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Self-Love and Healing Journey Day 4: FEEL

Let me ask you a simple question, how are you feeling today? Let me guess your simple answer… it’s probably a four-letter F word.

Think about that answer again, FINE! We all say it, we have all memorised it really well, but is it really that simple? Are you really as honest with yourself as I have been with myself giving that answer no matter who asks the question? Besides, do I really have that genuine desire to know how you are feeling right now, honestly? Sometimes we have no choice but to stick to routines, norms and standards only because they seem to be acceptable more than anything. Try expressing your true feelings of hurt, anger, frustration, pain, worries and soon enough that stranger you are talking to will look over your shoulder, switch off, rush to check their pocket computer and run off. Go on, carry on expressing yourself to a brick wall, and try to stay positive! If that person happens to be near and dear to your heart, think again before you burden all your problems on to your loved one because they have plenty of their own and you don’t want to bother them with your nonsense. So, your answer? I am FINE!

Imagine though you are overwhelmed, full of energy, passion and creative power, you express it to a stranger and all of a sudden they feel depressed. They have so many problems, they feel jealous and they have no idea how to accept your joy because they wish they felt the same. All of a sudden your motivation goes down when you start hearing about their heart problems, kids on the wrong path, mistreating husbands and the list goes on. Your energy then goes down and suddenly you feel burdened with someone else’s problems. So, your answer? I am FINE!

Friends, nobody really gives a four-letter word about how you are feeling, sorry. You think the world is getting more and more connected with technology, but it really is the opposite. I feel like throughout the last decade our interactions have turned more on surface than in-depth. It’s easy to go on social media and pile up on lists of friends, but how many of those friends are you really connected to on a deep emotional level? I mean, how many of those friends are you telling how you really genuinely feel? Well, you don’t have to answer because I can’t really hear you, but one thing you Can do is to realise that you are in charge of your own feelings, that you can create E-motions yourself and change the way you feel. Throughout this and future sessions we will learn how to eliminate negative emotions in our life and recharge ourselves with positive feelings. Enjoy creating Energy-in-Motion and I will see you again tomorrow.

Here’s the entire Self-Love and Healing video series — to start at the beginning, scroll to the bottom.

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