Convicted of molesting one 6-year-old, he now has custody of another

Nicholas Elizondo, 55, of Bakersfield, California, was convicted in 1995 of raping his 6-year-old stepdaughter. Last week, Oklahoma County Judge Howard Haralson awarded Elizondo sole custody of his 6-year-old biological daughter.

Sex-offender dad gets sole custody of 6-year-old daughter, on

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What is the matter with this judge?


Just sickening. The child already has two strikes against her having to drag around his DNA . At least give her a parent that can give some normalcy to her still formative years. I don’t have a lot of experience in court but about 20 yrs ago I decided to go to traffic court. The officer was mistaken and apparently radared another vehicle and lost track. Mine and two other people in the vehicle’s words were brushed off. The arrogance of the officer seemed to puddle on the floor as he walked by. The only thing in the room bigger than the officer’s ego was the Judge’s. early on his docket his mood was light and this clearly affected his judgements. By the time my case came up he was over it. Now I imagine a social predator with experience in the system knows how to play the game, to stroke the ego and temporarily defer godlike status to the one who holds the gavel. Whatever the reason the judge put the child in this situation, hurts my brain.


I am flabbergasted that this could even happen. It makes no sense at all. Like some kind of bizarro alternate universe.

The mother needs a much better lawyer. I’m not clear on why this mother was considered to be such a piss-poor excuse of a mother that she would lose custody? It can’t be that simply not knowing the names of all the pediatric specialists her child sees, or refusing to let her child have unsupervised visitation with her pedophile father are the sole reasons?! Is there something else going on with the mother? Is she a druggie or is she violent with the child or something? I can’t believe that the reasons given would sway a judge to give a pedophile father full custody.

Holy freaking cow. Just when I thought nothing else could amaze and horrify me, then this happens. That poor, damned little girl.


It’s the alternate universe of family court. This is not the first time something like this has happened. Enough with the blaming the mother the “what’s wrong with her that she lost custody to such a monster?” questions. It’s how the system is right now. They give custody to the father because he asks for it. They think if the father takes the initiative to ask for it, they’re a better father than most, so should deserve custody. That’s just how our court system is. It is corrupt. Has been corrupt, but noone pays attention until it happens to them.

I lost custody of my boys to a monster. He raped me, among other things. Please stop blaming the mother. It already hurts enough losing custody. If anything, blame the court system. Stop blaming the mothers.


Many judges are sociopaths. What better career option than one that wields power over everyone? One Supreme Court justice sexually harassed an employee when he was over a certain region, and still made it through the hearings and now makes decisions for us. Many judges take payoffs and there have been stories of judges taking favors from prostitutes and drug addicts in order to free them from the threat of jail.

I would be willing to bet there are many pedophile judges out there. If you study how pedophiles think, most of them report that they feel it is their “job” to teach kids about “safe sex” so no one “bad” gets them first. Sociopath logic, but to them it seems perfectly normal.

One judge should not be allowed to make these final decisions in my opinion. We should have panels of judges. I believe we should get rid of the jury system and have paid judge and jury panels made up of every race, gender, creed, etc. That way, a whole group would have to be publicly evil and willing to break the law instead of one person.


FightforWhatsRight: You are definitely ‘my kind’ of person and I like how you think. I agree with every word of your post.

I, too, get upset over society at large and the many criminal activities of the so-called ‘established good’ among us.

Maybe this will get me in trouble but my belief is that all of the GOP are sociopaths.


lost everything

Barb, Let’s not bring politics into this. Sociopaths come in all religions, colors, national origins, ethnicity, financial means, education, social standing, employment, family structure, political leanings and any other category classification you wish to use. Their victims do as well.

All I have been able to find out about the judge is that he went to BYU and Oklahoma City law school. If he is a ‘political’ person, there is no mention.

Making any kind of all encompassing generalizations is very dangerous.

As Donna wrote to me, this board is about sociopaths-end.

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