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Dr. Robert Hare compares psychopathic traits to corporations

Dr. Robert Hare developed the Psychopathy Checklist Revised (PCL-R), which is the usually instrument used by researchers to evaluate a person’s level of disorder. In this video, he explains the traits of a psychopath, and compares them to corporate behaviors.


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I learned a lesson this past June when I applied to refi my house with one of the global corporations well known to all of us. I began to see their practices as crooked and backed out of the application process 4 weeks into it. Among the things they did
(which my ex-husband did as well) were: demanding faxed paperwork and stating they ‘lost’ it and demanding a resubmission, calling at all hours of the day soliciting more personal information, suddenly changing the terms of the refi and closing costs, sending an impaired (drunk) appraiser out to my house, never any apology, telling me I’d have to pay for yet another appraisal. Yes, they acted in many ways similar to the ex-husband… very sociopathic and interested in the bottom line of greed and profit. Lesson learned. I’ll not go that route again.


Speaking as an amateur, but very familiar with psychotic behavior, I would like to add that I find psychotic traits in most positions of power. For example, in politics, in the legal, judicial and law enforcement system, among doctors, administrators etc. It is a growing psychological condition , especially in a capitalistic society where power and monetary goals are sought over morality.

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