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Cyber stalking made easy with smartphones and spyware

spywareEditor’s Note: This article is a MUST READ for anyone who is being stalked or who needs to keep their location a secret.

Because of the latest in smart phone technology, husbands, wives, lovers and exes don’t need to leave the comfort of their homes, or hire a private detective, to be able to know their victim’s every move. All they have to do is secretly monitor their victim’s smart phone, tablet or computer.

Stalkers now have software such as MSpy, which is easy to install. All that’s needed is a few minutes alone with a victim’s smart phone to download the app, activate it, and delete any visible trace of it. The cyber stalker then has the ability to listen in on every conversation, read every text message, view every web page visited and download every photo, video file, password and call log generated by the phone.

The phone’s GPS system is good when trying to find a missing child who has a cell phone on them,  but it’s not good when an abused woman is on the run, seeking safety in a secret shelter.

Smartphones Are Used To Stalk, Control Domestic Abuse Victims, from NPR All Tech Considered

Technology Safety from National Network to End Domestic Violence

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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Two ways to detect spyware in your iPhone.

One way is to check yourself – yes, you can do this. On your iPhone, follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings
2. Scroll down until you see Privacy and tap Privacy
3. Find Location Services and tap it
4. Find System Services and tap it
5. If you see SBSettings, tap it.
6. If you see MSpy or other spyware, turn it off.


Original source:

The other way: Take your iPhone to an Apple store. Go to the Genius Bar and ask them to follow the steps listed above. Or just ask them if your iPhone is Jailbroken. They will know what that means. Ask them to remove the offending tracking software.

Complete list of Apple stores:


I have done some research on cell phone hacking and sounds like it is very easy to do, also I came across a post and with it in the comment section hackers were advertising there so I don’t think it’s ever safe .
If someone wants your info or access to your info they will get it.
The only thing to do to stay safe is not have a smart phone or wifi…

Russconte – thank you so much!


Thanks, Donna! Here is one other very easy way to get rid of spyware – and you can do this for free yourself. In short, you do this by connecting your iPhone to your desktop computer and then restoring the iPhone.

Here are the steps:

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer using the cable that came with your phone.
2. Turn your iPhone on.
3. Open iTunes
4. Click on your iPhone in iTunes
5. Click the button that says “Restore iPhone…”
6. Your iPhone will restart and you’ll have a choice of restoring from a backup (bad idea if your phone has spyware) or as a new phone (a good idea if your phone has spyware). Your iPhone will be un-jailbroken if you do this.
7. Disconnect your iPhone from the cable, it’s basically brand new. All spyware has been removed, and that’s a very good thing 🙂


Lead a really boring life and you won’t attract stalkers or bad people. Be boring.
I do…no one…but NO one is interested in my life.


Soconfused…here is another article for you to read.


KeepingOn, here is an article for your the read on computer stalking…for more just do a search up at the top right here on love fraud with the words “computer stalking”

Also check the back of your tv to see if a device was put on your tv (where the plug is located to the wall) I saw this on the news…the news segment was showing how a landlord was walking his renters through there tv. This might be why you don’t want to sit in your living room.


There are also stranger cyberstalkers. I read that Kris Jenner was cyberstalked by a woman. The woman was charged, released, recharged and rereleased. I wonder why she was not tried, convicted and jailed.

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