Woman gets caught in dating scam

If you think real people don’t get caught in dating scams, think again. Lovefraud heard from a woman who thought she met the soldier pictured above online. Actually, she met a group of scammers from Ghana. Here’s what she wrote:

According to a USAA Fraud Investigator 15 women scattered across the US (I was one of them) were recently scammed by a group from Ghana. I am not  trying to get my money back, etc. In fact, I am being forced to file for bankruptcy.

What I am  trying to do is help the Active Duty Army Master Sergeant who is in ALL  the pictures these scammers still use! I saw a recent one posted under two i had added to one scam website. In fact, it could have been his recent retirement party. I just feel horrible that they continue  to steal this same soldier’s pictures and want to know how I can get on some sites so these scammers can not CONTINUE.

Do you know this man? If so, please contact Lovefraud. And if someone sends you these pictures, and asks for money, know that it’s a scam!

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geoge casey has now admitted he is not actually geoge casey but is eric kutin aged 26 from ghana. he started this as it is a easy way to make money.

we found this out by sending him all the information we have found and we just told him to tell us the truth and he did as far as we know.

OK. I just got a friend request from this hunk on Easter Sunday (2015).Photos were just blurred enough that I couldn’t make out the name tag that I knew was present. Wondered why he didn’t answer questions about patches or other non-classified military information. I’ve worked with Army helicopter pilots for 10 years, so I use a lot of military terminology. My first thought with the text messages was that he could be looking for a legitimate “pen pal”. Started getting suspicious when he asked if we could see if we could develop a relationship. Then laughed at the situation when he wrote today asking me to help him with his gold business!
I am so sorry the REAL military hero is still being abused.
I will pass this info along to Army CID, even though I did not fall for the scam. Maybe they can keep tracking down the per

I get one to two friend requests from these fake military profiles a month, and I report them to facebook and the profile is taken down immediately.

I never thought of forwarding them to the military. Maybe Facebook does, or should report them?

Gaucho Gal – the military actually knows about this man’s identity being stolen. His photos are the most widely used among scammers. I’ve had at least 4 or 5 women contact me about these same photos.


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