Leaving a sociopath

Accept the harsh reality
A sociopath will never change

Perhaps you’ve come to the conclusion that you are dealing with a sociopath. You’ve read the key symptoms and they describe this person perfectly. You’ve read the True Lovefraud stories, and you recognize the behaviors. So what do you do now?

Accept the reality that a sociopath will never change.

You cannot cure him with your love. You cannot change yourself and expect him to be satisfied. You cannot make him understand how you feel and how much he hurts you. He really doesn’t care. (All of this applies to female sociopaths as well as male.)

To a sociopath, you are just “narcissistic supply.” You are a source of money, sex, housing, business connections, or whatever else he is taking from you. Even though he says, “I love you,” and “I’ll never do it again,” the words mean nothing. His sole objective is to keep the narcissistic supply coming.

So what do you do? Cut your losses and get out.

If you’re lucky, you’re not married, you don’t have children together, and you don’t work together. You just walk away and never see the creep again.

But many situations are more complicated than that, and leaving a sociopath is not easy. If you have to deal with divorce or child custody, expect it to be nasty. It’s not that the sociopath actually cares about you or the kids. It’s just that he or she wants to win, and make your life miserable in the process.

Lovefraud provides more information on leaving a sociopath on the other pages of this section. You may also want to join the Lovefraud community. Although the members are not professional therapists, they have all been where you are—which is much more valuable than a therapist who doesn’t get it. At the very least, they will help you to realize you are not alone. (Registration is required to participate.)

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