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An interview with a Psychopath

Editor’s Note: WARNING! The beginning of the video may be difficult to watch, but the end explains a psychopath’s view on getting what he wants.

This is a clip from a video created and narrated by Dr. Anna Salter entitled Truth, Lies and Sex Offenders that looks at the deceptive nature of sex offenders. In this video, Salter interviews a psychopath whose description of his manipulating and lying behavior puts  him in the category of a power and control rapist.

“I made this film in the hope that the next victim won’t  report, six or seven times as Gerold’s victim did, and still not be believed,” says Salter. “We have no hope of detecting and stopping this kind of sadistic behavior if we don’t learn something about it.”

Thank you to Sarah Strudwick for supplying the link.

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Evil, evil, evil. I couldn’t watch it all


That was really hard to watch! I skipped through parts that were too much….but it was helpful….I remember trying to wrap my brain around the part of the person I was with …that would help me do projects that needed to be done when he was with me….I wrestled with how a person could be nice and do all these things to help me…and be this other evil person…it made sense to hear this guy on the video…he knew how to “act” like he understood..etc…It is just so INSIDEOUS!!!! That is my new word…I think now after watching this …I can finally lay to rest this problem my mind was having when I would look around and see the things he did for me…I remember how he mentioned and would want to remind me of the things he did….I can only believe now he did them to “GET” something he wanted….It felt so good at the time…we would laugh and joke and have fun….It was not possible during those times to discern ….I will have a very hard time ever believing someone ….I don’t know how I ever will…I know there must be real genuine good men out there…but they must be few…not that I will ever allow myself to be in a relatonship again….I am happy not being in “crazy”….not being power- overed….”controlled”….I think I have had enough for one lifetime with that!!!


Grace, I can relate relate relate!!! Such a plague it is in my mind to try to make the two parts of the relationship (good spath and bad spath) into one person (bad spath). How could something that felt so good actually be bad? That is the sub-plot I speak of, the one we were unaware of. Without the knowledge (that we have now) there was no way to put it all together and make sense of it at the time.
So, during the relationshi*, when he would do things for me and with me,,,,,I would say thank you and how much I appreciated it and how nice it was for me to have someone do help, etc etc…..He would ALWAYS brush the thanks off saying “I just love being with you Dorothy… matter what we are doing”. Well, after the break up THAT changed to ” I worked hard around your place (seriously????) and received very little for me efforts”. Talk about a WTF moment??!! Never mind the fact that he basically lived here, was supposedly my boyfriend, was treated to dinners, lunches, breakfasts out when he helped with a more “major” project. WHATEVER Spathtard…………….
The low level mind games they play are happening ALL THE TIME when they are with you so in the aftermath, even the “good times” and memories are something that gives you indigestion trying to digest.


Dorothy…..TOTALLY!!!!A book that has been helpful for me also has been FACING YOUR GIANTS by MAX LUCADO…..instead of denying the truth about this person …I am instead facing all of it…it is like a GIANT seemingly……but I have been strengthened more and more….you sure said it so well…it amazes me after the years of living in it and having no one to really explain to that would understand…that here is all this support with people that have experienced this very thing an CAN relate!!!!!

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