Bank intentionally hires psychopaths

Last week Lovefraud published an article about the paper written by a British professor who theorized that the global financial crisis was caused by corporate psychopaths. Here’s another article on the same topic with an amazing twist: One British investment banker admits that his company actually hired corporate psychopaths on purpose, because “their characteristics exactly suited them to senior corporate finance roles.” I wonder if that bank is still in business.

Read Brian Basham: Beware corporate psychopaths they are still occupying positions of power, on Independent.co.uk.

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I’m not sure but even if your not in the states but have ties somewhere this could work as well.
I choose an LLC instead of an S-corp..but really you can do whatever works best for your situation.

Sorry I did not answer..I got sidetracked. Bottom line I did the very minimal to get what was needed.
If you are high up on the food chain remember..your potential clients..could be fellow friends or associates.
BBC Consulting Services can be anything you want it to be.
When asked at an interview “Why do you what to work here” Remember you can always say ” I enjoy servicing my clients but I miss the constant activity of the work place. I work from home and social interaction is something I miss and strive for. ect, ect, ect.”

Thanks for all the responses as there have been some good ideas. I should have gone the route of a setting up a business when I was first illegally terminated; my fear in setting one up now is that a quick check will show it was only recently incorporated.

I have several ideas to hopefully generate some cash so I do not continue to burn savings.

I have also pressed my lawyer one last time to get my former employer to agree to a cover story saying I was a consultant from November 2010 to May, 2011, essentially the period from when they agreed to arbitration and when we settled. I have a rather larger 1099 form and check dated at the end of April, 2011 that fits with consultant story very well.

I have been doing a lot of network, something i was never good at and need to address. Interestingly, one reason why I was bad at networking is that the New York City job market, even excluding Wall Street, is full of Narcissists (and Sociopaths) so my red flags were always up.

Finally, I am still taking the direct and honest approach. I have actually gotten good at taking a job posting and tracking down the company and internal contacts. However, I do think I should be a bit less honest and state “Family Medical Leave” at least to get into the door.


London was very much on my mind when I met the x-spath and had I not met him, I would have gone there in 2009 instead of Canada. A year ago, relocating was very much on my mind, but over the last year and in particular the last several months, I have come to value my family and friends and don’t want to leave the NYC area unless absolutely necessary.

I have rights to an Irish Citizenship that I put off applying for, as I did not want to have that and use it for a “geographic” to Europe. However, yesterday I sent off the paperwork. I have several contacts in London and if need be to get going, I can work there for a year or two, even if it means crossing paths with the x-spath!


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