‘Bad mothering’ lawsuit dismissed

An Illinois appeals court recently dismissed a lawsuit filed by the two adult children of Steven A. Milner and Kimberly Garrity, who divorced in 1995. Both children, Steven II and Kathryn, lived with their father, an attorney, in a $1.5 million house. They alleged that their mother caused emotional distress by sending dumb birthday cards or failing to send care packages when they were in college.

In reporting the story the Chicago Tribune portrayed Steven II and Kathryn—represented by their father and two other attorneys—as spoiled brats. Read:

‘Bad mothering’ lawsuit dismissed on

I was all set to think that the case was a frivolous lawsuit driven by Steven Miner, the father, to harass the mother. But then I looked at the actual court decision. If the allegations in their claim are true, the picture is far muddier. The mother, Kimberly Garrity, may be disordered. Maybe both parents are disordered. Read:

Steven A. Miner II and Kathryn R. Miner v. Kimberly A. Garrity, on State.Il.Us

The moral of the story: It’s very difficult to know the truth about family life based on media accounts, or even court documents.

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I think the husband is a psychopath and set the kids up to do this to their mother. A broken arm can happen in child’s play. My GD broke a bone jumping on the bed and falling off while playing with her dad. She fell, ACCIDENT! That does not make him a psychopath. As Skylar said, the psychopath always comes out looking like the good guy…especiall y a lawyer snake in a suit like the one who mentally abuses and hyptomizes my children.

Whaddya mean “Good lawyer”? :0 Many if not most lawyers are personality disordered, they thrive in the power and get their supply at the same time. It is the perfect profession for a psychopath. I was married to one, a psychopath, and only a few of his colleagues that I met were not just like him or worse.

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