Alleged Long Island pedophile and his official enablers


Cesar Gonzales-Mugaburu of Ridge, in Long Island, New York, apparently made a living by caring for foster kids. He took in six to eight kids at a time, and was paid as much as $18,000 a month.

Gonzales-Mugaburu was arrested on March 18 and charged with molesting seven of the foster kids, and the family dog.

This is bad enough, but the story gets worse. Debbie Edwards, a school social worker filed complaints against Gonzales-Mugaburu starting back in 1998, but school administrators told her to back off.

The SCO Family of Services, the agency handling the placements, told Edwards that they would stop sending children to Gonzales-Mugaburu, but they continued to do it.

Then it turns out that a lawsuit has been filed against SCO Family of Services for forcing employees to work unpaid overtime. The company sent 71 kids to Gonzales-Mugaburu.

This story is a nightmare from beginning to end.


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They had me at….”and the family dog.” Disgusting.

The fact is if these people enabling him they may have fallen for the whole, “I’m sick!” bullcrap. And you do know now that people know what will happen in prison?

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