Donna Andersen and Dr. Liane Leedom present research at psychopathy conference


Dr. Liane Leedom and I spent last weekend, May 19-21, at the 4th Biennial Meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy in Montreal, Canada.

Approximately 200 people were at the conference, including the biggest names in psychopathy research: Robert Hare, Paul Babiak, Paul J. Frick, Kent Kiehl, David Kosson, Joseph Newman, Christopher J. Patrick, and many, many more. Also in attendance were graduate students and researchers from all over the world—nine different countries were represented.

It was an opportunity to learn about the latest research going on in the field. A total of 46 researchers made 15-minute oral presentations of their work. An additional 91 groups of researchers presented their work on posters.

Dr. Leedom and I were among those presenting in poster form. We summarized the findings of the survey we did last year in response to the request for public feedback on the draft of the new American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5). (See Lovefraud’s comment about sociopaths for the DSM-5.)

I designed a poster, 6 feet long and 3 feet tall, which briefly described the survey, the findings, and the conclusions that we drew. The title of the poster: When Psychopaths Say “I Love You.” Dr. Leedom also presented another poster on Familial Attachments and Parenting Behavior of Psychopathic Individuals. Our posters were displayed right next to each other, and as people came around to look at them, we explained what we learned.

The reaction to our work was very positive. The majority of research in the field is done either on college students or prisoners. The information that Lovefraud readers provided about their relationships with disordered individuals is highly unusual, and very important. Thank you to everyone who participated.

I also designed a tri-fold brochure version of the poster information. If you’d like to take a look at what we presented, you can download a pdf of either the poster or the brochure. Don’t worry, the poster pdf will scale down to fit on your computer monitor. If you’d like a printed version of the brochure, just send an email with your mailing address to [email protected].

When Psychopaths Say “I Love You” poster

When Psychopaths Say “I Love You” brochure



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Ox Drover;

One of this site’s biggest help to me was to get a real understanding of manipulative behavior. At the time, I thought these things were just manifestations of a “quirky” personality.

Now I realize these odd moments were highly manipulative means of avoiding truth and gain control over me, as I was invariably put on the defensive.

Looking back, I never saw such behavior in anyone else I ever met and is a hallmark of sociopaths.

BBE you had a thankfully!!! very short association with a predator who fortunately did not sink his fangs into your neck, but you have had a “shot at and missed, shit at and hit” episode where you realized you have DODGED A VERY CLOSE BULLET.

I am so glad for you that in the depleted state you were in at the time he did not latch on to you like an eagle on a rabbit! It was for sure and certain a “learning moment” in your life.

Many others have had much “worse” encounters in many ways, but ANY encounter with these people, and especially when you realize HOW CLOSE TO A DEATH CLUTCH you got, is traumatic.

I am glad that you have learned so much from this encounter, not only about the predators out there but about yourself and your own vulnerabilities as well. That’s what LF is all about. I’m glad that you didn’t go down in physical and emotional flames into a pile of ashes from which you were not able to arise. TOWANDA.


I agree that for whatever reasons he decided to let go were fortunate for me and I could have found myself in a much more serious situation, especially if I am correct regarding him being HIV+.


Glad you got away. Did you see my other post where I answered your question about the DUI?


Yes and I did reply. I believe he was testing you with the DUI revelation.

Louise. Mine had a driving ban (before he met me) and when he was driving again he said he would not drink and drive, but he did (no surprises there!). And when I said what will you do when you ‘lose’ your licence and he said that he would continue to drive anyway!


Yep, they seem to be all the same when it comes to drinking and driving. Sad.


Yes, I answered you back on that one about the DUI.

The postcard and brochures are great. Did the polls ever ask about the sociopath’s profession? My was a flight attendant and it does seem that professions that require extensive travel are ideal for sociopaths.

Donna, I can not find a contact # or email for you. I need help.

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