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Facebook, bigamy and kidnapping

Lynn France typed the name of the woman she suspected was having an affair with her husband into Facebook. Not only did she find her, but she found that the woman and her husband had gotten married at Walt Disney World—a wedding photo album was posted right there on Facebook.

John France—the husband—doesn’t deny that he is remarried. But he insists that he was never married to Lynn in the first place, even though they had a wedding ceremony in Italy, lived together and had two children.

Then three months ago, John France kidnapped the couple’s two children and took them to Florida, where he lives with his new wife.

Read On Facebook, wife learns of husband’s second wedding on Yahoo News.

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

Watch Lynn France’s appearance on the Today Show.

Watch John France’s appearance on the Today Show.

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Ox Drover

I had seen snippets of something about this on the news but not the details. OMG!!! This poor woman has been raped, body, mind and soul, to say nothing of having her children stolen!

What a prince she was married to…prince of darkness, child of satan! And oh, how psychopathic he sounds with his EXCUSES! May the fleas of 1000 camels inhabit his armpits …..

Dani S

My heart goes out to Lynn France! That poor women, deep in the throws of spath madness.

A spath’s cruelty on innocent people always astounds me. He may have taken the children to punish her for outing him.

I prey he gets the ultimate punishment, loneliness!

Other than the kids being taken from there mother, I also feel for the new “wife” I get so angry at the crap I believed, when it was so obvious to everyone else. She is just another Conned soon to be victim in all this as well.

To be done over the way Lynn has and then to loose her babies at a time when she would need them most is beyond words. Hopefully her legal team will expose this man quickly and he looses everything!


That poor woman/women was/were horribly Gaslighted.

How can he just get away with that? I can’t imagine that creep telling her with a straight face that they were never married, and just going back home to the new wife…

Then he kidnaps the kids??? Just once I’d like for the spath’s victim to be like Ingrid Bergman at the end of the movie and back-spath/Gaslight the daylights out of the creep!!!

And what is the purpose of taking the kids? Talk about deceptive… he “reconciled” long enough to screw her over again??? If they were never “married”, can’t she say that she never had kids with him?

Enter Ingrid, in a deranged voice, looking confused: “Kids, I don’t see any kids…We were never married… We didn’t sleep together…We never had any kids… How can you take the kids if we didn’t have any kids… They must be somebody else’s kids…You must be out of your mind…”

Enter the police. They arrest him for kidnapping “someone else’s kids”… I’m venting… so unfair and heartbreaking.

Ox Drover

Guys, there is no way to punish him, he has NO SHAME.

It is Lynn’s fault after all, she should have never married him in the first place, and they weren’t really married after all, so what’s he done wrong in the first place? Gosh, you guys just don’t have a sense of what is right and wrong. (Psychopath’s playbook page 201, paragraph 14.)


OMG – AREN’T THESE SOCIOPATHS AMAZING DEVILS? I just was watching this crap – the LACK of EMPATHY is AMAZING!!!

This poor woman looked like she was about to crumble, when Katie asked her about taking the Socio back the first time, against her lawyer’s advice – only to have her kids KIDNAPPED by this soulless husk of a human being.

Goes to show – fool me once, shame on you. But, fool me twice. SHAME ON ME…!


And, they got married in a huge church in front of GOD??? HELLO? But, because of a “clerical” error – they were never, ever married.


My gosh, these sociopaths are twisted, ill, evil, low-life scumbags!

one/joy_step_at_a_time is mentioned in the article. check is out.

Ox Drover

Dear Purewater,

Of course they are AMAZING! It is amazing what they can do to others because they have NO conscience.

Who else but a PSYCHOPATH could be “married” to and live with and have children with one woman and sneak off and “marry” someone else and when he got caught on FB say, “Oh, well I really wasn’t legally married to you so I didn’t do anything WRONG?” NO ONE but a psychopath would think such an “excuse” would work.

(Psychopath’s play book, page 21!: Tell any lie even if it is obvious to everyone else that it is a fabrication. If you tell it enough times, someone will believe it.)



“(Psychopath’s play book, page 21!: Tell any lie even if it is obvious to everyone else that it is a fabrication. If you tell it enough times, someone will believe it.)

And – THAT IS SO TRUE!!! So many people WILL believe this stuff if the psychopath says it enough times, with a straight face, calm charming manner!

Makes me sick.


Did you notice too how the socio’s implying the mother has “issues” and is an unfit mother? Covert way to capitalize on her verging on an emotional breakdown? I think not – at least, to me.

Ox Drover

Dear Purewater,

That is what THEY DO, they tell enough lies that you know are LIES, and tell them with a straight face, and you are worried to death about your kids welfare and YOU come off looking like the NUTJOB and HE comes off looking okay.

How many of you here have been accused of being “crazy”-=–okay, let me see, 100% of us….

How many of you have thought you were becoming crazy—raise your hands, okay that’s 99% of us….

How many of you thought that no one in the world would believe you but everyone believed him/her/it when they told the wildest lies about you? Okay, I see by a show of hands that is 98% of us…

And I could go on down the line, and I think regardless of the question, about 90+ percent of us would have had the same things….they are so much alike in some ways that we have joked here for years that there is only ONE male p and one female P and they are dating all of us. LOL If that weren’t so true it would almost be funny. They do act like they get their moves out of a PLAYBOOK, or have the same life COACH.

Hey, Dancing warrior, our resident bigamist’s wife, where are you when another victim needs you to hold her hand?

Yea, this poor woman may feel like she is crazy, but you know what, her circumstances are so CRAZY that hopefully a judge will see the light and after the kidnapping incident that give the man no visitation rights to the kids. We know he isn’t going to pay any child support, but I think he took the kids because he wanted to hurt the previous victim in her most vulnerable spot.

I shake my head and when I think I have “seen it all” I find another one that is “worse”—he may not have killed her and cut up her body into little pieces, or buried her in the desert, but bless her heart, he has stabbed her soul and raped it. I pray that God will hold her in the palm of his hand!


Hello all,

I’ve been reading Lovefraud for about a year or so…I only wish I had known about spaths 15 years ago! I feel right at home here; my ex-husband just about did drive me crazy, and actually tried to get me committed. Lied to all about how crazy I was, that I was cheating (when he was the cheating one–even bringing women home to our bed). I ended up with PTSD and depression. My three kids lived this nightmare with me, and unfortunately, I lost one to suicide almost 4 years ago. I suspect he also had PTSD but it was undiagnosed. That loss will be with me for the rest of my life on this earth. I only wish I had left my ex sooner.

Now I am seeing spath qualities with one of my sisters, and I realize now how I ended up marrying the guy I did. Thankfully, I am states away from my sister, and have gone NC with her. I just moved states away from my ex, too, and hope that he is too busy with the woman he’s with now to bother me.

I didn’t know anything about spaths back when I was with him, but I learned the hard way. And yes, he has fooled lots of people. Thankfully, there are some who believed me. But his stories in our small town helped me to lose a job I had worked for over 5 years to get.

Many have asked why I don’t sue him, but the emotional cost to me would be pretty high, I’m afraid. I do want to write my story so that the TRUTH can come out,and I also hope that my story will help some other woman to get out before it’s too late.

Thanks for giving me a place to vent. So many people are ignorant of what we have lived through. It is a blessing to have Lovefraud here!

Ox Drover

Dear Annmarie56,

I’m glad you are here and sooo so very sorry about your daughter and the hell you and your children have been through. There are others here who have lost sibs and others to suicide through the years so you are not alone in that aspect either. ((((Hugs)))))

This is a wonderful place and I am glad that in spite of the PTSD you and doing well, have moved to a new place and starting over, also that you are NC with your sister as well. They do set us up to endure this kind of behavior as “normal” when it isn’t.

I am so glad too that you had the wisdom and courage to forego the suing him, the cost so many times is way more than it is worth even if we win…we lose.

God bless you and keep you safe and keep you in peace, and your children as well. LF is a blessing and success stories such as yours (and yes you ARE A SUCCESS STORY) will help and encourage others.

Frank Lee Speaking

Incredible! If this was in a movie people would laugh and call it unrealistic.

There are days (and I do not mean this to belittle victims) when I think that most sociopaths are performance artists. Their stunts are so off the scale they are almost beyond absurdity.

Frank Lee Speaking

Getting married at Disney…

Let me get this correct. Adults actually have their weddings performed by Mickey Mouse!

Imagine telling your kids “My mom and me were so serious about our relationship that we wanted it validated in the eyes of Donald Duck.” LOL! I am sorry, not to make fun of the victims of this story. But jeez.

I need to go lie down now. This is too much.

Frank Lee Speaking

Look at him. He is repulsive and he has a young pretty girl on his arm. I mean, I am no oil painting myself but he is just horrid to look at. Even the way he is dressed is tacky. No class, none.


I’m laughing Frank Lee at the thought of my marriage being performed by Mickey Mouse…or Donald Duck..but some marriages …that were witnessed by the pope or fantabulous priests ARE mickey mouse marriages because of the people involved…so the mickey mouse marriages are a tad more honest…
Laughing again…man he really is repulsive looking!! ha ha ha oh I’m so glad I’m not on his arm…or any arm…I have my own arms…hee hee..look at the big Hollywood head on him…oh no …too much! but when I look back on the P …he is now repulsive to me…he kind of changed from Adonis into A total creep!!! it’s the person inside which makes a person truly attractive…Facebook…is all about the FACE which is the front, the facade…thanks for the educational laugh!

Frank Lee Speaking

Oh I agree. But there is just something so absurd about a “serious” wedding at Disney!

People are always “Grumpy” at weedings, but at Disney it is literal…LOL

And as for Dear John’s photo…so mush for sociopaths all being attractive.

I actually feel beautiful looking at his photo.

Frank Lee Speaking

Watching the video the new young wife has that sociopath smile with the teeth and not the eyes…

I love the line about “the wedding not being legal” – only a sociopath thinks like that. Can’t hold his hands up and say he got caught. Right out of the Psychopath Handbook.


I have just watched the tv piece where john and new wife are speaking….they sound so convincing…the old wife does sound a bit airy…(spaced out) but of course it could be gaslight spath crazy…what the hell is going on….what were her issues…the truth is not all in yet..he is insinuating she has issues and the kids are ‘not safe’ with her….and she knew about all this 2 years ago…and pulling a stunt because she is losing the court battle over the kids….and she has pulled stunts like this before….it’s incredibly cruel to a mother though…and did you hear him by mistake call his new wife his old wifes name! oh God what is the world coming to…it’s enough to drive a grown person insane.


Dear OxDrover,

Thank you for your kind words; they are very much appreciated. It is so nice to connect with others who have lived the kind of nightmare that I have. So many people think you must be crazy when you try to tell them your story. Well, I guess it IS crazy, but it’s because spaths are the crazy ones! Anyway, I do feel I need to someday write my story, as it may save someone somewhere from some of the pain I’ve endured. Losing my 21-year-old, sweet, sensitive son to suicide was the most devastating loss. I feel telling my story is one way that I can honor his memory and hopefully help others.

Thanks for being here!


I agree with you on this-your comments are funny. I was thinking he must have money, lots of money to have not one, but 2 or more beautiful women married to him. The new wife is in complete denial about that he loves only her. This never before married thing works for a lot of people especially Catholics. They don’t believe in divorce, so you can get an annullment from the Church saying you were never married. Then you can be married again legally by a priest. I know this stuff. Kris Aquino, the sister of President Benny Aquino is doing this now in a high profile case in the Philippines. When we got married my wife couldn’t be married by a priest because she had been married before with a divorce instead of getting an annullment. When the Church grants annullments it is because of technicalities, or by being paid lots of money to sign off on it.


What about the millions of people that get married by Elvis, or get their drive through certificate with a burger and fries in Vegas? Some of those marriages end up lasting. I guess you could be married anywhere by anyone even Donald Duck, but it is still up to the two people directly involved to make it work. It is too bad that there are lots of psychopaths and deceivers who never take it seriously to begin with even though they swear to before God and/ or Elvis.

Frank Lee Speaking

teacher123 says: “What about the millions of people that get married by Elvis, or get their drive through certificate with a burger and fries in Vegas?”

OMG! I need oxygen here. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!


on the local news tonite , some ditsy gal posted her every move on FB to here gazillion friends, said she and hubby were going to go out to dinner- when she came home house was bare – security camera got a pic of the robber – was one of her FB friends..duh…


teacher123 says:

“This never before married thing works for a lot of people especially Catholics. They don’t believe in divorce, so you can get an annullment from the Church saying you were never married”

‘annulment’=The Sacrament of Denial ~ Catholics are big on Denial Rituals…

hens, It just takes one evil moron to destroy what was once a nice idea…FaceBook is a lesson…ditzy gals need to learn…


Yes annulment. I should consult the dictionary/thesaurs? first. Teachers can misspell also, some more than others. But I could get started up about that denial and the Catholic Church thing- ok just one. They consider Mary a perpetual virgin which would mean she would have to have at least 6 other immaculate conceptions since Jesus’ four brothers are named in scripture and reference is made to sisters plural. (Matthew 13:55-56) This is why Jesus had such a hard time being believed in his home town. The people had been to “school” and church/temple with his family. They knew the family. Anyway this is explained away-denied by many in various ways to include that these were his cousins. The angel appeared to Joseph and told him not be afraid to take Mary to wife. This would be I believe using common sense way more to consider 2 people not ever having sex being married.
But yes denial seems to be a spath tool. This John France doesn’t deny his children-only the mother that gave birth to them. Interesting.


Yes…unless she is seriously ‘weird’ and unsafe…and that he could see this over the time they were married and realised the children were in danger….??

As for Catholic Church Power….mystification is the gaslighting…faith is the Trance induced state and the ritual of mass is the continual brainwashing in action…confession is for the total ownership of the person by using their secrets against them later in sermons etc…..I’m not a Spathologist but the Catholic church sure has alot of Spath methodology going on….I have liberated myself from that tyranny…on my death bed the last person I want near me is a priest whispering last rites…that would be to have been fooled from the cradle to the grave…out damn priest..out!


I saw the show where Lynn France appeared with her lawyer on the Today Show – my heart went out to her. The look on her face was revealing – she looked devastated (having had that same facial expression myself when the chit was hitting the fan). A couple of days later, her husband, John France, appears on the same show with his second wife. I listened to his version of events, not believing one word he spoke forth. Show me the divorce decree then I’ll believe that you have the right to marry a second time. He talked in circles, justifying his actions, appearing to be a heartless jerk. I hope that wife number one can manage to get her kids away from the husband and his second wife. Unfortunately, it will be an uphill battle for her (heartbreaking and time consuming).


Oh yeh, during his interview on the Today Show, the husband said that he’s no angel – gee, I guess not, instead, he’s the opposite, a devil. The second wife had better watch out – he’s showing his true colors and there’s probably more unpleasant experiences coming down the road (for her).

Dani S

Bullet proof! ” got your own arms” hehehe that cracked me up!

annmarie56! Blessings to you and sorry to hear of your terrible terrible loss……… I hope you find peace and a place you enjoy coming to, here on LF!

We have all suffered so profoundly.
You are an inspiration….. and thank you for sharing a little of your story!


I just watched the videos of Lynn France and John and Amanda France.

John France must be all of 4’11” tall, with shoes. Napoleon Complex? He looks like a Pug. Sorry, Pugs. And that lisp…Vomit.

The 38 year age difference between Amanda and John… While it can work for some, she needs to grow up a bit more to be credible. How many times can you say, “Um,” in one sentence? Vomit.

The fact that they can both sit there and say that they have not done anything…um… wrong…um…ever hear of …um…morals??? Vomit.

I predict that Amanda will be the one cheating within a year or two, and her fifteen minutes of fame will launch her into a hero/celebrity within three to four years. Vomit…

Just wait for the X-rated video! Vomit… Poo…

Dani S

Haha Sagee Girl, I haven’t seen it yet but I imagine that um Amanda is um just a puppet???
Umming alot certainly suggest someone that doesn’t really believe what they are saying!


Dani S, Yeah…um….right!!!!! I literally became nauseous watching them. I hope the Disney World Wedding was really just another fantasy. That will make it sooo much easier for him to marry then NEXT one! Remember Marla Maples usurping Mrs Trump #1? Then she was usurped by the NEXT one… who knows who the next one will be?

I seriously wonder what John France did before 2005? I mean, was he married a couple hundred times? Screw business partners out of money? Swindle old women out of fortunes?

Aaaggghhh… Purging… Doesn’t feel good yet… Poo…. Writing Poo is at least humorous! It does help!


my best friend G committed suicide when he was 21. annmarie56 – it wa the saddest thing that has ever happened in my life.

I go to visit his Mom sometimes, but it’s the saddest thing ever. She’s lovely but he’s forever 21 and all his friends are like ‘growing up’. U have my most sincere sympathies and best wishes. I wud do anything to have G back again – silly arse that he was at times.


Delta 1 xx

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