Cats, dogs and psychopaths

Sarah Strudwick draws interesting analogies about pets and humans in her new blog post. Read Cats or Dogs on WakingYouUp.Wordpress.com.

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My kitties are better than any sociopath. They are actually loving and loyal. Aloof sometimes for sure, but we all need our space.

Very good article!!!! Thanks for posting the link, Donna!

My dog is a narcissist. She thinks everything is about her. She can’t get enough walks, enough ummies, enough pets, enough talks, enough playtime in the park, enough kibble, enough praise.

Yesterday I let her off lead to run in a closein area. She HATES water and yet ran right into a dirty stream draining from the sewer plant and then rolled and rubbed all over the grassy area with all the deer and goat and cat and dog Shite. I took her home silently b/c it’s not her fault she acted like a dog. I put her in her crate so she could not bless my bed, and got a bath ready for her. (did I mention she hates water?). I gave her a good shampoo, made her lay in ONE spot to dry on the tile floor, and cleaned the bathroom. Then I got ready to go to work, again not talking to her b/c I was BUSY, but making her lay in that one spot. She got VERY sad, followed me going back and forth getting stuff for work, and then I couldn’t find her. When I did, she was standing in the bath… the ONE place she hated the most but it was where she could be the MOST submissive and sorry. PPPOOORRR thing, I was just focused on cleaning and gettting to work. She thought I was mad. I wasn’t. She was a dog acting like a dog. It’s MY lack of training her that allowed her to run and not come to me when called. Standing in the bath, with those sad eyes, pleading for forgiveness b/c my busyness MUST be b/c of her.

Can you imagine how smart my dog is, to figure that she was bad, I was mad, and what was the most submissive thing she could do? I still feel SO bad that she felt the need to be so submissive. And we’ve had 5 walks and lots of ummies since then.

Shelter dog. SUPER dog. Soft. Big brown eyes. Friendly. Gentle. Sweet. Happy (usually). SMART. from a Shelter. I am SO lucky b/c yes she is a narcissist, but she is the most kindest loving narcissist ever.

It’s hard for me to talk about my dog. She had to be put to sleep last July. She had been abused like me but I never knew the extent of the damage beyond her psyche. She was abused so that her spine calcified and the fluid could no longer move effectively and she lost her ability to walk. No one could have detected this in advance without an xray and she never needed one before she began failing.

She was a great dog and sometimes she made me a little crazy with her neuroses. She was terrified of loud noises–thunder, fireworks. The sound of rain would make her shake uncontrollably. She would try to stuff herself under my computer desk by my feet to hide and find comfort with my physical closeness. She also suffered from separation anxiety. She followed me everywhere she could, and I often plopped her 90lb German Shepherd butt in the front seat so she could ride with the wind in her ears and mouth. She went to see her Grammy all the time and was treated like one of the other grandchildren.

She was as loyal as any person could ever hope to be. She slept at the foot of my bed for 5 years.

When she died I had her cremated. I couldn’t bring myself to bury her in the backyard because I hate this house, always have, and I knew eventually I would go and she couldn’t come with us. My spath told me to bring her to his property and I could bury her in his pet cemetery. I didn’t do it, thank God. I would have to go there to visit her and I wouldn’t ever be able to do it. So her ashes are still in the little box from the pet crematorium. I’ll take her with me when we go.

I agree that you don’t need to find a place to bury her. She should stay with you. Actually it sounds nice. I think you watch and get a nice container for her, something that honors her. You didn’t say where you got her, but mine is from the shelter and has separation anxiety too. Breaks my heart so I snuggle her a lot. My dog sometimes squeezsd under my computer desk too. I don’t get it, it’s hard and full of cords. Funny how we can treat our pets better than we demanded for ourselves. But I am okay with her quirks, heaven knows she has to bear mine! All my best, Katy


We never have them with us for long enough….and a friend of mine who raises Border Collies says “you always outlive your best dog” and I think he’s right. I lost my best dog last July (2010) and the “summer of Chaos” 2007 when I had to run for my life and leave my home, I lost my 32 year old horse who had to be put down, my Great Pyrenees was murdered by someone as she stood in her own yard, and my Shitzu got run over because she was deaf and couldn’t hear me call to her….so just honor her memory and keep her with you. ((((hugs)))) Now we have three rescued dogs, all good dogs, all loving dogs who give so much love in return for a bit of shelter, petting and food.


My dog came from temporary neighbors who rented a house two doors away. They didn’t feed her well, kept her on a short chain on their back patio, she was full of fleas and worms. She was a beautiful pure bred dog and it destroyed me to see her so mistreated. I had grown up with Shepherds and dearly loved them as a breed. I asked the neighbor dad to let me have her one day and he said no. Then a couple of months later he showed up on the front porch with her and a leash. She was a shelter dog before that.

The pet crematory gave me her paw print in clay too and a tuft of her fur. I think I’ll find some kind of urn for her someday. The wound of losing her is still a little raw and that’s why it’s hard to even look at the little box, let alone move her ashes to something else. Someday, though.

I also just thought about my s-path’s dog. There were once two of them, giant 200 lb. short haired St. Bernards, a mother and son. The mama dog died too young, surely of neglect. The younger male is still kicking. Last I saw him he was filthy, his ears were caked with crud, he smelled unbearably bad, and he is too thin. His dog house was moved to an area with no shade at all. The ex doesn’t take good enough care of him, doesn’t feed him quite enough. I offered to relieve him of the “burden” of this beautiful dog and he always said no. I think I would accept temporary contact with him if he were to show up on the porch with that amazing dog like the neighbor did. That dog is so special and deserves so much better.

My cat has been with me for 18-1/2 years, and she has never abandoned, discarded, or devalued me. She always treats me like the most important thing in her life because I am. **Why do I want a man again?…..*scratching head*

Wiener’s Rule ~!

Hens rules ~ Wieners agree.

I agree. That’s why I suggested you keep an eye out for a container. I kinda felt like her spirit would lead you to one. You’ll see it and think it fits her personality.
What a good mom you are.

My shelter dog has heartworms and hip dysplasia. I treat her with meds for heartworms but the real cure would cripple her so I just tell myself that I am giving her a better life that she had. I am told sometimes the pills do cure. The dysplasia isn’t bad yet b/c she is young. I found her the day before she was to be euthanized so I feel like she was meant to be mine.

What my husband did to our dogs behind my back brings me to feeling rage. Shows his true TWOFACED self. I found out AFTER I left him but had I been living with him… well God was watching out for me; I’d probably be doing life b/c of a dog.

My cat Remy changed my entire life since he adopted me. The Humane Society in southwest Missouri found him wandering around after the tornado in Joplin.

He is definitely NOT a sociopath. He is momma’s little boy. He snuggles up in bed with me at night and wakes me up by slapping me in the face with his paw. When I come home home from work he grabs my ankle with his front paws and won’t let go til I pick him up and hug him. He hates his water bowl and he drinks out of a glass instead. The other night he put both his front paws in my Chinese food and contaminated it and then wouldn’t eat it when I tried to feed him some. He is all I need for the rest of my life.

Update on the elephant situation-I spoke with the lady I met last week about the elephant nursing and she wants to get me involved with her non-profit group working with elephants and gave me her business card and email address. It would be awesome if I could spend my next big vacation in Thailand taking the elephant nursing class-she said it’s a really good one.

There is a new article I found online with a big photo of my N taken by a professional photographer. There is an article about her where she is talking about ethics in business in one of the local magazines. I read the article and found out that while spouting off about ethics, she flat out lied and misrepresented her past in the article. She has a poor memory and doesn’t realize that she has told me things before that are quite contradictory.

DawnG – If your not in contact with you x-spath could you just go dognap that poor dog and give it a better home..There is so much f.ing cruelty in the world to animals and kid’s. God’s biggest mistake was creating human’s..
Katy – check at your local Petsmart or online for dog vitamins/supplements for joint health..I keep my wiener’s on Fresh Start Supplement’s for bone and joint health…I admire you for taking good care of your dog..it can be costly to properly take care of our animals..

Hens, I know there are all these “supplements” sold for “joint health” for both humans and dogs, but the DOUBLE BLIND SCIENTIFIC STUDIES show that these do NO benefit to either the animals or the humans….but they ARE COSTLY—-and yes, I know the vets that SELL THEM “Swear by” them, but scientific studies show they are just a $$ rip off.

Oxy-I love my new job. I am really excited about it. We met the chief nursing officer today is she is so not the typical nursing adminstration suit. She is totally involved and gave out her email address to us and even has a blog where the nurses can communicate with her and express concerns and she actually answers the comments. They are holding a cruise for nurses for CNE credits in January where you go to Cozumel and it’s only $350 per person. My manager is very approachable and appears to be very fair. The CNO told us that they are picky about who they hire and congratulated us on making it through the process and being selected. She said now that we’re hear she will do her best to keep us. If for some reason the position that we were hired for isn’t working out then we can work with the directors to get transferred to another department that is more appropriate. I guess that means if telemetry doesn’t work out for me, then I may get to go back to PACU.

Katy- I’m not sure if joint problems are the same as arthritis.. But if so there are meds. My dog is old and is on special food and has medicine for it. It is expensive but seems to help a little. She is old and lives now with my ex (not spath). However she is very old and has deteriorated in the past months since her brother was put down. If you can afford it check with your vet. It’s around $80 and last 2 months. If it’s bad there is also pet insurance… It’s around $5 a month. It does not cover shots and heartworm treatments but does cover medical emergencies and special meds. Your vet would know. I never bought it but know others who have. I wish I would have… I just never thought it would be needed.

Hens, I thought about stealing his dog. Spath lives outside of town on 25 isolated acres and doggie isn’t well known but I live in the small town and a dog like him would definitely be noted. I’d end up getting arrested.

Now if I could steal him and find the fortitude to give him up to a better home I’d probably go do it. I’ve wanted to go check on him since I left spath but I’ve been afraid to run into him or be spotted by one of the neighbors. Plus, NC to me means no going to his house even if he isn’t there. If I could find out if the dog is being seriously neglected now maybe I could get the dog warden involved. Spath appears to be self-destructing, according to a mutual friend and I’m really worried that he isn’t taking care of doggie at all. He’s acting very strangely in public and private, hasn’t worked in months now, and he’s drinking so hard he wrecked into a tree – the tree right in front of his house.

It’s a tough situation. I’m not sure how to handle it or whether to handle it at all.

This is an interesting article. I love cats and dogs, especially german shepards. Cats have always had a special place in my heart, though.

My ex-frienemy, K, also loved cats and one day, after he had met my spath (and joined forces with him, so the spath would have sex with him), K said, “You’re more like a dog and I’m more like a cat. Spath is also like a cat, but you’re like a dog”.

He said this in a condescending tone. I denied being like a dog and said that I relate much more to cats, but K was adamant that I was like a dog.

I didn’t understand why he would say this until after I left the spath. They looked down on me for being loyal and for putting up with abuse. Yes, that is more like a dog than a cat, but it isn’t a bad thing to be loyal. Spaths think it’s a weakness to be loyal. It is if you don’t know what a spath is. Once you know, loyalty becomes a strength again.

K and spath are nothing like cats because cats don’t pretend to be anything other than what they are. Also cats are capable of love. The only thing that K and spath resemble is monstrosities.

ElizabethBennet, you’re in health care too? I wonder how many of us are, on this site, in the helping professions – or are the type of person who is described more like a dog than a cat – !!! – how many of us are strong, loyal, loving, trusting, smart, beautiful, and, clearly, envied.

DawnG – What you describe sound’s to risky to get involved – poor doggie – maybe spath will destruct and doggie will be rescued.
I have always loved dog’s, not so much a cat person but I do feed the ferrel cat’s around here, also keep cat and dog food in my truck, seem’s I am always seeing neglected/abandoned animal’s ( and men )..I just cant bring them home anymore.


cats —— i listen to a PTSD visualization CD when i go to bed. there is a part where you have a companion with you, and more often than not it is my grey mister 10 years gone. i was listening to it the other night and i just sobbed.

i have been without an animal in my life for about 5 years now (the parent’s doxies) and i am still in shock about that. and i miss my grey mister so much. it’s hard to believe that it’s been a decade……makes me feel really uneasy about how fast time goes and how little there is left. yup, i think about that a lot. i was thinking i should make a list of all the things i think about like that – just to get a good psychological profile of myself.

i was thinking about grey mister last night and how his armpits were soft like bunny hair. i am trying to remember the good things now – i still hold so much emo drama about his illness and death. i feel very bad that i put him down, and somehow i have a hard time accepting his death because of it. he was 18 and other than the kidney disease, in great shape….but the kidney disease (by the time i put him down) would have killed him within a short time anyway….so why do i carry this? and he would be dead twice over by now – it’s weird. i wonder if i feel responsible for his death? i am literally…but he was dying. this is where buddhism has fucked me up – feeling responsible for something I would have done sadly and with great pain in the past (and had), but somehow i am now more guilty….one set of values says, end the suffering, and the other set says i just messed up my and his karma.

one – 18 years is a very long life for a cat, so I would say you did something wonderful keeping him alive that long – I will always feel guilty for having Harley put down, but I also feel guilty for not doing it sooner he was not a happy wiener the last year or so..
I miss him terrible like you do your Mister….One, I so wish you could get another cat..

Oh One…..
No….you did the right thing!
Funny reading about Misters armpits. Just last night as Holly cuddled up……she rolls over on her back for a belly rub. I like to rub her armpits because they too…..are so very soft.

I went without an animal for 1.5 years after Allie passed. And Iwasn’t sure I was gonna get another…..and thank golly jeepers divine intervention hit us…..and we found Hol’s. She’s so different, but so wonderful.
I’ve never had a dog so protective of ME like this one. I’m her girl for sure. She keeps an eye on the kids…..but both eyes on me! She sleeps all spooned up to me….all night. If I get up to roll over, she’s up and alert….standing in a split second. She won’t let me leave her sight.
I don’t know what i’m gonna do with her when I go back to working ona schedule…..at someones house. I guess in the winter, take her, she likes my car. She just hangs out…..but not so much in the summer.
Some things have so much value to themin our lives, they might outweigh the bad effects.
Maybe babysit or just play with a doggie in the park for starters.

I’m sooooooo glad I took the plunge with Holly!


EB – i am now allergic…..to cats and dogs.

i do have a small crush on noodle head (my pet name for the dobbie next door) and get to pet him for a minute or two a few times a week…then i have to come in and hose myself down. 😉

hens, i so wish i could have a cat.

Russian Blues are hypoalergenic…..according to my client?!?!

Hehehe, I’m a cat lover… I cannot live without a cat. I can see the logic of the comparison of the article, and yes I know that my Darwin, and my Nelson before that, were loving to my parents during their stay and would have remained happy if I would never hve returned from holidays to take them back home. And the key is food supply.

But when I do take them home, I also know they keep me company in a way they don’t with my parents. They follow me around everywhere, and prefer to sleep and sit as close to me as possible. Even my parents note that their cat Midas responds extremely affectionate to me, in a way he does not treat them. Of course he knows he’ll always get a little bitty something to eat from me when I come to visit. But I was also the one who raised him as a kitten. My dad used the punish method to train the cats, and they ended up being fearful of him. He didn’t abuse them, but to correct them he used the frighten tactic where they identified him being the cause, instead of the action. When they took Midas I promised my father to train him, because I would eventually move out, and then he’d have a cat that wouldn’t be afraid of him. I used the water spray and correction tactics a mother cat would use. Hence, Midas is loving and affectionate to my father (and my father loves him to bits for it), while I’ve got mother cat status. It is the same for Nelson and Darwin who came after Nelson died.

There is one thing though that I do not agree with in the article. The example of cats bringing home prey and toying with it, not even eating it is misrepresented. Watch a mother cat teach her nest of kittens and you’ll notice she starts her hunting lessons by first taking home dead prey and toys with it showing how to bite it and hurtle it in the sky. When the kittens are older and less at risk of ending up wounded by the prey, she brings home live prey and does the same game. The moves though are necessary kill tactics or numbing tactics. So, when your cat brings home their prey, they bring it home to teach you how to hunt, because they normally do not see us kill any animal.

A special prey are mice… we see it as toying, but what cats do with mice, is an important tactic on rats. Rats are dangerous and when not exhausted and numbed down, they’d attack the cat fiercely, possibly even killing them. Mice could not do that to a cat, but either a cat treats them like rats for training purposes or because they are similar to a rat (just much smaller).

So, the ‘toying’ with prey has no selfish or cruel intents, but is done for training purposes: either to train the human caretakers or themselves.

Midas was nicked ‘killing fields’ by my parents for all the birds and mice he brought home into the garden (and he regards the garden as playground for his humans, because he often hopes to lure my parents or myself into the garden to play with him). It lessened though after he brought home a wounded blackbird. I mercy killed it in front of his eyes and then gave it back to Midas. Midas made no problems about giving me his prey and watched me intently to see what I would do with it. At some point the blackbird made a run for it, but it was wounded in such a way I knew it could never survive. So I caught it again and then killed it (only animal I’ve ever killed in my life with my own two bare hands and I decided the same day to become vegetarian over it). Midas never interfered, he watched me with great interest all the time. When I gave him back the dead blackbird, he had no interest at all anymore in it, but he has not brought any prey to the garden for me anymore (he does for my parents though). When I catsit at my parents’ house while they are on holiday, Midas never brings any prey into the garden at all.

The worst reaction is to take prey away, scold the cat over it, and then release it in front of their eyes and keeping them from catching it. Then cats regards you as not just a non-hunter but utterly clumsy too. They’ll keep bringing prey to the home but will refuse to surrender it. So, best response is to praise them, get it away from them, keep it with you as long as the cat can see, then put them in a room so they cannot witness you releasing it if they prey is salvageable. If the prey is non salvageable and you have the stomach for a mercy-kill, do it while the cat can witness it, and show off the kill. Problem solved after that.

I woke up this morning hearing myself tell “IT” on his way out the door, the last time I saw “IT”, when he said: “Oh, but you know I love you!” Standing there with tears in his eyes, all the while laughing! I told him this: “You truly DO think this is all funny or comical; don’t you? And, you speak to me of LOVE? YOU don’t even know what that word means. Good bye.” And, I turned my back on him and walked away.

It isn’t easy severing your right arm off. But, sometimes it is necessary as evidenced by the many people who have gotten trapped with climbing rocky mountains and get stuck in between ridges…I know you have all heard of those stories.

With a person as is the likes of a psychopath, they don’t understand or relate to ‘lifes lessons’ the way most of us do. When they get burned by an experience in their life, they turn it against the next person in line. They have an endless supply of victims, even though we might all want to believe we are somehow ‘special’ and that just is never the case. *Sorry to hurt your feelings* We were targeted for any number of specific reasons.

This process we are and have come through was a built in ‘time bomb’, meant to go off after they have left our lives. We need to see it for what it really is. In my case, “IT” manipulated me for several years, all the while, keeping the flame alive by constant attention, 24/7, almost…and semi yearly visits. Not one time did I hear the truth in the years prior to meeting him, about himself and his live(s). MANIPULATION is the word here folks. HUGE RED FLAG. HUGE. Like the most important. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

After six months of NC on the 1st, I have had all those layers of that onion skin peeled away from my eyes. And, I think I learned, firsthand, NO BACK DOORING! What you find out at once may give you resolution but it may also seal that door to hell shut once and for all…be careful at how much you look at, because you may not like all the ugliness you actually see.

When you see that ugliness and lay your eyes upon it, it enters your soul through cog diss and will take you on a journey through that rabbit hole. It is a strength and an empowerment we must achieve within ourselves if we are ever to defeat this horrendous nightmare we have had attach itself to us. It takes discipline and being aware of ourselves but I believe we can and that most of us already HAS stepped through the other side of that ring of fire, already, proof: being HERE, on LF, looking and searching for the answers – psychopaths don’t need the same validation. They just don’t care.

I hope that all of you are well and doing alright.
I try to come and read as much as I can.

I am doing well. Getting all my medical issues under control now. I am happy to report I am doing very well, according to my cardiologist. I am still waiting to be scheduled for my colonoscopy, as they are looking for malignancy. Hope it’s just to rule it out; hmm? 🙂

We have to be the strongest people we could or can ever be to survive a spath attack. Trust me, I know – but it CAN be done. You just have to be honest with yourself and see them for what they truly are and explain to ourselves how we could ever ‘love’ something like that – something so false and deceitful…

and muahahahahahahahahaha too~!
Happy Halloweenies to all…



Can you please clarify what you mean by no back dooring?

Good Morning callmeathena: it means once the relationship has ended, that you don’t go ‘looking’ for ‘answers’ anywhere but inside yourself. It means NOT trying to find things out about “IT”. What you find out may not necessarily be a ‘help.

Welcome to LF.
I found my soul again, here…

Happy Weekend

Right on DupedNOMore! That was a powerful read.
(Duped: When some one has gotten over on you.: tricked.)

I am an animal lover, I have yet to meet an animal that has not taken to me. There is something to be said about people who don’t like animals and if any one has noticed.
the soul snatcher is either indifferent or does not like animals.
There is a huge difference in a domestic cat, dog and a path.
Dogs are always forgiving, they are grateful when they get that little piece of treat. They are so willing to please you.
When you walk in the house from a long day, the cat will rub up against your leg. The dog will greet you as if you are the most important human in this world.
I do understand the comparison. Of course the animals have motives.
Don’t we all? paths or other wise?
It is the intentions that these people have that are just no good. The lack of remorse.. Damn it , even a dog feels” guilty when he goes into the trash.
Not these people, cause they are entitled…..

Oh yeah, Oxy…I think, I hope I am doing this right.
Can’t wait to dig into your word press…Looks mighty interesting.
Thank you

“it means once the relationship has ended, that you don’t go ’looking’ for ’answers’ anywhere but inside yourself. ”

I did go on an epic “Quest for Truth” when I finally caught my ex lying in August. I can’t regret doing it. I would have gone back if I hadn’t. I do regret the craziness I displayed to a couple of people when I discovered the scope of his duplicity. I was out of my mind with grief.

I did that too DawnG. I think though Duped means to say not to keep tabs on the spath of what he’s doing after the separation 🙂

Yes, darwinsmom, that is exactly what I mean and thanks for clarifying that. xxoo

DawnG: I was trapped in this living hell for five years.
They said the abuse I have taken from “IT”, including death threats, directly or indirectly…equals to that of a hostage in
a long state of capture. And, I can see that is what it truly was.

I was being dominated and controlled by a psychopath in every sense of the word. This is my second year in quest for the truths. I am almost there now. There IS life after spath. It was only a momentary case of ‘spath flu’. 🙂

Best of wishes and prayers to you DawnG…
We understand and care here…


Hey there Dupey Do..
DawnG – I did that ‘Quest for truth” over and over, I would find the truth and then he would convince me I was crazy, so I had to prove myself sane again, rinse and repeat, I found LF and my sanity here or I too would still be caught in his perfect storm.

Back dooring means that you are not in DIRECT contact with the X spath, but you are trying to find out info about them in other ways or still perhaps hanging out with their friends…all back door ways of still having contact without having direct contact with the X spath.

Super Dupester: Missed you on the blog last night. Always happy to see your face in the place. Hugs. Shalom

Donna-those pics are cute. What are the other animals that you have besides the dog? One looks like a ferret but the other looks like a giant mouse with a big fluffy tail like a racoon. Getting my cat has made my recent situation totally tolerable. Once I came home with him the ball started rolling and I got my job.

Donna. You better keep Chuckie away from Ox or she will make a hat and a pot roast out of him ~ how cute ~!

Callmeathena-yes I am a nurse and I plan on going to be a police officer next year and do both. I know there are several people on here in helping professions and all the qualities you describe make us more likely to be victims of spaths/narcs-in my opinion. I have also found out that there are a huge amount of THEM in the profession. The N who brought me here was a doctor and the one before him was a speech therapist.

BTW-in addition to doing nursing for people, I am planning to put out the money eventually to take the courses in elephant nursing.

I had a big scare with my cat last night. After the world series I was doing some house cleaning to help me unwind before bed. I was going in and out of the house to the big trashcan outside. When I was in PJs and had my teeth brushed and ready to get in bed, I couldn’t find Remy anywhere. It was after midnight and I was frantically calling his name all over the house and I couldn’t hear his bell ringing. I panicked and thought he may have snuck out the door. I was crying and freaking out. I put food down and no sign of him. Finally something made me open the cabinet under the bathroom sink, and there he was all the way in the back. I pulled him out and I was crying and fussed at him. I told him never to do that again because he scared his momma. He went to bed snuggled up with me and didn’t leave the bed the entire night. I woke up to him snuggle under my arm with his head on my chest. I think he was trying to say he was sorry-and he hasn’t left my side all morning-even when I go to the bathroom.

Ah, that sounds so cute, ElizabethBennet! My Darwin’s the same. He’ll sit outside the showerdoor. If I open it, he peeps his head in. If I go to the loo, he rubs up against my legs for sure. If I change cothes or clean something of my nightstands, he wants in the bedroom and watches me as if I’m doing the most interesting stuff in the world. LOL

Donna, wow, you have a sugarglider. They’re nocturnal, right?

Darwinsmom-Remy is the same way. When I get home from work he grabs onto one of my ankles with his front paws and doesn’t want to let go til I pick him up and hug him.

chuckle… that’s adorable!

Darwin’s a bit too shy for that initially. But he’ll crawl on a chair under the table and then when I walk past he’ll hug my leg. Right now he’s lying on his back, paws in the air looking at me.

Hens, that was why I sent “Chuck” down to my friend to be an Oxen so that he will have a nice and long life, of course like the rest of us he will have to WORK for his living, but pulling a cart loaded with kids once in a while is not going to work him to death! LOL He will be the last of the pure-bred Scots Highland calves I have since I no longer have a Highland bull…and actually he is a “Hill Billy,” his older brother was his daddy….LOL and I didn’t want that to happen again cause the calf might be born deformed if that happened another generation…so from now on, any new babies around here will be “ordinary” looking cattle as the half highlands look like the “other half” not the Highland half. His mama, however, is going to that great “BARN IN THE SKY” as soon as it gets cold enough, because she got an infection in her udder and can’t produce milk any more, so if she were to have a baby in the future, it would starve to death or I’d have to bottle feed it….so her time has come to meet the ultimate fate of being born a bovine! As things go though, she’s had a pretty good and pretty long life. I think she is 10 or 12 years old, I’d have to look on her papers (that’s old for most cows, but Highlands usually live to 18 or 20)

So if you happened to grow up with narcissists, they have trained you well to be the parent of a Siamese cat. The Siamese I had for 10 years was the neediest, whiniest baby I could ever imagine. The last 5 years of his life, he had to be fed Gerbers baby food in my bed (which was originally purchased for him) off my fingers. It had to be warmed up, as room temperature was not good enough for him. He also pooped on the carpet, which I cleaned up faithfully for years. I did all of this without complaint. It was like having a perpetual newborn. He would cry loudly (like a newborn) in the middle of the night if he couldn’t get access into my shirt for a “kneading”. He had to do this every few hours (!). He was a nightmare to live with. He spent his first year in my home spraying on walls because he was so neurotic. I lost a few boyfriends over him, too.

And would you believe that when he died, in January 2010, I have never cried so hard, nor wished I could die with him. I miss him terribly – the little narcissist. I think having narcissists for parents really conditioned me to be the perfect mother for a Siamese.

So, the portrayal in Lady and the Tramp is accurate, stargazer?

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