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An interview with a Psychopath

Editor’s Note: WARNING! The beginning of the video may be difficult to watch, but the end explains a psychopath’s view on getting what he wants.

This is a clip from a video created and narrated by Dr. Anna Salter entitled Truth, Lies and Sex Offenders that looks at the deceptive nature of sex offenders. In this video, Salter interviews a psychopath whose description of his manipulating and lying behavior puts  him in the category of a power and control rapist.

“I made this film in the hope that the next victim won’t  report, six or seven times as Gerold’s victim did, and still not be believed,” says Salter. “We have no hope of detecting and stopping this kind of sadistic behavior if we don’t learn something about it.”

Thank you to Sarah Strudwick for supplying the link.

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still reeling

This is the only video of a socio/psychopath I’ve ever seen. I’m completely shocked. Not only is the material beyond belief to the point where I can’t seem to grasp it isn’t fiction, his calm, light, conversational tone is truly shattering. Traumatic to know that this is the way a sociopath often presents himself (don’t know any females so not sure about their affect).
This monster’s affect is almost exactly like the creature from my past. A soothing and calming voice but devoid of feeling. You could tell him you were hit by a car and he’d say in that smooth, detached way, “Gotta make eye contact.” This actually happened to me. Chilling video. The malignant truth about socios is so clear here as he explains the hellacious and devastating account of his sexual abuses as if he were describing how he baked a pie for “supper,” a term I’m sure he used. Ghastly, just, ghastly. Thank heavens he was caught.
I also recall that the path in my life always put himself out there to help me (and others) over and over again. I never took him up on anything unless it was related to work, and he never made good on any promises. This is just beyond belief.


The warning above isn’t strong enough. The subject of this video graphically describes criminal sexual behavior against a child in the first half.



Seeing this is amazing. Not him, but the cool demeanor and self assurance that is natural to him is astounding. THIS is why it is impossible, really, to get other people to understand what we have gone through, when they haven’t gotten close enough to see this kind of act falter. They cannot imagine a person so self-contained could actually commit horrible acts. This is why it is important to share our knowledge with other’s who are ready to hear it!

Every single one of the disordered people I got to ‘know’ was exceptional at their particular brand of self-presentation. It was only the truly awakened person who saw through them. And, by truly awakened I mean people who had direct personal contact/experience and awareness of this kind of mental derangement. Otherwise, whoever their target audience was was completely enamored of them.

If they were businessmen, they were thought to be the most savvy and original. If they were spiritualist they were the most humble and ‘in the now’. If they were helpers they were thought to be the most self-less. They can embody any ideology, any ‘type’.

This guys schtick seems to be the kind, guileless, unassuming guy next door. There to oil the squeaky hinges on an old ladies screen door. Only he lets us know he is a remorseless abuser and rapist. In the nicest way possible.

THIS is why WE are SO fortunate to KNOW about psychopathy (or whatever the heck you want to call it). We have a much better opportunity to smell a rat than LOTS of other people. We know way more of the tricks, and that we HAVE to listen to our inner voice, our gut, despite what the other person is saying and doing. If we feel creeped out when someone is helping us, then we KNOW it is important for us to HONOR that we feel creeped out.

I never understood the concept of listening to my intuition, my ‘fear’, my gut instincts, before I finally found out WHAT I was dealing with.

This guy is my original abuser, my grandfather. He was a sweet, soft spoken family man. He abused, had sex with, and predated on every blond girl child born in our family until he died. Luckily he died when I was 10, and I was released from his abuse. No one outside our family would BELIEVE what this man did to his own daughters and their daughters. Because he was soooooo nice.

This is a difficult piece to watch. But I am glad this woman made it and thankful to Donna for including it. The truth of these people is deep and ugly and needs to be seen.

Lots of healing and awakening to all,

MAY BE DIFFICULT TO WATCH?!! OMG YES IT WAS! But if EVERYONE watched that,it would be very educational!

These guys are slick! They know how to LOOK and ACT and TALK like MR CLEAN around the people they need to impress!Their victims get to know the PSYCHOPATH!


do you think this was a real ” interview”? Do you think this guy is legitimate?

Brit Mae

Yes I do Dorothy.
The spath I was involved with was very smooth, charming, good looking, convincing and very level in the way he spoke.
The only time ex-spath looked like a monster was when I really pushed things about a lie I believe he told me and I insisted that he tell me the truth and I really kept on at him (more than I was comfortable with). He then reeled himself back in and within minutes was smooth, charming and acting as if nothing had just happened.
So I do believe this guy is legitimate and that’s the worrying thing.

still reeling

I hear you Dorothy….and actually, I personally do believe he’s legit. However, I can understand why you don’t. Just taking a wild guess that it’s because it almost seemed like he was ridiculously aloof about exploiting and abusing young girls plus the large number of them he molested seemed impossible.

Whether he is legit or not, I can tell you the path in my life was exactly like that even down to the accent. There is NOTHING that would surprise me about him. These creatures from hell exist, act just like this guy and do unconscionable things that wreak havoc in peoples’ lives. Think Jim Jones, David Koresh, et al. They are sick, sick individuals, who have no remorse so it’s not a stretch at all that they would act just like this thing in the video, smug, almost proud of its accomplishments. Why this mistake was allowed to remain on earth, I have no idea.


Still reeling:
I just wondered because the whole thing had a weird feeling,,,,it just felt fake in a way I can’t put my finger on……not that I want to put my finger on it…..eeeeew!
OMG…..chills…..just so repulsive. I know what he is saying is certainly within the realm of being legitimate. I don’t know how many people here are Investigation Discovery Chanel watchers……I’m basically addicted and need to STOP watching at this point. Just one story after another after another about people who clearly ride the Spath bus. I’m STILL struggling with my ability to absorb this! ALL of it. I have kicked the POS out of my heart, that’s for sure and have apparently moved squarely into the anger phase. But I STILL can’t get the basic premises behind why they do what they do……I don’t get how they justify doing the things they do to people based on the thinking that it’s our fault that they do! or that somehow the fact that they get away with it is a sign of their superiority in ANY way!
You were able to do this because you are a liar and manipulator and don’t play fair, not because I allowed you to! If you were all that and a bag of chips, you wouldn’t HAVE to do the things you do to other people! Are they totally unaware that there actually ARE successful people in this world who accomplish their goals without stabbing other people? people who don’t have to keep their lies straight?

Brit Mae

Dorothy – they don’t have the capacity to care. Their brains are different to a normal person’s whether it’s a birth defect or as a result of being a damaged child, they’re different and therefore very frightening people.
I’m still reeling from my liaison with a spath and he was nowhere near the monster that the guy in the video is…

still reeling

Hi Dorothy, don’t know if you have read much here on Love Fraud, but there are so many who are much more eloquent, educated and experienced than I about paths and why they do what they do.
First of all, hoping that you soon get through the anger all the way to apathy, which, to me, is the goal for any victim or sufferer by the hand of a sociopath or anyone of that ilk.

I’ve been where you are, trying to figure out why, how, what is going on with the jerks that they are able to pull this behavior off. You can hear and read over and over that they have no empathy, feelings or conscience but until that finally becomes meaningful to you, there is no way to understand how they can possibly do what they do to others and not have any remorse or feeling about it. In fact, it can make you feel like *you’re* the pathetic one because you’re suffering and they aren’t! So who’s better off?? As well, it’s easy to get sucked into trying to figure things out instead of moving on. That’s so easy for me as I tend to want to analyze everything and life just does not provide time or even certainty that one’s analysis is correct!!

What helped me thru this most was to realize that dealing with a socio is much like dealing with a 3-5 year old child. They do not develop emotionally past that point. They cannot empathize. When I think back on my experience, so much of its behavior was that of a child. They learn as they get older how to behave acceptably, many very charmingly, so get their foot in many doors, then wreak havoc with their immense desire to control and manipulate. They are not anything like you, me or anyone else within the realm of normalcy. You have to just continue to remind yourself of that.

There is no reasoning with them. They don’t know how to discuss or communicate and hate it, they don’t understand anything that doesn’t involve their hedonistic, control freak needs. All of them blame others for whatever befalls them because that is what a child does. The killer is that they are often so intelligent, so intuitive and charming to boot, they are able to suck people in. They say the right things to make you feel exactly the way you want to feel, then take from you what they want or decide not to, followed by a kick you in the teeth either way.

You can’t win because they don’t get it and don’t want to get it.
Basically what I’m trying to say is that there is nothing to be gained from trying to figure out why they do what they do. Your time is better spent moving ahead and being sure to recognize red flags in future relationships. If you see any, RUN. Trust is very difficult for me now. I truly am suspicious of just about everyone but working on that.

I too watch Investigation ID all the time! It’s done so cheaply, etc., and I hate the re-enactments but I feel as you do. How can there be so many psychos out there??? I often wonder if all the stories are true but I think at least the majority are. Donna Anderson’s story is there. I’ve seen it twice! There was one last night that just made me sick. The karaoke story. OMG.

I hope this helps a little Dorothy. You aren’t alone. I’m sure you’ve done your reading and hopefully will spend a little time on LF as well if you haven’t. There is so much help and comfort here. Everybody understands. Paths choose truly kind and thoughtful people for the most part. They target well.

Brit Mae

Thanks ‘Still Reeling’…you really articulated so well what these people are.
This site has been an amazing help to me – thanks to Donna and all contributors I’m noticing red flags pretty darn quickly nowadays.
Unbelievably for me I met someone recently who held me in his spath gaze and because it was so like my ex I managed to not be pulled in by it…there’s more of them about than I ever realised. I wish it weren’t this way.

still reeling

Thank you, Brit Mae. The best thing we can do is support each other as an experience like this is such a life-changer for some of us with certain personality types. I do take full responsibility for getting involved w/the path. Yes, he knew how to get to me, but he didn’t try that hard. Who knows? Maybe he knew I’d ignore or report him if he came on any stronger. At any rate, coincidence or not, his style worked perfectly on my psyche! Good enuf to make me push reality out of the way and languish in fantasy.

Glad you’re noticing the red flags, that gaze, etc. and you ran from the probable evil behind it. I completely agree. There are more full out sociopaths and others w/related issues out there than I could ever have imagined. My trust level (prob said this above) has plummeted since experience w/path. I am so paranoid and suspicious of men. Many in management positions are narc. And boy, that just rips me up. One of my bosses now is funny and OK, but weird and def narc. It just makes me feel really strange sometimes, something I would have written off before. Darn path.
Hang in there Brit Mae. There are decent men out there.


Still Reeling: Thanks for your thoughtful words and kind thoughts…………yes, I’ve read quite a bit on LF and many other sites so I an intellectually in the loop but just have not caught up mentally I guess……..or something!! A major break through for me was when I finally “got it” that the person I loved is not real and never was no matter what he wanted me to think and wanted others to think…………..SOME others. I’m sure there were many of his little playmates who were in on the joke. and when he slandered me. THAT combined with finding out the truth about a Domestic Violence charge that he had lied to me about…….it just really put the final nail in the coffin of the “man” I thought I loved. He was no one and still is no one. That opened the door for me to hate him and everything he is. Some would say it’s wrong to hate anyone and I say BS. He has no clue how lucky he is that I’m at a stage in my life and development as a human being that I would never stoop so low as to harm someone physically unless it was self-defense and then I wouldn’t blink. However, I would relish the chance to humiliate him publicly and have spent quite a bit of time working that plan out!! LOL! Anyone tempted to lecture me on all the reasons I should not do any such thing need not bother because i’ve heard it all before. I’m NOT above getting my pearl a little dirty because I know I will wash it off.
These monsters need to feel the repercussions of what they do and from all of my reading, humiliation is the only thing they are affected by…….so be it! I’ve already taken steps that he has had to experience some of this and I didn’t even do it intentionally to humiliate him. but I know it did and that is just too f’ing bad Spathtard! Maybe this phase will pass too but if it doesn’t oh well. I ordinarily would never intentionally humiliate ANYone but that statement is based on the fact that in my past I was dealing with real people and not one of these losers. Different scenario with this guy and he made the bed he WILL lay in. He means ZERO to me…..And as far as I can see, actually…..I know this to be true……..the only people who give a carp about him are people on his same low level. I truly consider myself to be a rape victim and I have had that confirmed and validated by several professionals, including an associate of Dr. Robert Hare’s……so I would ask anyone that wants to judge me for my intentions to wipe the egg off of my face and rub it on his, to consider just how serious of a crime he has really perpetrated. And, because he did what he did in such a covert and chicken shot way, I didn’t get a rape kit……I have no way to prove anything. So, I’m taking justice into my own hands, going to keep it legal and put the boots of humiliation right to the sorry pos.



I back you in your efforts to expose him. The reason a spath can continue his/her reign of terror is because they aren’t exposed where everyone can KNOW what/who they are. Their enablers keep their charade going and help them to maintain it.

Donna expose her spath and Alessia from an article earlier this week is on her way to doing the same. Good for them and good for you! I wish you the very best!


I will not, never would, harm him physically. I am trying my best to decide how to do this legally, 100% above board. He has nothing on me that’s for sure and telling in and of it’s self. He could tell someone something I told him privately about myself but I don’t give a flying carp! LOL so far he has tried to slander me by twisting something I said to him jokingly a LONG time ago. It really bothered me at first and now I don’t give a flying carp! all it’s done is to prove him a Spath… of the final nails in the coffin of an illusion he used to deceive and rape me (on many levels). I love it that he has nothing on me!! LOLOL!! Gee Spathtard, sure,,,,,tell someone about the bar glass I “stole” from the bar!! WhatEVER!! I’m the one who knows what he really is and I will do my damndest to insure that there are others who at least have a fighting chance because they were informed and warned…….it’s their choice to follow the cookie crumbs to the truth about him. Of course it could come back on me but again………I don’t care. The people i have a vested interest in would never have anything to do with him anyhow! THEY know the truth about me and my character already. I am not perfect and certainly have done things in my drinking past that I’m not proud of but I have no skeletons in my closet. That is why he had to twist the truth in order to frighten his mother. P A T H E T I C!!!


Evil, evil, evil. I couldn’t watch it all


That was really hard to watch! I skipped through parts that were too much….but it was helpful….I remember trying to wrap my brain around the part of the person I was with …that would help me do projects that needed to be done when he was with me….I wrestled with how a person could be nice and do all these things to help me…and be this other evil person…it made sense to hear this guy on the video…he knew how to “act” like he understood..etc…It is just so INSIDEOUS!!!! That is my new word…I think now after watching this …I can finally lay to rest this problem my mind was having when I would look around and see the things he did for me…I remember how he mentioned and would want to remind me of the things he did….I can only believe now he did them to “GET” something he wanted….It felt so good at the time…we would laugh and joke and have fun….It was not possible during those times to discern ….I will have a very hard time ever believing someone ….I don’t know how I ever will…I know there must be real genuine good men out there…but they must be few…not that I will ever allow myself to be in a relatonship again….I am happy not being in “crazy”….not being power- overed….”controlled”….I think I have had enough for one lifetime with that!!!


Grace, I can relate relate relate!!! Such a plague it is in my mind to try to make the two parts of the relationship (good spath and bad spath) into one person (bad spath). How could something that felt so good actually be bad? That is the sub-plot I speak of, the one we were unaware of. Without the knowledge (that we have now) there was no way to put it all together and make sense of it at the time.
So, during the relationshi*, when he would do things for me and with me,,,,,I would say thank you and how much I appreciated it and how nice it was for me to have someone do help, etc etc…..He would ALWAYS brush the thanks off saying “I just love being with you Dorothy… matter what we are doing”. Well, after the break up THAT changed to ” I worked hard around your place (seriously????) and received very little for me efforts”. Talk about a WTF moment??!! Never mind the fact that he basically lived here, was supposedly my boyfriend, was treated to dinners, lunches, breakfasts out when he helped with a more “major” project. WHATEVER Spathtard…………….
The low level mind games they play are happening ALL THE TIME when they are with you so in the aftermath, even the “good times” and memories are something that gives you indigestion trying to digest.


Dorothy…..TOTALLY!!!!A book that has been helpful for me also has been FACING YOUR GIANTS by MAX LUCADO…..instead of denying the truth about this person …I am instead facing all of it…it is like a GIANT seemingly……but I have been strengthened more and more….you sure said it so well…it amazes me after the years of living in it and having no one to really explain to that would understand…that here is all this support with people that have experienced this very thing an CAN relate!!!!!

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