Cats, dogs and psychopaths

Sarah Strudwick draws interesting analogies about pets and humans in her new blog post. Read Cats or Dogs on WakingYouUp.Wordpress.com.

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Darwinsmom = Wow that song is so cool..almost like an exorcism..bury that horse..get the memories out of our head..Better than a lobotomy…


Thanks for the distinction explanation. But I would suspect that saw and human centipede II are of the same genre. Anyway, just not my thing, nor are horrors anymore. Main problem is that either I cannot be scared by them such as with supernatural/ghost/witch horrors, because I simply do not believe in it, and when it is about something realistic to me then I find it manipulative and well, just that there is enough horror in real life.

Not so much of a comedy fan either… depends on the comedy. I guess I mostly like smart movies – David Lynch, Memento, Usual Suspects, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Shutter Island… Movies where I cannot predict the outcome half an hour beforehand. I like British romantic comedies or series. And an action movie once in a while, but with a good story and narrative. Oh and fairytale like stories like Lady in the Water. When it comes to romantic movies, comedy and action the story is the main thing, and the comedy or action is added flavour, rather than the other way around.

Found Remy, my cat, sitting inside the clothes dryer when I got out the shower. He looked so cute that I took a picture of him and posted it on facebook.

hehehehe…. how cute!

he’s freakin adorable. Now he’s cuttin up too-runnin up and down the house chasing is tail and chasing his little catnip mice. I think he gets separation anxiety since I had to work the nightshift last night. I remembered yesterday that I scheduled an overtime shift that I had to work. I have been awake since this time yesterday morning and I have to stay up all day until tonight-since I work dayshift tomorrow.

I know my animals (now one cat and two snakes) have saved my life. So many times they gave me a reason to get up in the morning. They are like little angels wrapped in fur – or scales, as the case may be. 😉

Remy has saved mine for sure. He is the child I will never have-my baby boy!

Author has good insight on something that we already knew but tend to forget. We are not so different from animals.

We cat lovers have to be careful when picking partners cause we may be taking in a stray cat.

Have I mentioned Steve? I saw him briefly. He is fun to be with. But, then things hit me wrong. I invited him for supper. He drove up and sat in his truck in my driveway for a time. I walked out there and he gives me this exhausted look. He starts to perk up. He said he brought firewood. I thought cool! He handed me a small piece of wood which was about the size of a potato. It was all the wood he brought. Huh? I didn’t ask him to bring wood and he offers it…..but offers a small piece……?

He stayed for a number of hours and during this time he offered to sell me wood three times!. He was offering the going rate. I pointed out I am getting a better deal with someone else. He tried to push his deal again.

The last time I saw Steve was during the week. He pulled up in my driveway. I didn’t know he was sitting in my driveway for 10 minutes before I noticed his truck. I let him in. He told me he blew off work that day. His house is in foreclosure. And he offered to sell me firewood again.

I haven’t talked to Steve since.

The guy reminds me of Jim. He fancies himself as a wheeler dealer and I, as his girlfriend, is his most lucrative customer.


I remember when Jim’s dog bolted loose. Jim only wanted that dog cause it’s HIS property. He was so mean to that dog. He was always screaming at her. The dog was 14 years old at this point and was running away every chance she got. Jim called me to drive over to pick him up to search for the dog. We drove for miles following the paw prints in snow. Jim got out of my car and hunted the dog down on foot through the woods. He got himself into trouble cause he followed the paw prints across a long corn field through deep snow. Of course he yelled and screamed at me for not finding him sooner.

I already had the dog with me. I found her quickly while Jim was searching. I had simply flagged down a passing truck and asked the driver to look for the dog. The guy came back with the dog 15 minutes later. Jim was still trudging through the deep snow in cornfield for 45 minutes– on his quest for HIS possession. When I finally found Jim, he bitched me out.

He didn’t know the dog was found and. was in my car until he noticed me reaching back to pet her. He instructed me not to pet the dog. He was punishing her.

Hmmm…… It was exactly the same relationship he offered me. He left me sitting home alone. He screamed at me. Then he punished me. When I tried to leave he chased me down. And then he screamed at me again, and then punished me again.

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