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Woman who left U.S. with kids faces extradition

After her divorce in 1997, Eileen Clark, 54, left the United States with her three children for the United Kingdom. she now faces extradition back to the United States.

It will be interesting to watch this case—so far I haven’t seen any information to indicate whether this woman or her ex-husband were abusive.

Read: Mother-of-three facing extradition from Britain and a trial in U.S. for kidnapping her children 15 years after fleeing an unhappy marriage, on

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Ox Drover

I would like the “back story” on why she left an “unhappy marriage”—was it abusive or was her husband the nurturing parent and she fled taking the kids as her “prize?”

The gal who fled to the Netherlands at least found sanctuary and it has been reasonably proven that her husband was a violent abuser to both the woman and her children. She ended up getting a pass to come back to the US after the kids were grown, thanks to the kids themselves.

It will be interesting to see how this one plays out. Who was the “bad guy” in the story. So far all we know is she is probably going to have to come back and face charges.

If anyone sees an update, I’d be curious to hear how this is turning out. I am also wondering if it was a case of fleeing abuse or if she is the one punishing her ex for whatever reason. There is a quote from her ex saying that she needs to “pay the price” which sounds a bit suspicious, but maybe he’s just furious. I would expect something more like “I missed my children so much” not “pay the price” as a response to finally finding his kids. Then again, he could just be furious.

Oh also her “medical conditions” just made me immediately wonder if she’s having major anxiety attack that this guy found her and now she faces prison time. If she did indeed flee an abusive situation, I imagine she’s terrified right now.


When I saw the recent photo of the kids I knew that I had seen the boys faces before. These boys were reunited with their father for the first time on the Dr Phil show several months ago.

The daughter wasn’t interested in meeting her dad at this time. She was the youngest.

The wife did claim that he was abusive as for the reason she fled. Naturally he claims this wasn’t true. So it is kind of a he said – she said situation.
That is the last time I remember hearing anything about this story.

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