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Qawmane Wilson plots his mother’s death to get her money

Qawmane Wilson and accomplices

From left: Qawmane Wilson, Loriana Johnson and Eugene Spencer. (Photo by Chicago Police Dept.)

Qawmane Wilson, 24,  Loriana Johnson, 23, and Eugene Spencer, 22, were charged with the home invasion and murder of Wilson’s 45 -year-old mother, Yolanda Holmes.

Yolanda Holmes was  a beauty salon owner and an active member of her community in Chicago, Illinois. According to Assistant State’s Attorney Maura White, Wilson liquidated his mother’s bank accounts, valued at over $90,000, a week after her death. He was also the beneficiary of two of her life insurance policies.

Police: Son had mom killed to get at bank account, insurance policies, from the Chicago Tribune.

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my mother and father abused me as a teen ager. My father a dysfunctional Dr , and mother attention deprived dysfunctional delusional.i was a very happy lucky kid my mother was jelous of and slighted by. when my father did what he did. she got into it not stop it. it was all about hysteria. my lif was effected and i suffered ptsd. began to rise above it and they did not want to see me well.. i made amazing gains and they wanted me sick even at onset when dr told my father to leave me alone he did not listen. they lied to not face himself.
ok now some yeas later the effects of this despite i was rising allowed abusers to find me and take me back to hell and left me now with possible no way to regain my money making talent or life and homeless. family wills insurance were not my thing after i saw my sisters funeral and the dirty greed off of my family where my sister had nothing, and lived a very lonely life..fighting over her computer and that kind of thing. however my oldest sociopath sister shot me an email and said. i had to contact her. ( i had nocontact with them after she tossed me out of bus in a family trip) o be in the mothers will.LOL. this mother is so class less. so lame and manipulative that if she knew and knows she damaged the life of the one with most potential and i lost my ability to thrive, to leave the will to make up for her sins. but here they are fighting over will again. A year ago with no money in my pocket stil with my talent rising. if she died and left them will it would had no effect on me. but now a year after drs ignored me. i lost that thing that keeps you happy with no money. and suffering sick and cold on street. This family money bs is so greed ridden.. would i kill my mother for her money. i don’t care what she does with it really . but this is very sad.. i doubt my mother has that much, and need not kill her for it. Well my sister is doing a good job t smoose for the will……..

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