Will you participate in research about psychopaths in the workplace?

Do you suspect that someone you work with is a psychopath? Do they act superficially charming, lack remorse, lie to you, cheat, or attempt to manipulate you? Read more to find out about our study.  

Dear Members of the Lovefraud Blog,

My name is Janelle and I am a Master’s student at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. I’m currently working on my Master’s thesis in Forensic Psychology under the supervision of Dr. Adelle Forth. The topic of my research is psychopathy in the workplace and the effects this has on victims.

Psychopathy in the workplace is a relatively new area of study in psychology. Most of the research to date focuses on the psychopathic individuals while neglecting to take into account the voices of survivors. I want to investigate how psychopaths establish relationships in the work environment and the behaviours they exhibit that lead you to believe they are psychopathic or that have victimized you. I also want to know what effects and impacts the relationship has had on your job and your life outside of work.

If you believe that someone you work with possesses psychopathic traits and you would like to share your experience by participating in the study, please click here. This link also contains more information on the study. Please note you must be 18 years of age or older to participate and the study is only available in English. Any questions, comments, or feedback about this research project or its content, are welcome at [email protected]




The survey is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated.

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Oh yes, I feel like it’s too hard here too, then I have moments where it’s okay. It’s usually when I have spath-created drama that I’m ready to fly, take off. It’s when I’m living my regular, normal life that I have moments of happiness, being contented, just doing the regular things in life. I don’t want to be around people who “stir up trouble,” causing me to have anxiety (that can shoot through the roof), feeling and getting out-of-whack. Peace.

Louise, big hugs to you. I tend to RE-act with emotions far too much. “Too sensitive,” is how the exspath often described me. The struggle to avoid “re-acting” is quite a challenge, and I’m not very good at it. For instance, I recently had a couple of phone calls that were somewhat unsettling. Of course, I immediately fell into “anti-stalker-mode,” and jumped at every shadow for about 3 days. Nothing’s happened, since, and I feel foolish for “re-acting.”

As far as the spath “win” goes, they don’t win – not by a long stretch. They only appear to win. Sure, they seem to walk away from the damages that they inflict, and they do to some degree. They seem to “win” because they have no conscience. No remorse. They trample all over whomever is in their path, regardless, and they simply don’t care. That is the only “win” as far as I can see.

Sometimes, it’s almost envious that spaths don’t “feel” anything, including remorse, love, joy, grief, loss, or despair. But, on the flip-side of that, their worlds are empty, hollow places that echo only with the sound of their own poisonous voices.

No….they really don’t “win,” at all. Those of us that survive, recover, and heal ourselves are growing and learning. We are “evolving” and emerging as better human beings with a far greater value as friends, family members, lovers, community members, coworkers, parents, and teachers. They really don’t “win.” Not by any stretch of the imagination.

Brightest blessings….


Same here! I do have moments of peace when I am doing something I want to do…shopping, enjoying time with friends, etc. I am going to get a massage tomorrow…can’t wait. It’s just stuff like that where I feel good. I will come out the other side some day. Thank you!


Yeah, well, if we are “too sensitive,” it’s because of them…seriously. Why is it that I don’t react with that same so called “sensitivity” with my other friends who care about me and treat me right??? It’s because of them and the way they turn everything back on us…everything is always OUR fault! I saw that many times with my spath and I wasn’t even with him that long.

You are right…they do NOT win. It only seems like they do. I also agree about sometimes I wish I didn’t have any feelings like they do not…seems like life would be so much easier to not care about everything so much. But, they are empty so I guess I would rather “feel” than not feel at all. I don’t know…sometimes I have to wonder…

Have a good Sunday and thank you…

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