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Doctor sentenced after leaving python in her estranged husband’s bedroom

Dr. Mary Kay Brewster

Dr. Mary Kay Brewster

Dr. Mary Kay Brewster, of Salinas, California, was sentenced last week to 150 days in jail for stalking her estranged husband and his alleged mistress.

Brewster was convicted in November of harassing her estranged husband with profane text and phone messages. She also left a three- to four-foot-long python and three rats in his bedroom. She also harassed the alleged mistress, including poisoning her plants.

Putting a python in bedroom: Monterey doctor sentenced for stalking estranged husband, on

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Gosh, with a vindictive horror show like that for a wife, no wonder her poor husband was driven to find comfort in the arms of a sympathetic mistress!


That was just a baby snake. I bet he deserved every bit of it and more.


It was probably a ball python, which is harmless. Dang! Why can’t I – the snake lover – ever find a ball python in my house? They are adorable.


Lol Stargazer, I agree with you snakes of all kinds are adorable creatures & very misunderstood. When I was doing my wildlife keeper studies, the snakes were the most dreaded animal to work with by the other students. I of course loved them 🙂



Not to go off on a tangent from the main point of the article, but the media really sensationalizes snakes to the point of instigating hysteria. A 3-4 foot python is relatively harmless and considered a good find if someone in the reptile community were to find one in their home. I hope she at least left it in its enclosure and didn’t leave it to die roaming around the house without a heat source. Poor snake.

And in the snake world, there is nothing cuter than a baby boa constrictor or any kind of ball python.


I agree poor snake. Hope it finds a good home.


Quote: “Dang! Why can’t I ”“ the snake lover ”“ ever find a ball python in my house? They are adorable.”

Hey, Stargazer, as far as you had any bad relationships with any abusers in the past, I guess the only explanation I can offer is that you must have beeing hooking up with the WRONG KIND of ABUSER! If only you’d found the kind of dumbass “bad guy” who WOULD put a ball python in your house, being too stupid to realize how much you love them! 😉 Wouldn’t that be something to wish for?

As for the rats, I’ll bet you’d love those too! 😉 Let’s admit it, rats can also be cute pets. That’s as long as they’re not the giant kind that crawls right up out of the sewer into your bathroom toilet, bringing God-knows-what revolting infections with them!

Gotta watch those snakes though. They’re not all harmless. What this article put me in mind of was the Sherlock Holmes tale “The Speckled Band.” That villain’s name was Roylott, if I remember correctly, and a thoroughly evil fellow he was too. But of course he got his comeuppance—in exactly the way he deserved! Anyone interested can read this classic story, courtesy of Wikipedia, written 124 years ago and still (unlike so much stuffy Victorian prose) every bit as lively and readable as any modern novel:

The Adventure of the Speckled Band

So you’re living in Costa Rica now, is that right? Wow! Moving “south” from Denver is one thing. Moving that far south is quite another! Well, I’m glad to hear you seem to have found a good relationship at last! And may you have a happy life dancing your way all over Central America!

“…And I’ll dance out me days drinkin’ whiskey galore
Singing bainne na mbó is an gamhna
And the juice of the barley for me!”

(With apologies to the Clancy Brothers)


Hi Redwald, no I’m not living in Costa Rica – but I’m looking to move south of Denver. 🙂 I have not given up on the overseas thing, but for now just traveling. (Going to Cuba in a week).

I don’t think you were around when I first came to this site but the sociopath I dated was a huge snake enthusiast. In fact, I met him on my reptile internet forum, which was my entire social life back then. He came over for the first time to meet me and my two boas. One of them bit him in the face very unexpectedly. It never happened after that. It was probably a sign. When a snake does not like the person you are dating, watch out!

And yes, rats and mice are adorable too. Gotta say.


Snakes and rats may be “cute”, I suppose, but having bodily fluids flicked at one’s self by a sociopathic doctor is definitely NOT CUTE. I hope this woman does prison time.


Oh, she’s doing 150 days in jail plus probation. I was so horrified by this person’s crimes that I missed that detail. I hope she gets her doctor’s license permanently revoked.


oh my !


Maybe – just maybe – she’s a normal woman reacting badly to her partner having an affair. And maybe – who knows? – her partner is actually a P. And we all know the confusion and seeming insanity they cause. Certainly her family love her. She doesn’t sound like a P to me.


I think way too many times the victim of a psychopath gets accused of being the psychopath because he drove her to her wits end.


I haven’t read the whole story, so I don’t know if she is the one who is the psychopath or if she just snapped from being in a relationship with one. My first thought, however, was in how the media is making the big bad ball python out to be some sort of evil death trap. Really, it is a very harmless and docile animal that many people keep as pets. They typically just hang around your neck or curl up in your hand. I know many people who have ball pythons and I’ve handled many of them myself. They don’t grow past 4 feet, and this is not large enough to be a danger to anyone or even a cat or dog. Maybe the snake was the husband’s and she was returning it. We don’t even know if the snake was in a cage or not. If it wasn’t, the worse thing that will happen is that the snake will crawl into a hiding place and hibernate or die. No one will get killed by it. You are more likely to get bit by a chihuahua than a ball python. But that wouldn’t be an exciting story if she brought a dog over to his house with its food! If the snake did bite, there would be a sting for 2 seconds and some blood. After that, you pour a little betadyne or peroxide on it and put a bandaid over the tiny puncture marks. The next day you will hardly even notice it. It really really irritates me when the media sensationalizes snakes. Whatever else this lady has allegedly done that is so psychopathic, putting a ball python in someone’s house would not be something anyone would ever have to fear except out of compassion for the snake. Would have been different if it had been a cobra or a gaboon viper, or an anaconda. As a snake owner, I’m just setting the record straight. I get so incensed with all the vilification of snakes, especially the harmless ones. And do we know where the rats are? The snakes eat rats. For all we know, she returned her husband’s pet snake with its food supply. So what?


I wanted to add – because it just now occurred to me that this is not obvious to everyone – ball pythons eat rats, so the rats were likely the snake’s next 3 meals. Responsible snake owners feed frozen thawed whenever possible (this is what I do with my boa). However, ball pythons are notorious for going off feed, and often times they need to be fed live rats. That is one of the reasons I don’t own one – I don’t like to feed live animals and watch them die a barbaric death. But with all this excitement, it is altogether possible that she was just returning the guy’s pet snake and its food supply. Maybe she didn’t want them in her house. Who knows the real story?

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