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Woman gets caught in dating scam

If you think real people don’t get caught in dating scams, think again. Lovefraud heard from a woman who thought she met the soldier pictured above online. Actually, she met a group of scammers from Ghana. Here’s what she wrote:

According to a USAA Fraud Investigator 15 women scattered across the US (I was one of them) were recently scammed by a group from Ghana. I am not  trying to get my money back, etc. In fact, I am being forced to file for bankruptcy.

What I am  trying to do is help the Active Duty Army Master Sergeant who is in ALL  the pictures these scammers still use! I saw a recent one posted under two i had added to one scam website. In fact, it could have been his recent retirement party. I just feel horrible that they continue  to steal this same soldier’s pictures and want to know how I can get on some sites so these scammers can not CONTINUE.

Do you know this man? If so, please contact Lovefraud. And if someone sends you these pictures, and asks for money, know that it’s a scam!

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Ox Drover

Nice looking guy, I can see why she fell for him.

I don’t know him, but he’s cute!

On a more serious note, I think if these photos were forwarded to the military, they would have a better shot of finding the man in the photo. Lemmie run through my head who my military friends are….I have a network on Facebook. Maybe I could post this there with an inquiry and get a thread going to find this man.

What do you think about that idea?

Okay. Done. Hopefully someone will see it who knows him.


I hope you find this person.

My own online dating experience deteriorated fast last summer when, as is my usual custom, I posted a “just-a-date” kind of thing on Craigslist.

I was not prepared for the barrage of horrible e-mails, but even worse, having my ad deleted repeatedly as against “community standards.”

When I went to the “community” about it, they mocked me, endlessly. I had to unsubscribe to their e-mails because at one point I received several full screens of abusive e-mails almost at once.

Is it possible that Craigslist is being taken over by these gangs?


I applaud the woman who is trying to find out who this fellow is. the spath of my aquaint has stolen the pictures of dozens of people and used them in her stories. I am sure she is using mine now, also. I remember doing some really nice photos for her and on of the sockpuppets being angry when i posted them on the community site we were one – no doubt they became less valuable to her.

when i figured out whose photos she stole – the fake boy and all his friends and family photos had come from one person’s blog – my heart just broke. i wanted to protect him so much, but i was so afraid of the spath. I gave the info to the asst. DA, but never could finish sending him everything in hardcopy; i was too triggered by it all.

it was so weird to so the fake boy in his real life…it took me two hours to go through his blog and track down each and every picture and the REAL relationship and catalogue those with the fake ones that she had created. there he was, the supposedly dead/ risen boy – not at all who he supposedly was. it still makes me sad to think of it.

i hope she finds this man. it is not safe to post pics of ourselves anywhere online at anytime – we never know who is going to steal them and possibly ruin our lives or reputations in the course of defrauding people. i can imagine what it must feel like to have someone think they cared for you – when you were just the face for the mask.

Another case:

Online Dating Scam leaves widow Esther Ortiz-Rodeghero heartbroken, foreclosed, bankrupt.

Link supplied by two Lovefraud readers.


has anyone found this man I have been scammed with his pictures and i have 7 more then the ones posted here.


ACK…………….this is an awful story!

However, after having “met” the exspath online, I would never involve myself in ANY online dating.

Technology has it’s good points, but it can so easily be used to ruin the lives of well-meaning and good-hearted human beings. Nope………nope, nope.


why can’t this guy be tracked through the military? his surname and number are on his uniform.


OneJoy, that’s a farking GOOD QUESTION!!!! Why wouldn’t the military want to intervene on this?

And….he certainly IS attractive…..oy

The guy in the pictures was finally identified by the POW network. he was mortified that his photos were being used to scam people.

Kimberly – contact

[email protected]

Ox Drover

Well that is a good thing at least that he has been identified…..Kim, I am so sorry you went through all this, but at least you are enlightened at this point in time!

We have all been “enlightened” the hard way but sometimes it is a blessing that keeps us from being scammed again.

This is WHY “on line” dating is a BADDDDDDD IDEA! People can “be” anyone. You build up this person in YOUR IMAGINATION from the fantasy they present and you are emotionally and hormonally hooked when they are a complete scam.


OxD……you are so doggoned SPOT-ON. SO spot-on!!!!

The poor guy in the photos……I wonder, now, if he’ll file a lawsuit or criminal complaint…..

He sure is attractive, though! (snort) Just because I’m not going to date doesn’t mean I’m dead!


In my years of using dating sites, there were several times when a guy would contact me claiming to be a soldier stationed in Alfghanistan or some place like that. (#1 red flag: I won’t get to know someone I cannot meet in person.) All of those times, the person who wrote to me “wrote” with an accent and did not sound American (#2 red flag). And finally, they would talk about how they think I am their true love in the first email (#3 and biggest red flag). I have found from my personal experience that it’s pretty easy to spot these scammers by the way they talk and the way they hone in right away. The best way to avoid them is not to be a long distance penpal with any of them.

All of the men I’ve actually met from dating sites (which is a very very small percentage of those who contacted me) turned out to be pretty decent people, but maybe just not attractive to me for whatever reasons – I’m pretty picky. I’ve made some good platonic friends from the sites though. For me, the answer is not just to abandon the sites, because it is just one more way to expand your dating social circle. But to just know how to read the signs. There was one I got to the phone call stage with. I could tell after one phone call that he was a predator by the way he tried to hone in on me and tell me that he was falling in love with me and would I consider meeting him at his house? (HUGE red flags). He also had an accent, but when I asked him what country he was from, he acted insulted and said “American, didn’t you read my profile?” RED FLAG. Fortunately, I never heard from him again. But the odds have been in my favor for meeting decent people. I do not think the large majority of people on dating sites are predators. After all, I’m not a predator. But they do exist. They are everywhere, and it’s good to know the signs. IMO, saying you’ll never use a dating site because there are predators there is like saying you’ll never go out for a drive because there are bad drivers out there. I think it’s better to know what your boundaries are and to just be careful. I have many friends who found their marriage partners on dating sites and are happily married. A lot of these scams can be avoided if you just avoid long distance and phone relationships with people you’ve never met. It is much easier for someone to deceive you in writing and by phone than in person.


The man in the photo is definitely eye candy.

I met a guy a few years back, first through a dating site, and then face-to-face because he lived in the town next to me.

We met for coffee, walked around a bit, and I picked up something in a store that I needed. MAYBE we spent a whole 4 hours together.

I come home to find an email saying how proud he was to be seen walking down the street with me. WHAT???

I immediately sent him an email saying that it wasn’t going to work between us.

I had a similar experience when I was 17, right before I met the spath. I went out with a guy who was drop dead gorgeous, 35 years old and looked 21. All the women at work wanted to go out with him. After one date, he said something like, “I’m usually looking at other couples walking around holding hands, and now I’m the one holding hands with someone.” He was practically giddy.

It was such a turn off. Then I met the spath. Urgh. Should’ve stuck with the giddy gorgeous guy.


Skylar, I hear you! The article about the time wasted with the spaths really hits home for me…..

Oh, well! I’m going to learn how to love myself, for a change, and stop wasting that valuable energy on some man-child.

I’ve heard from 2 more women this week who were contacted by people who stole this soldier’s identity. Here is what they wrote:

Here I’m e-mailing the letters and photo of the army soldier that I know wasn’t the right man in the photo. Back in January of 2012 I was in the christian chat prayer room with some best friends chatting over bible verses. When suddenly this man by the name of Captain William Hellmuth came on joining in with the christian chatting he kept on days after days listening to the word of GOD . We be came close friends I ask him if he had a web cam so that I could see who he was. AT the army is so security you can’t communicated with outsider he said. Captain began to e-mail tons of letters, which I didn’t realize he was playing with my emotion. It got to the point that I was sending him care packages and money and other items. This went on for months until my feeling for him was so much that I everything I owe I had given up for this soldier. Until now I realize he had ruin my reputation and use my emotions and stole money from me. I contacted the FBI and the POWNETWORK at this moment they are investigating him. So I have block my e-mail and yahooim.I don’t want anymore woman to be a victim like I was. I’m now in therapy with my emotion and being a victim. Please ladies don’t fall for this man he’s a scammer. I wish I could contact the real person in the photo to let him know someone is useing his photo to get women.

This woman was from Germany;

Unter Tränen, aber mit hellem Verstand habe ich nach genau diesem Mann/Fotos gesucht. Ich komme aus Deutschland und wurde auf einer Singlebörse angeschrieben. Ich hatte schon ein komisches Gefühl, leider habe ich Fotos von mir und meinen Kindern gesendet. Ich hoffe nur das der echte James….,dem die Fotos gehören endlich in Ruhe gelassen wird. Ich habe noch mehr Fotos bekommen, auch Kinderfotos von ihm.

Es ist bitter, so mit Gefühlen von Frauen zu spielen.

In tears, but with a bright mind, I was looking for exactly this man / photos. I am from Germany and was written on a single exchange. I had a strange feeling, unfortunately, I have sent pictures of me and my children. I just hope …. that the real James, where the photos are finally left alone. I got some more pictures, including photos of children from him.

It is bitter, so play with feelings of women.


Donna……godalmighty, it just makes my blood run like icewater to read these pitiful cries of agony.

I sincerely hope that the people who perpetrated these crimes and the identity theft are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law.

This is precisely why I will not even entertain the notion of online dating OR “assisting” other people who appear to be in need, online. Oh, on this site, I offer as much emotional and spiritual support as I can to the victims. But, I’m not going to send money, give out my personal contact information, or other means to reach into my life. Most of the readers on this site appear to be quite genuine. Others – recently a RASH of them – appear to be on this site to fulfill other purposes than healing.


May these victims and survivors find some justice and comfort


Well here I am heartbroken that my beautiful man, Daniel is a scam. I love this man and he has said he loves me. We talk several times a day and I have provided him with gifts, pictures, money and even one of my rings. We were to be married when he comes home from Afghanistan. I cannot believe I have been so foolish and stupid. He has even provided me with his military ID showing his name as Daniel Roble James and that he is in active duty. I had checked other sites that report dating scams and found nothing, so I thought he was the real deal. Now I am heartsick. I am a widow and never wanted to marry again, but I would have married the man I know as Daniel in a heartbeat. We have had a wonderful time together and I cannot believe it is over. My friends all warned me,but I would not listen. I loved that he told me how beautiful I am and that he sent flowers. I will miss the man I have been talking to he made me laugh and feel loved again. What do I do now with all these emotions?

sorry to hear of your encounter with the spath.
That is a great question: What to do with all these emotions?

Emotions are there to help us learn.

Take the time to examine each emotion. Find out what it is and where it comes from. What is that emotion trying to tell you?

You may find that you have something to learn from this experience. Embrace it as a difficult but important learning tool.


Betrayal is such a hard thing. And it is complicated. Skylar is right, there are lessons to be learned from your emotions. It is still very painful, though.

Allowing yourself to feel your feelings instead of suppressing them, can be helpful.

Nobody ever intends for something like this to happen to them.

Why me? is a very natural question and feeling. If you keep at it, the answers will come.

No matter what others might say, it is not foolish or stupid to allow yourself to love someone. There is no shame in it. Try to avoid people who make you feel bad or ashamed for finding yourself in this situation.

It will take awhile to process. Allow yourself the necessary time. It might take longer than you think, but it does get better. Hang in there.

And…. you have lots of company. Lots of people have gone through what you are experiencing. Sad, huh?


patsy: all my troubles started while MINE was in Kuwait, then on
to Iraq and THEN Afghanistan. I can completely relate to you.
All VERY verifiable service. We have been friends just about
13 years now. The trouble started when he got home from Afghn
and FORGOT to tell me he had been married for six years….

My advice is: FORGET ABOUT IT.
It was fake. They are scammers and losers and con artists
just looking for someone to mooch off when they get home.

They disgrace the service they give.
Coming from a military family, like I have,
I think I am very qualified to say that.

Hang in there and let it go….
They aren’t worth it.

Sorry but it’s the truth.
I will pray for you.



I have been in contact with someone claiming to be him for several months and goes by Ricky James. He says he is in the Army Reserve and stationed in Iraq. I have yet to determine if it is actually him. I am still collecting information to determine the source and location. The email address the person is using has an IP address in Ghana. As soon as I do I will turn the person in to anyone I can and post it.

Through research I found the man in the photo is 1st Sgt. Stuart James of Headquarters, Headquarters Company, U.S. Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (Airborne) at Fort Bragg, N.C. – see

He has a MySpace account but his account has been made private. My guess is because his phots were stolen.

Tea Light

A report I was reading in a UK paper last week said one in three (UK) relationships now start online and one in six (UK) marriages are of couples who met online. So, it works for some. But my God there’s a need to be careful.


Be careful now he is in skype James Velder and location is Kabul, Afganistan. He show hisself in cam. mail address is [email protected]. i was stupid, that before not control his photos. Then he start ask money, i understand, that the from africa comes scam go higher level. Than god, i am no so stupid that send my money somewhere africa to nigger. me can scam in love (we all want found love) but never with money. if game came money, be very careful!


my partners mum has had these pictures send to her by three different men all claiming to be him.

these names and places are all different luckily she has not send any money to these people.

first one who is on facebook and flirtomatic is using geoge casey on facebook and geogecasey on flirtomatic.
second one is on facebook and facebook app flirt using frederick hattfield it appears as frederick h on the flirt app on facebook and hattfield frederick as his profile name.
the third is just on flirtomatic as crucollalfred.

we have two off the email addresses [email protected] and the other is [email protected] .

we will try and get more information on the crucollalfred and will inform you all as soon as we find out all we know is that he is 52 is from crewe cheshire uk.

geoge casey is saying he is a 52 year old staff sargent for the special airborn currently in afganistan and is from tulsa oaklahoma in the states. he has send pics of him and a child and has said the child has had an accident and had an operation on his foot so he needs money for medical bills as he can not access his money from the camp.

frederick hattfield is saying he is 56 years old from miami florida but currently living in south africa. he has also said he is a manager of an it company left to him by his late father. he has said he has 2 children.


geoge casey has now admitted he is not actually geoge casey but is eric kutin aged 26 from ghana. he started this as it is a easy way to make money.

we found this out by sending him all the information we have found and we just told him to tell us the truth and he did as far as we know.

Gaucho Gal

OK. I just got a friend request from this hunk on Easter Sunday (2015).Photos were just blurred enough that I couldn’t make out the name tag that I knew was present. Wondered why he didn’t answer questions about patches or other non-classified military information. I’ve worked with Army helicopter pilots for 10 years, so I use a lot of military terminology. My first thought with the text messages was that he could be looking for a legitimate “pen pal”. Started getting suspicious when he asked if we could see if we could develop a relationship. Then laughed at the situation when he wrote today asking me to help him with his gold business!
I am so sorry the REAL military hero is still being abused.
I will pass this info along to Army CID, even though I did not fall for the scam. Maybe they can keep tracking down the per


I get one to two friend requests from these fake military profiles a month, and I report them to facebook and the profile is taken down immediately.

I never thought of forwarding them to the military. Maybe Facebook does, or should report them?

Gaucho Gal – the military actually knows about this man’s identity being stolen. His photos are the most widely used among scammers. I’ve had at least 4 or 5 women contact me about these same photos.

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