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Finding my strength because of the psychopath

It seems odd, Sarah Strudwick writes, but she has to give the psychopath credit for forcing her to find her own strength. And, Sarah has found a song that captures exactly what happened.

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Ox Drover

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Good article, Sarah! Thanks for sharing this Donna!


I have experience strength, wisdom and even gratitude from being involved with the sociopath. There seems to be a flip side to every thing. I know I would never have any strength, if it weren’t for my own stamina.
Days like this, when I awake already feeling defeated and my mind is going over all those years. The red flags I see now that I had overlooked. Feeling stupid, hatred.
That is one feeling that is so difficult for me to embrace hate’.
Truth is, I hate me.
My day hasn’t even started and I already feel as if zi came in last in the marathon.
I don’t mean to be such a pill, if I write this out maybe I will have a chance today.
It seems I dwell when I do my morning writing.
I hope all has one of their best days today.
Let the light shine in so it can shine through.


What do you hate of yourself ‘tobeme’?


Hi Darwins,
I hate that I did not have enough confidence to stand up for myself and my kid. I hate me for believeing lies, when I knew the truth. I hate me for not listening to what my gut was telling me.
I hate me for submitting to men that treated me poorly. (understatenent)


We all have regret’s. Should of, could of’s, can eat you alive. But even us peeps that are damaged can make a better life for ourselve’s, now that we understand things from a healthier perspective.



There is a great song out there, are you in to music? It’s called Gratitude or Thank you (I don’t remember the title, but it’s one of those two) by Annisestte M. It was, IMHO, all about being grateful. The way I take the song is that she’s grateful for having the experience of a SPATH because it helped her grow.

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

Hang in there, sweetie. I need you.



Yes, that’s it.


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