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Divorcing a Narcissist: Tina Swithin, author of, offers “Advice from the Battlefield”

If you married someone whom you now believe is a narcissist, and you are divorcing, know this: You are headed for a really rough ride, especially if you have children with this person.

Tina Swithin, founder of and author of the Divorcing a Narcissist series, has been there. She endured her ex-husband’s smear campaign, court officials who didn’t understand personality disorders, and two custody evaluations. It took years, but she finally succeeded protecting her children and is living in peace. Now, she coaches men and women who are facing their own divorces and custody battles with narcissists.

Next month, Tina will present a webinar for Lovefraud Education:

Divorcing a Narcissist: Advice from the Battlefield
January 10, 2017 • 8-9 PM ET • $25

In this webinar, Tina shares what she learned about prevailing on the divorce battlefield. She explains the basics of narcissistic personality disorder, how the narcissist creates a high-conflict divorce, and the narcissist’s ultimate objective.

Tina tells you how to get organized for court, how to prepare emotionally, and how to comport yourself in the courtroom. She offers tips for communicating with your former partner without becoming unglued, and strategies to make the narcissist reveal his or her true nature in front of the judge.

Perhaps most importantly, Tina teaches you how to compartmentalize the madness, so you can still enjoy the blessings of your life.

As Tina says, education is power. To take back your power, join the webinar.

Divorcing a Narcissist: Advice from the Battlefield


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Brigitte Knowles

Thank you for this advice. I sat in court and looked away from my ex at the wall the whole time. No contact also means no eye contact. I let my attorney do the talking and I simply did not engage in the event. It was the only way to survive. The judge saw right through him because he was a well known criminal with an enterprise by which he stole money and assets from women for a living. No woman was ever successful in getting him arrested because he was in witness protection. When you decide you want to live at any point, you must make an irreversible path to freedom which means get the best therapist and lawyer and let them do the job of communicating with him. Under no circumstances should you let your ears hear his voice. Don’t underestimate the power of the predator. He wanted a divorce. He counted on getting my assets. I annulled the marriage so that there was no obligation or any sharing of anything but painful memories. In my book The One That Got Away, I described the fortunate manner in which I recognized that I had been the choice of a predator who saw my worth and wanted it all for him. The sense of entitlement that he had signaled to me that I was in danger. My life was worth more than any fantasy that he had planted in my head. Many women walk away with nothing but their lives. Those are the lucky ones.


my abuser NEVER came to ANY court hearings of ours, not one time. His lawyer and mine came to court, but NEVER him. I was told to get a restraining order on my own, but the judge refused. My lawyer got one for one for the duration of the divorce proceedings. Never did have any attempted contact from him, once the order was served. HIS lawyer had him put under financial guardianship (which Im sure, he hated with every beat of his heart). On the day, of final proceedings, he was in the courthouse, but as his lawyer told the judge ” he was too upset, broken hearted !? to be there in person! When the order of decree was pronounced from the bench, I did see my (now ex) briefly. I had nothing to say, I was too afraid to speak. He did give a check to the Court Clerk “in good faith”. And that was that. I was fully paid, in due time, the monies owed me, per the divorce decree.

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