Documentary exposes rape in the military

A new documentary sheds light on the military’s biggest cover-up—the rampant sexual assault of both female and male service members. One frightening statistic: Women who’ve been sexually abused in military service have a higher incidence of PTSD than men who’ve been in combat.

Read Ending military rape: The crusade of “The Invisible War,” on Salon.com.

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Most people who enlist make that choice as a last resort – they have no prospects of a “future,” and Recruiters are VERY good at promising false assurances and bonus options.

Commissioned Officers are given an education in trade for a commitment of several years service. During that time, health care, housing, and other prestigious perks are provided with a VERY healthy and steady paycheck.

The Coast Guard is probably the least evil of all, as those men and women put their lives on the line to save others – but the USCG is also involed in law enforcement.


I read an interesting study on psychopaths in the military during war…..somewhere on the internet….about three years ago, just as I was getting familiar with LF….can’t cite or quote guys, sorry, but the onus was this:
Psychopaths are the first to rush in when it’s time to kill the enemy, but the empathic others, beside them, are the first to rush in to save a fallen brother. The psychopath isn’t as gung-ho over risking his ass to RESCUE a buddy.
Does that surprise anybody?

Truthspeak, Yeah, I know. The first 5 years I was married to my XN was spent on reqruiting duty. The prospects and new reqruites were lovingly referred to as, “bodies”.

There was a conviction of a Texas Air Force instructor for rape.


His defense lawyers are saying that all they have is a lot of stories and no physical evidence (DNA.)

G1S, that’s why so many victims never report – they’re re-victimized. UGH.

Well, thank GOODNESS there was a conviction!!!!


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