one for xmas one year and it took me three years to get rid of it.

so, you are looking for an annulment/ divorce and a restraining order?

and for the state to do their job and prosecute for bigamy?


from the lovefraud resource list:

Lawyers serving VA, USA.

Fred Dunsing, Attorney at Law

Law Offices of Fred Andrew Dunsing

1776 S Jackson St
Suite 1107
Denver, CO 80210
303-758-8981 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              303-758-8981      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
[email protected]

View complete profile

Experienced and aggressive family law attorney with offices in Denver or Vail Valley that focuses on divorce, property settlements, child custody (inlcluding interstate custody battles) and visitation; child support, spousal maintenance (alimony), modifications, custodial parent relocation, grandparents’ rights to visitation, premarital agreements, and appeals of Colorado family court decisions.

Nancy Lord, Attorney at Law, M.D.

Nancy Lord, Ltd

1970 N Leslie Rd.
No 220
Pahrump, NV 89060
[email protected]

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Litigation: ASPD adverse parties both in family law and civil litigation, State and Federal criminal defense and civil trials.

Intellectual Property: patent prosecution for innovative medical products, trademark prosecution; FDA and FTC labeling compliance.

Corporations: Nevada and Georgia incorporations and contracts.

okay, off to bed. all best wishes. x

Yes. I called three attnys today including a big DOG over in the town just west of me.

I don’t think these folks practice in VA since they are very far away and not from around here.

Virginia is well, its better to get somebody out of UVA who is from around here.

I think its a step by thing. I have to get the anulment and then pursue an PTO for when he gets out and I don’t have to use the same one or be in the same place to do that. Further west things would be easier….but that has everything to do with how the business goes and I am going to have to make the fish or cut bait decisions very soon.

The whole Spath thingg is so weird and so scary.


it was odd that they were listed as praticing in VA; but maybe the resource page isn’t working properly.

weird and scary about sums up the shock and awe quality to it. even after the initial WTF has worn off, i think there are other levels of it as we try to extricate ourselves.

for sure when you can look back and see how weird it was- it seems awfully so

And learning how to think/deal /res\pond differntly…fledgling somehow- but not. fledgling ancients sort of….

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