Father arrested in death of Prince McLeod Rams

Back in October, the Lovefraud community was shocked to learn that the toddler son of our own contributor, Cappuccino Queen, went to his father’s home for a court-ordered visitation and did not return. Today the child’s father, Joaquin Rams, was arrested for his murder.

Joaquin Rams arrested for allegedly killing Prince McLeod Rams, on

Dr. Liane Leedom will be posting about this case soon.

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I think the problem may have to do with persecution possibilities.

While not everybody agrees in the Belgian public with it, but someone can convicted here on circumstantial evidence…as long as the jury motivates their decision and declare the “evidence” convinced them, even if it’s circumstantial. No lawyer can appeal a verdict because it was based on circumstantial evidence. A confession to someone else years later thereby would be admissable.

2 years ago almost a Belgian woman got convicted of 1st degree murder, because the background story and some of her behaviour before and around the time was circumspect, along with being profiled a spath. She killed a female rival by sabotaging the parachute and the mother of 2 fell to her death.

Of course it’s also less risky to get a murder verdict here, since we don’t have capital punishment.

“circumstantial” evidence is actually more reliable than eye witness evidence which is why so many people are being proven INNOCENT by DNA evidence tested after they have been in prison for years.

Even confessions to others WITHOUT OTHER EVIDENCE is not worth much unless it is recorded. Travis vinning got his father to confess to some murders while he was wearing a recording device. (see the articles here about that)

So Marie, if he confessed to you, and those women are indeed dead or missing the cops still have to make a case…and just like Rams is SUSPECTED in the death of his GF and mother, they still have to Have OTHER EVIDENCE in order to charge or arrest someone. They are not going to charge someone on ONLY the word of you without a confession.

Time to move to Belguim! My spathy ex killed a man and for a very spathy reason. The man was using drugs with my exs then GF. The man allegedly tried to force her to have sex with him, so my ex took him out on one of the family boats and didnt come back with him. Yhe reason had nothing to do with the idea that the GF was shaken up. It was because spathy ex was outraged that this man knew that was spathys GF and how dare he disrespect him like that. Vomit worthy. Glad I got away, but sucks to still be dealing with the cluster Bs in my living situation.!!!

Dear Marie, GRAY ROCK, don’t feed the sharks! Hang in there! (((hugs)))

has anyone been reading her blog? she is such a beautiful human being!

Hera is a wonderful and strong person, I only know her by communicating via email and posting on her site. I suspected that the seizures her son was having could very well be from shaken baby syndrome and suggested his taking the child to the hopsital after doing so was munchausens by proxy….look at me I’m a wonderful parent all the while creating the symptoms the child was having. I find the most horrific part of her experience (which was recently disclosed) is that the doctor suspected her son was drowned by Luc by yet allowed him to visit in the hospital while trying to remove the healthy parent from his life. This is all so incredible, what about an immediate arrest? The system is so broken that people choose not to look beyond the nose on their face treating others the way they do by projecting fault on victims. A mother and a dying son once again traumatized as if she hadnt endured enough already. The truth shall prevail and I trust Luc will be spending the rest of his days in a jail cell with “bubba” as hera has suggested.


While I agree with the horrific treatment of Hera at the hospital, especially if the doctor already suspected drowning, there may have been reasons for not making an immediate arrest. In order to arrest someone for premidated murder, police and prosecution would want a lot of evidence. If they had done an immediate arrest, they might not have gotten the info for such an arrest, but manslaughter instead. After all: he brought Prince to the hospital, and could have gotten away with claiming it was accidental instead. Police does the investigation, prosecutor suggests what is possible and how far to go, court decides to warrant the police with the right to arrest someone.

Traumatized: In our criminal justice system at first it seems as though that is unjustly what it is
“Justice for the Criminal”. However there are procedures that must be followed; the slightest slip of one of these procedures and convictions are jeopardized. “Due Process” is the legal requirement that the state must respect all of the legal rights that are owed to a person. This comes in handy when someone is wrongfully accused. Unfortunately most Spaths are very familiar with the law and that is why they get away with so much! However, just like Rams; eventually… they dig their own grave. I believe I read somewhere that there are many inconsistencies with Ram’s story, there is no such thing as the perfect crime!

When a parent has learned that the other parent has taken out three life insurance policies on a child, he or she is in a better situation to warn medical staff that they can’t leave the policy holder alone with the child, because he or she may be there to try to finish what they tried to do.

Something has to change with laws about these policies.

After this case, the picture on the cover of Dr. Leedom’s book has become exponentially more chilling to me.

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