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Sarah Strudwick Presents: ‘Dark Souls’ – The Aftermath Talk

dark soulsEditor’s note: Sarah Strudwick, based in the UK, is author of Dark Souls—Healing and recovering from toxic relationships. She has also created a wonderful animation that describes the antics of a sociopath, called Exposing the Mask of Insanity.

Sarah Strudwick Presents: ‘Dark Souls’ — The Aftermath Talk
Saturday 31st January 2015

A good way of describing the relationship with a sociopath is to liken it to a Tsunami. Sometimes you are lucky enough to come out of it unscathed but for many you are left with an aftermath  which can take days, months or even years to clean up.

Five years ago Sarah Strudwick decided to write Dark Souls fresh out of her  relationship with a sociopath. After writing her second book describing the devastating affect these predators have on their victims, Sarah has decided its now time to do a talk/seminar on 31sJanuary  2015 to be held in London, U.K.

Unfortunately to date there has been very little direct support for victims in the United Kingdom. The aim of the seminar is to inspire other targets/victims and show that with enough support, therapy and hard work it is possible to come out the other side smiling. Sarah hopes that the talk will inspire others and show that it is possible to overcome even the most challenging obstacles. Her aim is to to empower victims and give them some support and coping skills to deal with the emotional, financial and spiritual aspects that leave can leave victims feeling vulnerable long after the relationship has ended.

The talk will aim to help the following:

  • Those people who believe they might be in a relationship with a a toxic personality and are looking for ways to leave
  • Those people who believe they might be in relationships with Sociopaths or more extreme personality disorders including Narcissistic Personality Disorder
  • Those victims who have already left an abusive relationship and need some additional support
  • Friends and family of victims who want a better understanding of how they can support their loves ones after they have left their abuser including PTSD and triggers
  • Learning the difference between hyper vigilance and trusting your intuition when alarm bells ring in the future.
  • How to deal with the aftermath
  • Where to go for additional support

Additional information

There will be a one-hour question and answer section at the end of the hour talk. A detailed outline of topics to be discussed will be posted nearer the event date and emailed to all participants. Because of the risk of triggering during the event when discussing traumatic events, everyone who attends are invited to email their questions to Sarah prior to the event. This ensures that questions are answers sympathetically and those people who are vulnerable can have their questions answered without being put in the spotlight.


Unity Centre Unity Unitarian Church
277A Upper Street,
Islington,  London, N1 2TZ
Location map here

Date: Saturday 31st January 2015
Time: 12.30-2.30
Cost: £50 per person.

First edition copy of Dark Souls will be given to all participants.

Concessions are available on request

10% of all proceeds is going to a water Project in Gaza to help supply running water.

For any other information more please use the link below

or contact Sarah directly on [email protected]

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Sarah – this is such a great idea. I know people who attend will benefit. Lovefraud readers – if you’re in the UK, spread the word.


Sarah,Thank You for the work that you do!! Ive noticed that you are going to donate all the proceeds to Ghaza….I wanted to say a special thank you for that!!!! I was in Palestine for the Olive Harvest with an organisation called Joint Advocacy Initiative. Palestine sure needs all the help that fair minded people can give!!! The work I do there has helped me in my recovery more than I can say!!!! In the aftermath of our hurt leading a full life is our best revenge. I had told my ex at one point during my recovery that if I really wanted to wish him ill will then all I had to say to him was “may all your wishes come true”!!! Hello Donna and other old timers!! Good Luck in your new venture Sarah!!!


what awesome doings! 2 bks and now a workshop. bravo!
I can not imagine having the mental energy and emotional strength to do what you are doing, sarah. but someday, if i get these kids grown up, who knows 🙂

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