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4 reasons why psychopaths will never stop cheating

Is your partner a sociopath?Do you have absolute proof that your partner is cheating but he or she denies it?

When you confront your partner about cheating, does he or she say it’s your fault?

Does your partner pick a fight with you, and use the fight as an excuse to storm out of the house and see someone else?

If you answer yes to these questions, you may be involved with a psychopath for more warning signs, get the exclusive Lovefraud checklist.

If your partner checks a lot of the boxes on the checklist, know this: There’s nothing you can do, or could have ever done, to prevent or stop the cheating no matter what your partner says.

Here are 4 reasons why psychopaths will never stop cheating.

1. All psychopaths want in life are power, control and sex

Psychopaths are wired differently from the rest of us. If you’re a relatively normal person, you want love in your life. You cherish your important relationships. You want to feel connected to other people.

Psychopaths don’t. They view other people as objects to be manipulated.

Psychopaths are incapable of feeling love, so it means nothing to them. Instead, they derive their satisfaction from power, control and sex.

2. For psychopaths, romantic relationships are the means to an end

Here’s what happens when a psychopath meets you:

  1. They evaluate you to see if you have anything that they want.
  2. They figure out your vulnerabilities
  3. They manipulate your vulnerabilities to get what they want.

Psychopaths look at a romantic partner as someone to supply them with sex, a home, money, an image of respectability whatever.

They are always looking for new sources of supply, so if they encounter someone who may have something else that they want well, they just go through the above steps with the new target.

3. Psychopaths view romantic relationships as entertainment

As stated above, psychopaths pursue romantic relationships because they want something. Sometimes, what they want is simply entertainment.

They like being the puppet master pulling strings to get you to respond. They experience “duping delight” they get a charge out of pulling one over on you.

So sometimes, they pursue you just to see if they can hook you. When they succeed, game over, and they dump you with no consideration at all for your feelings.

4. Psychopaths are always looking for a new sexual thrill

Psychopaths have a need for excitement including sexual excitement. Because they get bored easily, they’re always on the lookout for a new type of sex.

This could mean a new sexual partner. Or, it could mean a new experience same-sex encounters, pedophilia, bondage, sadomasochism.

You may feel like a psychopath’s interest in sex has waned. It may not be their interest in sex just sex with you. They’re still looking for someone or something new and exciting.

Setting yourself free

Here is the benefit of knowing that your partner is disordered: The knowledge gives you the power to set yourself free.

Despite what the psychopaths say, their behavior is not your fault, and it never was. They are going to cheat, and there is nothing you can do about it.

So do not blame yourself. Do not feel guilty. Don’t feel like you need to honor your commitment to him or her it was never a mutual commitment.

Give yourself permission to leave, recover and find the loving partner that you truly deserve.



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I’ve seen this behavior, especially number 3.


They pursue to see if they can hook you then dump. Dump them.

Yes, Yes and Yes! Seven months after the relationship is done and what I now know is disgusting.

Mine did it all, multiple affairs, gang-bangs, threesome’s, tinder. She seduced everyone around me behind my back in an attempt at not only gaining control over my life but for the duper’s delight in making me look like a fool. We were together for 2 and a half years and engaged to boot. Truthfully I knew for almost a year she was cheating on me but I couldn’t bring myself to face it. I was in love and was duped into believing if I could only get healthier and be more, everything would work out. The truth is the toxicity was keeping me physically and mentally sick and she knew it. Not only did she know it, she was orchestrating it. The abuse was literally killing me.

When I’d question her about cheating she was brilliant. She was so vigilant about defending her own morality. Also the abuse that would follow a confrontation worked to shut me down every time.

My P told me the saddest story the first night we met about a serious horrific violation in her life in which she took an almost unprecedented moral high ground. This also helped as every time I was positive she was cheating I’d mentally reference the outstanding and true character that she sold me on. Truthfully I had yet to witness it. Now that I’ve studied psychopathology to some degree I realize this is a very common technique they use. They often feed the prospective victim a horrific sob story to test there empathy level. She was sizing me up.

She even got her kids involved early, who she used as pawns to show how serious she was about her intent. I thought hey her intentions must be pretty pure if she’s bringing her kids into the picture. I thought I met my dream girl.

She love bombed me good. I kept waiting for this horrible monster that eventually surfaced to go away and for the gracious, cosmic queen I had once met to resurface. All I got was Miss Beast. Now I see when she was kind of generous she was only setting me up for the fall, the inevitable devaluation. She duped me from the start, I now know she was after many things including my most precious jewel. ( I can’t explain this but it is indeed metaphoric)

Everything was a lie from the start I was nothing more than entertainment. The relationship was a hoax.

And for those of you that don’t realize this, some not all have a methodical plan in place right down to the discard from the very start. Some actually do this for sport. It is social, spiritual and sexual sadism at it’s very darkest.

Once they have what they want there gone or they’ll make it so impossible for you to love them that you end up leaving. Broken and disillusioned.

Excellent observations on cheating, mine would even take her phone to the bathroom. Lots of weird calls. Pesky Aunt From Out West! ALWAYS, ALWAYS calling. And that crazy sister calling in the middle of the night about exercise and proper nutrition lmao

Through hard work, and a little help from The Holy Spirit I got an inside look into her universe. She was cheating from the beginning.

They often will pretend to hate the person there cheating with or arrange for you to meet them in a casual setting. Pretending of course that they themselves are complete strangers. This is called Duper’s Delight and it gives them a great deal of fulfillment. The greater the humiliation the deeper sense of satisfaction they feel. If they have a particular jem there cultivating they may just keep that deeply hidden. Although the burning desire to mock you may just override reason-ability and they may start to hint or leave you clues. They love intrigue. As everything to a true psychopath is a game. I got to host a special Christmas Party last year for her kids and 2 of her lovers. Isn’t that special 🙂 As there was other family present I was completely duped. They had the funnest evening of there lives!!! In fact I’m pretty sure she even gave the one guy my intended Christmas Present as an additional perk!

A matter of fact I was deceived into believing I was in a relationship. Heck we were engaged. Right after I proposed she took off with some guy on a sex weekend. I only discovered that after we broke up. Actually if I had found ANY of this out during the relationship I would have been gone in a heart beat. She was a master player. And I guess relationship isn’t the right word because what we had was pure fiction.

I also must say she even pretended to be much less successful than she was. Also feigned a lesser intellect. She is brilliant and a world class player. I believe each “relationship” to her is a new game of dominance. A new con, challenge or project. Whatever the case may be.

She got away with a lot of stuff because she used her children as cover. She lived an hour and a half away and pretended to have a lot more custody than she obviously did. She spend a lot of nights she was supposedly with her youngest engaging in affairs, flings and sexual escapades. Lots of hidden partying and drugs as well. She just pretended to smoke a little weed. This was a gross misrepresentation of what she was really up too.

She lived a complete double life right down to the utterly unspeakable. Cheating on those she was cheating on.

Of course promising each and every one of her “trophies” that they were the only one’s.

They tell you exactly what you want to hear. They become exactly who you want them to be. They will mirror your intellect, morality and even your personal taste. At least in the first few predatory stages.

Expect the unexpected, it’s usually far worse than you would have even imagined. If you absolutely must know the truth, brace yourself. It will be a bumpy ride.

I’ve yet to hear of another situation as bad as mine though. She actually intentionally abused me, hoping above all hopes that in the end I’d simply die (suicide) whatever. Failing that I strongly believe she was trying to do me physical harm.

As far as trying to push me over the edge to self harm, she tried to accomplish this through nothing shy of mental rape. Cognitive Dissonance, Gaslighting, Word Salads, Projection, Compulsive lying and serial cheating. Talk about a final discard. That’s got to be the kicker lol

There is so much more I could say but I will not reveal all I know publicly. I have protected myself and confided in some very well established, credible men in my community in case I “fall off that crazy train” when the security camera’s don’t happen to be on. Her flying monkeys were close, too close for comfort.

I wouldn’t recommend digging as deep as I did for your own sanity. In my case it was imperative to ensure my own personal safety. My own “insurance policy” sort of speak. I even have some brilliant illustrations to go along with the plot. Given over to a very reliable source. But I have no intention of waging a personal war against a female psychopath. Just trying to pick up the pieces and stay alive. Like I said, I have my insurance policy in place.

Oh and smear campaigns. Skies the limit with what these people are capable of. There are venomous and malicious to the core. Prepare for the worse.

If you can leave. No contact for your personal well being is a must. Protect yourself at all costs.

Expect stalking. Expect your phone and computer may be hacked. In my case she even hacked another family member’s phone as to keep tabs on our coming and going’s. communications etc.

Also the smarter the P is the harder it will be to prove. Surround yourself with credible people who know your character. It will come out. And do NOT, I repeat do NOT fight back or engage them in any way. I have kept this impersonal and not revealed locations, names etc. in an effort to protect myself against my P as I know she reads many of these forums and even posts as victims from time to time for duper’s delight.

Psychopaths love to pose as healers and victims. Be careful who you connect with on these sites as everyone may not be who they appear too.

I know I may seem paranoid and absurd but what I am saying has been my living reality. If you ever deal with a psychopath of this magnitude you will soon understand.

If you are a person with faith pray for them and get other’s to do them same.

You are beautiful, you are worth it. Your life is worth something. Things can always change. Time does heal. Don’t give up. And lastly be kind to you.

I have lost 100 pounds in the last seven months since our break up. I had no hope and gave up on caring for myself in the last few years. I literally became a caged animal.

I am now exercising, reading, involved in church and starting to pursue a new life. When I met my psychopath I was in a downward spiral which made me very easy prey. I have been on a disability for the last few years and am starting to work and pursue living once again. One minute, one hour and one day at a time. We will overcome and have the empathy and understanding to make a better world, with EYES WIDE OPEN!

And lastly to my most precious Jewel, despite everything. I love you unconditionally.

Thank you for your forum and the opportunity to share

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