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Congressman’s son, pleads guilty to beating his girlfriend

Patrick Moran, son of Virginia Rep. Jim Moran, slammed his girlfriend’s head into a metal trash can cage at a bar. The Congressman described his son and the girl as “good kids.”

Rep. Jim Moran’s son guilty of beating up his girlfriend in Columbia Heights, on

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Jeeez…. Another “entitled” spath kid? Great.

Ox Drover

Yep, another “great kid” please RESPECT THEIR PRIVACY??? and she says it was a broken high heel??? Well, I hate to tell her, because she probably wouldn’t .listen anyway, but it AIN’T GONNA GET NO BETTER SISTA! Wait til he is your baby daddy.


Please pray this girl sees the light. We are losing this battle. People’s eyes need to be opened. The shootings today show what is happening to our world and it’s getting worse and worse and worse. We have not seen anything yet.


Louise, you are spot-on that “People’s eyes need to be opened.” Changes need to be made in the Legal Systems, and in Family Courts. People need to think about being a part of “community,” again, because turning a blind eye to avoid becoming involved in things that are now interpreted as being “None of MY business” CLEARLY is not working.

Whether someone has a diagnosed personality disorder, or they’re suffering from an organic mental illness, taking action (even when it’s an unpleasant one) is a moral, legal, and ehtical imperative.

It DOES become “MY business” when someone slips their proverbial cog and takes another human being’s life. When I know that someone has issues, or intent to murder, and I choose to do nothing, I would view myself as an accessory because I had been forewarned and chose to sit on the fence.

And, you can bet that this is going to be another platform for gun control, school lockdowns, and abortion (the political topics of the day) INSTEAD of massive legal reforms and individual accountability and consequences.

The politician’s son is a PRIME example, and this has been going on for as long as people have been political. I was sexually assaulted by a neighborhood boy whose father was a member of the City Council. And, no….I never reported it because I would not have been believed. Councilman *&(%’s son sexually assaulting a neighborhood girl? Well, she had to have led him on because he comes from a politically connected family….blah, blah, blah…..

Yeah….nice kid, this guy….ew



Good post!!

You bet this is going to be a platform for gun control. I have a question and perhaps our few posters from the UK can answer this. I really don’t know much about gun control enough to debate it or whatever, but I do know that England has gun control and they have very few murders and we have thousands as a country every year. So what have they done (or are doing) right? What can we learn from them?


Louise, in the UK, murders are committed using other weapons and methods. There are murderers, everywhere, including the UK. Donna just posted the news release of the former cop who stabbed his ex-wife to death in front of her salon assistant in her own place of business and claims that he’s guilty of “manslaughter,” but NOT “murder,” because he suffers from Narcissistic Personal Disorder and substance abuse.

I don’t wish to debate gun control. I would rather discuss “people” control, as Liane’s post addressed. Revise HIPPA laws, revise no-fault divorce, revise mental health care to be a RIGHT in the US instead of a priviledge. Revise sentencing to be as severe as humanly possible. Revise our cultural and society views on enabling and fence-sitting, as well as enacting consequences for predatory human beings.

Brightest blessings



I don’t want to debate gun control either as I don’t know enough really about the issue. I just thought I read somewhere that England (just England…not all of the UK) only had eight murders last year? That number must have been wrong. I mean, it’s obvious that people are murdered there as you stated about the guy who stabbed his estranged wife. But it is far, far less than it is in the US.


Louise, this nation tolerates violence on every level. We tolerate “bad behavior” and actually REWARD sociopathic behaviors with celebrity and monetary compensations. This nation, IMHO, puts more emphasis on a winning NFL team than it places upon researchers who are trying to find new sources of sustainable energy. We have long ago lost our way, as a culture, on the Path Of Humanity.

Children are raised by technology and over-indulged to the point that narcissism has become malignant, and sociopathy estimates are very, very conservative (IMHO). From video games to living “virtual lives” on the internet, we have 2 generations of children who are incapable (literally) of healthy human interactions.

Advertising places sexual innuendo and sustaining “youth” as their top priorities. Media industries indulge in violence and revenge. We are a lost society and “good people” are only viewed as source targets, anymore, and NOT heroes or examples of how hard work, honesty, and “doing the right things” result in well-lived contentment.

Brightest blessings





I have to say that Lieutenant Vance just addressed the press, and he clearly instructed ALL media to give the surviving family members privacy, and that troopers would be employed to make certain that these people would be left alone to deal with their horrible losses.

The shooter might be dead, but he’s going to be forever remembered for his acts, regardless of the fact that he committed a massacre. Jeez, it’s just going to raise the bar higher for the next nutbag with issues, isn’t it?

Godalmighty…….just, oh my god…….

EDIT ADD: And, I really am terrified of this feeling that some other disordered person is going to see this act as something that will make them “famous.” Truth be told, I don’t even remember the name of the VA Tech shooter, and these massacres just keep escalating in frequency and victim totals. WTF do we do as a society and culture to address this?!



I don’t know what we do, but I have been thinking a lot about something. Why is it that back say in the 1950s, we did not see all the violence and shootings the way we do now?? What are the reasons? Video games, more divorce, more technology, pushing God out of our lives (I know the religion thing is not popular on here and I do respect that and you don’t see me post on it, but as a Christian, I can’t help but see that the farther this nation is getting from God, the more violence we have). Now, I don’t know if pushing God away is a reason, but anyway…what is it? Is it the other things I mentioned? Maybe it’s a combination of all of these things?


Louise, restricting religious beliefs and practices (Christian, Jewish, or otherwise) invalidates the strongest of all core beliefs – even those that pertain to our own self-isms.

I think that “tolerance” is a mutated form of “pity,” but it’s gone over the edge with labels and that it’s so much easier to be “tolerant” than set forth reasonable expectations.

“No Child Left Behind” is a prime example of something gone horribly wrong. Instead of learning facts and information that will propel a child into developing into a successful adult, children are being groomed for testing, at all costs. Instead of teachers TEACHING, they’re baby-sitting, especially beginning in Jr. High. Educators are not permitted to tell a child, “Sit down, and shut up,” because it’s “not nice or nurturing.” Well, oh, well……there is a time to be uber-nurturing, and a time to demand reasonable expectations.

When I was in school, a student that failed to do their homework, they risked possible exposure for failing to meet a reasonable expectation. Today, a child may not experience “shame” because it’s been misinterpreted to be damaging on every level. Now, I’m not talking about the type of “shame” that I experienced that produced my own shame-core. I’m talking about identifying a reasonable expectation as required by every student.

I actually know someone whose child called CPS to complain that they were being abused because their parent put them on restriction for refusing to do their homework. So….what does this say about reasonable expectations and personal accountability? That the patients are running the asylums, now.

Liane touched on a very, very important discussion about “people control,” and changes need to be made, across the board. Legal. Medical. Psychiatric/psychological. Because of HIPPA laws, a patient can sit in a counseling session and describe how they intend to harm someone, and the counselor is prevented BY LAW from reporting this to the intended victim except in extreme situations – a criteria must be met, certain steps taken, and all in the right order, or the counselor could face CIVIL action if they attempt to warn a potential victim.

“Back in the day,” communities were smaller – even in metropolitan cities like NYC or Cincinatti, there were cultural pockets where everyone knew everyone else. These people generally took care of their own through their social networks and religious organizations. Today, the world is connected only in terms of FaceBook friends and internet groups.

I believe that entertainment and advertising media need to be completely overhauled. Reality programming? REALLY? Not necessary, and not entertainment. Violent content? Not necessary, and clearly desensitizing. “Youth-and-sexually-oriented?” Not necessary, and dehumanizing for those who are aging and don’t opt for cosmetic surgeries.

As far as the Legal System goes, begin with “No Fault” divorce. If a contract of marriage needs to be severed, then a clear reason WHY needs to be provided, and punitive damages awarded to the injured party. As it stands, a spouse can come home after a day at work, 18 years of marriage, and four children, and tell their partner that they’ve had it, and the marriage is over. Although a lengthy complaint prose is submitted, the words in the complaint have no bearing upon the settlement of the divorce – it’s all about equitable division of assets and NOT the bad or abusive behaviors of one (or, both) of the partners.

Family Court needs to stop insisting that “even a bad parent is better than NO parent.”

At some point, the society will either swing back into balance or dissolve into anarchy. We’re heading in that direction on a 60% downward slope. This current culture is heading towards a depth where it will be unrecoverable, IMHO


I hope she was paid well to blame it on her shoe.


Google “Andy Reid” and “Sons”.

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