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Self-Love and Healing Journey Day 3: THINK

Do you think doctors should be allowed to tell patients “I’m afraid you have a terminal illness”? Why can’t they just be honest and tell them “I am afraid my ability to treat your illness has terminated”? Well then what happens if there is an illness that neither the doctors nor the patients are aware of, a potentially terminal illness that only affects victims of psychopathic abuse? Let’s just call them brain worms that nobody understands yet, brain parasites that are the residues of those relationships.

You wonder how to treat them? Well, my research led me to believe that there is no definition or no cure for such a parasitic illness. You wonder why? Because once you contract this disease, the majority of sufferers don’t want to talk about it, they simply avoid doctors. It feels like if you open your mouth, the disease will not only spread deep into the air but it will make your own condition continuously worse. It also seems like if no measures are taken to address this condition, it could easily find alternative manifestation in our bodies that many of us are experiencing right now.

So why not be strong, take charge of your own condition, become your own doctor and have fun doing some brain surgery to get those suckers out, filling that brain with some good stuff that will serve you? Would I ever imagine I would come down to practicing brain medicine in such a nonsensical way? Absolutely Not! I am sure you wouldn’t either, but if you want to laugh at yourself while we are all doing this, please go ahead, because as the famous quote goes, if you can laugh at yourself, you are FREE!

Here’s the entire Self-Love and Healing video series — to start at the beginning, scroll to the bottom.

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Ruzanna – thank you so much for sharing these gentle, healing videos. Readers: I really think Ruzanna’s approach will help you to feel better. To benefit, be sure to actually do the motions.


thanks for the video.


laughter is good.

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