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6-year-old Jersey Bridgeman: Chained to dresser, now dead

Last year the little girl was found chained to a dresser. Now, with both her father and step-mother in jail, she was found dead.

Jersey Bridgeman, 6-year-old girl chained to dresser last year, found dead, on

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Oh, dear god…….

What the hell is wrong with people.

Ox Drover

This happened in my state and I heard about it first on the 6 p.m. news. What I can’t believe is that after this child had been so abused by her father that they would give her back to her biological mother who OBVIOUSLY TO ME wasn’t that great a mother to start with leaving the child with a man who CHAINED HER UP for God’s sake. I am glad that the father and the step mother did get significant sentences out of the abuse though.

There has been very little detail released on this case except that she was found dead after she was reported missing, but many of the details have been held back due to the investigation of why and by whom this child was harmed.

I weep for this child who was apparently born into a situation where children were treated worse than a dog. She was apparently in spite of this well loved by her teachers and her school mates. I hope that her death will be a WAKE UP CALL to the CPS services that let her down as well.

Right now I am in the process of nagging the board of directors of our living history group to prohibit membership of ANY convicted or registered sex offender in to our group. Unfortunately, at many of the venues we provide programming, the parks allow others who are NON members to camp as well, so we don’t have total control over who camps where in the parks, but at least policies prohibiting membership of convicted offenders in our group would at least show that we as a group have some awareness and are making an effort to screen out sexual offenders.

Right now, there is a man that I know is an ex-convict and a pedophile who is camping at the park close to our group…and we are not able to prohibit him parking there or selling his wares (his son is a black smith and demonstrates the craft and sells what he makes) and even if we have policies in place, this man is not a member of our group, so our policies wouldn’t help there, but since our group is small, everyone knows about this man and keeps an eye on him.

The only known pedophile ex convict we have had in our group was outed due to my big mouth and raising cane with his parole officer, informing his employer (working with children) that he was an ex convict and for what, etc. eventually, he took his own life after an “interview” with the police. I am not sure what the “interview” was about, but they let him go, and he went home and called them and told them where they could find his body and then killed himself.

After he first got out of prison he took job after job with agencies working with kids….and time after time several other women and I would find out where he worked, inform them of his record, they would fire him, and he would go get another job working with KIDS. I never did figure out why the agencies did not do at least a MINIMAL CRIMINAL back ground check on their employees before they let them work with kids. That at least would have turned up his record as he spent time in a federal prison.

While the national sexual offender registry is a move in the right direction, it doesn’t go far enough in my opinion…branding on the forehead in 6 inch high letters “pervert” would be a better start I think.

I was reading that there were TWENTY THREE registered sex offenders in that neighborhood. SMH.


OxD……I have no belief that CPS will ever get the messages. I believe that the agency was a great and noble “idea,” but the beaurocracy (SP?) and burnout put a permanent end to the “great and noble” idea.

There SHOULD be strong, strong consequences for convicted pedophiles and sex offenders. In fact, convicted pedophiles shouldn’t even be released into the community. They will never be “cured” or “rehabilitated.” They will always have their urges to control and harm.

Skylar…..SERIOUSLY?! Holy moley….


If you only knew how many there are where I live… 🙁

3181 in my county of 1,430,000 people – in my zip code – 11. Sounds like a tiny percentage but when you look at the map ad how they are bunched into certain (poorer) areas it makes you sick and sad for the children and the poor working parents…

20/20 did a special years ago n the rural area of northern California – around Redding, CA. More kids there molested than you can imagine because the state paroles sex offenders to the rural areas in higher proportion…or did – I don’t imagine that had changed.

Truthy and Breckgirl,
I think that there is designated housing for them in certain areas, I’m not sure. One year, I was looking for cheap lodging in Long Beach, CA for a work related trip. I found a place right near the beach. But for some reason, it occurred to me to check the sex offender registry, I can’t remember why I did it. As it turned out the entire building was filled with sex offenders. I can only imagine…

Considering how spaths band together to do their horrible deeds, one would think law enforcement would try to separate them.


Breckgirl & Skylar, they should be placed together. On an island or in Siberia.

They move in groups and herds because they can only tolerate one another, especially if they’ve served time for their sins.

In my “Previous Life,” I used to maintain the belief that Law Enforcement and the Court Systems worked FOR the best interests of the general population. That belief was terribly flawed.

And, I keep thinking, “SOMETHING has to be DONE to address this!” And, there’s this terrible fear that nothing can be done because many of the people who are being paid with tax dollars are high in sociopathic tendencies, themselves.

Brightest blessings

Ox Drover

Last night I watched a 48 hours show about a man who was convicted of murder 27 years ago…one he apparently did NOT commit and the detectives apparently framed him just to “close the case” he FINALLY got a group similar to the “innocence project” to take his case and they got him out of prison and the state did not admit they had done wrong, but they did give him A million dollars for his 27 years in prison.

His mother and sister had decided he was guilty because he was convicted, and turned their backs on him. His son who was 5 at the time was the only one who believed in him.

When he got out his mother and sister and he were reconciled. The lawyers found records in the case files that show the detectives held back evidence that would have proven he didn’t and couldn’t have done it. He is suing those men and if he wins, he can collect $27 million for his years in prison….but that is not enough. What kind of perverted person would frame an innocent man?…oh, yea, a psychopath!

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