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Con artist swindles 132 women, taking $320,241

Lovefraud has just posted a new case study about Patrick M. Giblin of New Jersey. This guy swindled 132 women, whom he met through telephone dating services, out of $320,241—and those are just the crimes that the authorities know about. Giblin blew the money on casino gambling.

Giblin’s sentencing took place in the federal courthouse in Camden, New Jersey, on April 17, 2006. Giblin told the court his version of “the devil made me do it” story—that he took all that money from all those women because he was addicted to gambling.

Giblin’s apology

Oh, he put on quite a show, reading a letter of apology to his victims. Here it is:

I am a greedy idiot who was concerned about one thing only, HIMSELF. I took advantage of each and every one of you when I found out that you had money. I was not concerned about your well being or any possible financial harm that I may have been causing you. For some of you, there were genuine feelings for me because I made it out to seem that I was interested in starting relationships with all of you. I was pretending. It was all a lie. I do not expect any one of you who are VICTIMS to ever accept an apology from me. I am though going to say right now that I am so sorry. My actions were unexcusable. I regret everything that I did to all of you. The financial hardships I have caused, the lack of trust that you all probably will not have again, is my fault. I am truly sorry. The burning question that all of you are probably saying to yourself is why did I do this? The answer is my 20 year gambling addiction which is a sickness. Any time a crime is committed against someone, it is an illegal act with which there should be no excuse for doing it. I am certainly not trying to make an excuse. I committed fraud against all of you. I just wanted all of you to understand that I have been a compulsive gambler for 20 years. Each time money was sent to me by the victims, none of it went to the lies that I told the money was for. As soon as I received the money, I was in the casino. I would gamble the money away and call back making an excuse for needing more money. This particular pattern went on for 4 years or so. I am a complete loser. When I get released all I’m going to do is work, work, work. It is going to take me a long time, but I’m going to pay back the restitution I owe to the victims of my scam. I am going to turn my life around, get help for my addiction, and once and for all lead a normal law abiding life while I still have a chance to be a productive member of society. All of you have struggled because of my actions. I want to accomplish paying everyone back. When I get released, it is not going to be about me, it going to be about all of you and doing what is necessary to pay everyone back. I don’t expect forgiveness but I will once again say that I am truly sorry for the harm that I caused everyone. Thank you.

Why did Giblin make this apology? He wanted the judge to give him the lightest possible sentence. Was he sincere? I don’t think so, and neither did the New Jersey judge.

Giblin had already told another judge in Colorado—where he had conned a widow—that he was going to get help for his addiction. That judge believed him and let Giblin go back to New Jersey. Giblin went directly to the casino. He quickly got on the phone personals again and methodically swindled another 28 women.

For more about the brazenness of this con artist, be sure to read all three pages of the case study on

Classic sociopath

I attended Giblin’s sentencing, spoke with two victims and an investigator, and reviewed the court’s case file. In my opinion, Patrick Giblin is a classic sociopath.

Giblin was charming as he seduced his victims—one called him a “fast-talking Northerner.” To make himself seem trustworthy, he lied about his credentials, claiming he worked in law enforcement, his father was a judge and his brother was a prosecutor. When the victims started resisting his charm, he turned to threats. Giblin threatened to kill one victim’s father and another victim’s children.

Once he was arrested, Giblin milked the legal system, which stalled his sentencing for almost two years. Then, as the sentencing approached, he started apologizing—to the court for wasting its time, and to the victims for taking their money.

And of course, nothing was Giblin’s fault. He blamed all his problems on his sickness—his gambling addiction. But that’s not the way it works. Gambling is a symptom of his sociopathic personality, not the cause of it. Sociopaths are always looking for the next thrill. In Giblin’s case, the thrills were gambling, and conning women into giving him the money to do it.

Fortunately, U.S. District Judge Robert B. Kugler saw through Giblin’s lies. The judge knew that Giblin wouldn’t change, and the best he could do was protect the rest of society from this scam artist. Giblin received the maximum sentence possible under federal guidelines. The predator will be behind bars for nine and a half years.

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We have a similar though not as long, apology from a narcissist/sex addict on our site:

BTW? This one went around the web erasing all the sex partner wanted ads and hooker reviews he could and is now gaslighting his victims & wife that this never happened – as well as projecting the “bad” on to the victims that exposed him.

Sound familiar?


I was Conned By a woman Seattle, WA
The woman is a con artist in Seattle, WA. She cons hair salons to get expensive haircuts, and steals “friends” clothes so she can fit in to a higher class of people. The police can’t do anything, because every time she cons, it is for under $1000. Someone should start a list of these people on-line, so they won’t continue hurting people. She sneakily became my friend and then conned me. I won’t go into detail, but she often “forgot her wallet” at crucial situations, with many people/businesses. She even hangs out with stars like by joining yoga with them…and befriending them. Beware of her, because she is smart, and her cons could get much worse.


My sociopath was my personal trainer. In a gym I now own half of and I’m getting some half-baked offer to buy me out. Can you get any more cliched? Frankly, I had never heard the cliche before, because maybe if I had I wouldn’t have fallen for it.

Do we have any recourse so that he doesn’t do this over and over? How can we warn people against this without getting sued for slander or libel? Does the burden of proof lie with him if he does sue you and that is your claim, and you have others like you as witnesses? Can we get a lawyer on this blog to ask questions of?


Donna, this is an older article, but I wonder what has happened with Gibler? The only truthful thing that he said in his statement was, “I am a complete loser.”

Swinder, indeed. The rat-shit should be ordered to lay asphalt for the next 60 years and every cent he earns should be divided up between his myriad victims. There’s no punishment that would have been fitting. ICK!


The time he got just wasn’t enough.
It’s probably a good thing I have never been a judge.



Dupey, I think the thing that I’ve had the hardest time processing is how “what”should be” never crosses paths with “what is” where the Law is concerned.

My attorney mentioned that she inteded to “use it against him in court” with regard to an ongoing financial issue, and I zipped her back an email and basically said that it seems that he’s not only been allowed to walk away from every joint and financial obligation, but actually encouraged, and that he hasn’t faced a single consequence or ramification for his actions other than to be ordered to pay me what the sum of 2 tanks of gasoline per week! How, precisely, did she intend to “use” the issue against the exspath, and to what end? Like the Judge is going to wag his finger HARDER at the exspath? Oh, my……..I shudder to think of what the Judge is going to say: “Sir, you’ve obviously stolen and swindled the plaintiff out of a TON of money. Now, DAMMIT! Don’t do it, AGAIN!”

LMAOLMAOLMAO!!!! Now, I have to imagine the Judge sitting on the bench naked and covered in mayonaise. Sheeeeeesh……I’m too old and too pissed off to be afraid, anymore!


Truthspeak: Yes, I can relate. I know it seems that they somehow always ‘get away with everything’ and walk away, but, and, very much, HOWEVER: in the long run, they are truly the losers.

THEY HAVE LOST because they have tainted their own lives by their choices and actions. I HAVE SEEN in my own circumstance, that sweet karma come back around and although I am not especially ‘delighting’ in “ITS” misfortune, I do feel justified by some kind of ‘higher power’ and that doesn’t equal to nor match what the courts could dish out.

I hear you: the law and justifications just do not ever seem to fit the crimes of the psychopath/sociopath. I realize the law just doesn’t recognize it as much as they should but that awareness is growing now and becoming more recognizable to law enforcement. I know it’s not much help for all of us, but strides are being made, slowly but surely to recognize the ‘psychological crime’.

I am so sorry for you that you have been swindled.
Don’t blame yourself. Don’t blame your kindnesses and/or feel guilty by anything. The shame is ON THEM, not on us.

You hang in there and realize that sometimes our justification doesn’t come from a court of law. In my situation, I can ABSOLUTELY TELL YOU, WITHOUT A DOUBT: karma is alive.

Me too: too old and too pissed off to be afraid anymore!!!!



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