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An inside look at sociopathic callousness and betrayal

Outraged blonde woman  with arms crossed on white backgroundIn a post on Yahoo!, here’s how a woman describes her mother:

She was a woman motivated solely by money and other shallow luxuries of life. If her husband spent 17 days of a month out of the country, signing huge deals, it was only to bring to his beautiful (on the outside) wife all the extravagances he knew, she had an eye for – perfumes from Paris, dresses from London, and lipsticks from New York. My father was basically running errands to populate my mother’s closet, in the guise of business meetings.

While her husband was on these business/shopping trips, the wife entertained another man in her bed.

And the woman telling the story well, the whole scenario affected her, although it’s unclear whether she is disordered or traumatized.

I didn’t cry at my mother’s death, I laughed at my father’s gullibility, on

Link sent by a Lovefraud reader.

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Ok, so I read the poorly written post on yahoo.
This gal is basically raking her father over the coals for being victimized by a sociopathic shrew.
Countless readers and contributors of and to expound the treacherous virtue of unreciprocated relations with our perceived soul mates. I have never heard such negative vitriol bantered about regarding our nightmares.
Many things are involved in the making of a sociopathic lover affair, in fact, I recently read an exceptional article which stated the biological conditions at play in both the sociopath and their victim. Here’s the link:

Regards, my friends,


I wouldn’t empathize with the author, especially with her level of vitriol, if she wasn’t also the victim in this circumstance. For her to be put in a position even as a young girl of keeping mom’s secrets and trying to spare dad’s feelings…I can understand her having a good deal of anger toward her father for choosing to let the situation continue, and for in some ways allowing this role reversal where she had to try to take care of him. I think her writing is clear that she feels bad for him even though she has some anger toward him.


Well, that was a rubbish story. Either it was made up by a 17 year old or a P. None of it rang true. The writing was convoluted – and I quote:

‘But I felt miserable at dad’s bereavement. Seeing him crumble down in front of my mom’s picture every evening, a part of my mind sympathized with him, and the other laughed at his imbecility.

I debated for prolonged hours and finally settled in favor of transpiring the depravity in his gone wife’s character to him.’

Yeah, right.

raised by sociopath

Now if the mother brutalized & threatened her daughter’s mere existence along with the typical mind f game to tell her daughter the scenario had never taken place. With the threat if the daughter ever thought of it or mentioned to anyone what had taken place the mother would have everyone believe the daughter is lying and crazy so you can commit her daughter to the crazy house.

Why did I write this? It because of what the nut job morally sick piece of human being garbage use to do to me while her husband was working many jobs to support his family.


Yes a little melodramatic, and written with an articulate bite. But that creative writing most importantly describes the lack of moral compass and deception that a sociopathic parent can stoop to. I relate only too well. After all this time, after 2 decades of healing and relearning how to live and think in a healthy way, I understand every action and word and feel her shock and horror, and how long it lingers.

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