Father tries to protect his daughter from mother’s violence and mistreatment

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Editor’s note: Lovefraud received the following story from a dad whom we’ll call “Angelo.”

The mother of our daughter started off by trapping me, by saying she was on birth control when she actually was not.

We had major problems due to her chatting with other men online so I left her. She threatened to kill me and herself when I told her I was done.

I get a call from her about a month later, with her saying she was pregnant so I decided to give her another chance because of our soon-to-be-born daughter.

The mother continued to threaten suicide and have major extreme bipolar episodes. She threatened suicide so much that she wrote it down on paper and signed it. I later found a letter admitting everything to her parents.

I moved away from her due to her extreme behavior. She came to visit on 4th of July and during that visit she punched her other daughter in the face in front of all of us.

There is so much more to this story that it’s really hard for me to relive over and over.

Now since the court battle, the judge dismissed all of my actual evidence and witnesses, because he had a preconceived ideal about who this woman is. We have 50/50 custody.

During the week with her mother, my daughter is being mistreated, and told that if she tells, she will send mommy to jail.

The mother is also married to another man who has told my daughter on multiple occasions that he was going to hurt her daddy and that ghosts were going to come get her and lots of other instances.

Just recently, my daughter told all of us that the mother had made the new husband’s beard bloody and that they hit each other a lot.

She is not being fed breakfast at their house and during her week with the mother she, is not provided lunches for her school. She is losing weight and she is only 5 years old.

This has carried its weight all the way to her school. The teacher testified in court of my daughter breaking out in physical hives of the fear of the new husband and of going back to the mother’s house.

I continue to do everything in my power to help her and am constantly turned down. I get no help because I am a man and that is terribly wrong.

I have gotten turned down by almost everyone in this little town, and also got turned down by the pro bono program. We also have gotten no help from a foundation, now that they know who this woman is. The mother is on their board and because of that, we now no longer get any help from them.

She is a licensed social worker with a history of mental health issues.

This is real and is happening right now. My daughter is in danger.

She continues to alienate me from my daughter and uses my daughter as a bartering tool. This area is corrupt and my daughter is being forced to live in a violent environment against her will.

No one listens to the victim, which is my daughter, and it’s very shameful.


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Angelo – I am so sorry for your situation. Lovefraud has heard from many men who share your frustration and pain. I hope the situation turns around.



My most heartfelt sympathies for you and your little daughter. I think it is even harder for the greater public to accept psychopathic women than men even. So many stereotypes.

I had a step mother who was much as you described, but luckily my mother (who was not great fortune for me either, mind you) figured out what was what and kept me away from my natural father and his wife. She had to ‘disappear’ to make this happen, as the courts were of no help.

Know that there are folks here at Lovefraud who understand the dilemma you find yourself in, and are here for you. Many of them have children with disordered individuals (I do not). They may be a rich source of inspiration and support for you if you reach out to them.


Divorced from Gaslighter

Angelo — is there any way that you could work directly with the school, or with your daughter’s schoolteacher to provide her with breakfast and/or lunch on school days?

Obviously, the meal skipping is only one of a hundred problems you are dealing with, but it would mean everything to your daughter.

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