Bruce Lipton explains why genes are not destiny

I use “sociopathy” as an umbrella term to cover several disorders in which people exploit others antisocial personality disorder, psychopathy, narcissism, borderline personality disorder.

One of the truly scary aspects of sociopathy is that it is highly genetic. If a child has a sociopathic parent, or sociopaths somewhere on the family tree, the child could inherit a predisposition to become a sociopath as well.

So how do you prevent this from happening? By using experience to modify biology.

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., is author of a book called The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles. In this video presentation, Lipton lays out the basic science of how genetics really works, and how we can overcome genetic predispositions.


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This seems to indicate that environment (one’s perception of), rather than genes,determines whether or not we become sociopathetic. Yet the scientific community seems to claim that this illness cannot be altered by environmental factors. Which is it…I’m still confused?


Well this worrisome.

My ex, had it rough growing up (ive heard this from other family members not just her) Her parents got divorced when she was about 4 and both remarried and had kids again leaving my ex as usually the odd one out. Both parents allowed the step parents to somewhat mistreat her (not physical abuse) Her mother is very controlling, loves attention, and acts like shes done no wrong in her life. Her father is harder to read, hes quiet seems respectful, but there is something about him I do not trust, my father said the same thing the first time he met her father.

She has gone through bouts for several years where she has not had any contact with 1 or both parents, yet conveniently forgetting what caused the fallout. Her mother was very aggressive (physically too) she seen her mother go after her dad and stepmom, as well as have shoving/shouting matches with her stepdad (sounds like my relationship with her) Now I wonder with her mother and her, if my kids have been exposed to these genes, and if so with the ex raising them that most certainly will spell doom for my children, I highly doubt I will ever get custody unless she hands it over. Although one time during an argument she demanded that I take my daughter with me only to change her mind 2 days later.

I guess all I can do is see them as often as I can and give them as much love as I can, I don’t know what else to do to prevent them from this happening to them.


dont worry about ur kids rite now.
u cant help them till u are free.
get ur mind straightened out, stay away from the abuser.
of course ur going to see and talk to and love on ur kids but dont worry about this too.
one thing at a time.


One fact I learned: Love is not enough (very important though). I recommend that you do all you can to connect your child to their humanity.

If I could redo my parenting, I’d spend more time teaching her to identify her feelings and WHY she feels those feelings, and talking/reinforcing about HOW “our values” helps us to make good choices (cause/effect in practice).

I made a HUGE mistake focusing on making her feel good about herself. Instead, My child needed more learning how to develop her self respect, NOT self esteem (She esteems herself VERY well, high esteem came easily to her.).

Like my exhusband, she has ENORMOUS self esteem (arrogance/superiority over others). She sabotages her own best interests for an undefined short term petty “win”.


OMfreakinG…BINGO! Litebulbs!
i have enormous self-esteem…but ya know what? self-respect is lacking. Gotta be that. THAT’S how I get myself to tolerate these stupid-ass men and their stupid-ass issues.

As I read this blog, I thought about how I would have responded a year ago. I would have been entirely discouraged and feeling hopeless because my three (now) adult children had aligned with the sociopath. My experience with the sociopath (who I had been married to) was the same as others. I did not recognize my ex-husband as a sociopath until after divorce and after seeing his pathological behaviors explode. I studied Donna Anderson’s website and communicated with her by email. I also read “A Dance With the Devil” by Barbara Bentley. With the help of both Donna and Barbara, I woke up to the reality of sociopathic behavior. By then, my children were very damaged, as was I, and I had much recovery work to do.

I suffered, to the extreme, while earning a college education and while becoming a mental health professional. I wrote a book about my life experience (Spellbreaker, Transcending Violence) and I quit tolerating the behaviors of my children. When I was finally able to let go of my relationships with my children (the most difficult decision I ever had to make), dynamics started to settle down. I had been destroying my health by trying to hold on to relationships with my adult children while being extremely abused. I had read about the “gift of release” by Catherine Ponder and was finally able to let go and let goodness come into my life.

This year has been phenomenal because two of my adult children have awakened. One adult child was awakened when her sociopathic father raged at her, took no responsibility, and rejected her. Another child awakened through a series of life challenges. Both read my book, which helped as I intended, because it compiled the years of a sociopath’s insanity which made it much easier for my children to recover. I think of how difficult it would have been if my adult children would have had to retrieve past memories that had to be buried in order to survive. I think of how difficult it would have been for my children to accurately interpret a father who takes his mask on and off in order to manipulate their minds. Amy J. L. Baker, in her book “Adult Children of Parental Alienation Syndrome” states how it can take 7 – 47 years for a child to awaken from the brainwashing of an “obsessed alienator” (i.e. a sociopath).

I hope this gives hope to other parents who have tried everything they can think of to heal their relationships with their children after the sociopath worked over-time to destroy them. Now that my two children have finally recognized truth, we have begun our recovery. I have one more adult child, who is stuck in the brainwashing, who I hope will also awaken. The tide is finally turning after living through hell on earth because of the nightmare created by a sociopath without conscience.


I’m so happy you are reconnecting with your brain-washed children. I haven’t spoken to any of my 5 childen in years and doubt they will ever “see the truth”. Since they have each other for mutual support in their lies, they have no need to change.But kudos to you in regaining some emotional support and making headway.


i hope this will be also true for adult children who had other influence in their life, not a spath nor narc nor BPD, that was still unhealthy (alcoholic, etc). My kids grew up without a father (he died). So how they are is totally MY FAULT in ppl’s eyes. yet the very bad influences they had thru family and some of my own former friends even (im sad to say) seem to have been able to wreak such havoc on them. my own mom suicided at 34 (i was 14) and my oldest is just as NUTTY as she was (we were never taken away from mom, and readers let me tell you, We Should Have Been). wen i realized my mom’s mental illness had just skipped me (prob narc at the core, but maybe BPD), but was alive and thriving in my precious daughter i was sad sad sad and then angry. by then we were estranged and no one will listen to me. Release just gives all the “cohorts in crime” more proof i am the devil as im done atoning for any perceived wrong and dont attempt contact — but i have peace. my kids dont. it breaks my heart. to say my own dearly loved child is mentally ill breaks my heart. I, in fact lost my second daughter to death at 20 becuz of the drug lifestyle. everyone told my oldest daughter they cudnt believe “the phone call” wasnt saying she was dead, they’d been expecting THAT for at least 5 yrs. i was the only one who rly got the psychic pain (& real physical pain also) my 2nd oldest daughter was in. the last 2 yrs of her life were a miracle, even tho they were filled with hell for her. i kept telling her someday ur heart wont start up again. it wont. and then it didnt (she was the only one who never estranged herself from me)
wat i guess im trying to say is that other ppl than the spath may influence ur children and i hope these children can wake up too. that describes my feeling about them exactly. its like aliens moved into my kids’ bodies and i want my kids back. the false guilt is gone and i have peace. but my kids suffer daily, miserably. i hate it. i wish i cud take it for them and they could have their souls back. i have lived without peace and theres nothing worse. nothing.
i now have 2 kids left at home of the 5 i’ve had. these 2 have a spath for a father. i am terrified of them being this too. his dad is NUTS (no idea with wat), his mom is functional but crazy (dont know for sure wat, dont rly know her and didnt ever want to) then u figure in my mom and im like SIGHHHHH. my kids are 8 and 6 and still love to cuddle and seem to understand u dont want it done, dont do it to so and so and u are not the most important person in the world, allll ppl have worth becuz God made them and life isnt always fair, guess u didnt want that piece of cake thats a millimeter smaller than ur sister’s (then they say, oh ok i will be happy with it and eat it lol). but i am constantly on alert to any behavior that mimics their dad’s and how its NOT tolerated. at all. period.
but it seems hopeless somedays wen i read stuff like this.


i am so happy that ur kids have “come home”. praying number 3 does soon also! YAYAYAYAY

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