Paris terrorists and talking about evil

Charlie hebdo veiled

This cartoon says, “Charlie Hebdo must be veiled!”

Three Islamist terrorists shot dead 12 people at the Charlie Hebdo satire magazine in Paris, including four famous cartoonists.

The magazine was targeted because its cartoons supposedly defamed the Prophet Muhammad.

Actually, Charlie Hebdo was an equal-opportunity offender. The publication criticized anyone who deserved it.

In solidarity with Charlie Hebdo, which was among the few media outlets willing to draw attention to evil, Lovefraud has posted one of their cartoons. You can see more here:

These are the Charlie Hebdo cartoons that terrorists thought were worth killing over, on

And here are tributes drawn by other cartoonists from around the world:

Charlie Hebdo: Cartoonists pay tribute to fallen satirists, on

Breeding terrorists

After the Islamic terrorist killed 12 people at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris on January 7, 2015, another Islamic terrorist killed a French policewoman yesterday and two people in a kosher grocery store today. (The total number of dead hostages in the store was later updated to four.)

Two dead in new Paris siege: Gunman takes six hostages including woman and four children in kosher grocery — and police fear it is the same killer who killed policewoman yesterday, on

Cold-blooded murder is sociopathic behavior.

The terrorists may not have started out life as sociopaths. But the combination of disaffection with their lives and brainwashing by radical imams enables them to commit atrocious acts, and believe their actions are justified.

Inside the immigrant ghettoes where terror breeds: Concrete warren divided into ‘boxes’ houses 10,000 Muslims in grim Parisian enclave, on

But somewhere in the jihadist hierarchy, sociopaths rule. The leaders of Islamic terrorist organizations, the masterminds of terrorists plots, are more like cult leaders than prophets.

Cult leaders are sociopaths on steroids.

Speaking up about evil

The attack on Charlie Hebdo highlights a key sociopathic tactic: Silencing opposition.

This is a tactic that many Lovefraud readers have experienced. From the pedophile who subtly cajoles a kid with “don’t tell Mommy,” to the sociopathic spouse who launches a smear campaign so that the target won’t be believed, to the disordered business partner who files defamation lawsuits, sociopaths do everything they can to keep people quiet.

I hope this shocking assault on Charlie Hebdo and the city of Paris wakes people up. We need to recognize evil in all its forms and speak up about it.

In silence, evil thrives.


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Excellent Post! I have been thinking this too since this story started to unfold on the news yesterday. Our society is not educated on how easy it is for a sociopath to brain wash/mind control victims, how quickly this can happen nor how abundant sociopaths are in our society. If society knew how common sociopaths were they not only would be shocked but they would understand a tragic story like this one on a deeper level.

One thing that stands out with the boston bombers and this group of terrorist is the fact they all smoked pot. Wonder if this is part of the sociopaths cult leaders indoctrination process? Pimps/human traffickers push to get victims hooked on drugs so that they can control the victims much easier with a dependency hook preventing the victim from leaving.

May all the victims of this senseless terrorist act RIP.

(an excellent book on understand how your abuser/these cult leaders mind control is Freedom of Mind by Steven Hassan…he also has a site under Freedom of Mind Resource center with good videos on the subject)

jmmira, I think the world agrees with most of your view…but what Donna’s post is about is the fact there are psychopaths who are the leaders of these terrorist groups who are brain washing and mind controlling victims to do evil acts just like a domestic abuser does to their spouse/family. These terrorist psychopaths leaders want evil to happen.

This latest attack had nothing to do with a cartoon newspaper. It had everything to do with the fact the terrorist want attention. This terrorist organization is pushing for “lone wolfs” to harm others…this is how it has been done in the middle east very successfully too for many years. Sadly in the middle east or even in Africa a lone person straps bombs to their body then gets on a bus or goes to a market place on a popular shopping day. It’s now has spread to Western cities.

If you look at the last few western terrorist attacks with lone wolfs you will see that they do it for shock value….last few targets: A French Grocery store, Australia Chocolate shop, Boston Bombers at a marathon, Underwear bomber on aircraft. Newspaper etc.

Their targets are in populated location such as in a city of Paris, Boston or Sydney or on an airline where mass causality will occur but again they want the shock value.

In France the 3.7 million gathers want “Tolerance” and to “Live in peace” what they dont know is there will never be peace unless the psychopaths of this world are gathered up and put into jail for life. Also our society does not know that psychopaths literally brain washing and mind control their target victims…some psychopaths can brain wash someone within mins or days. So there must be education on how to spot a psychopath by the governments around the world…but that wont happen because most of the top politicians are narcissist or psychopaths themselves.

What we find horrific acts of terrorism, a psychopath finds joyful. Psychopaths brains are literally hardwired differently then a normal human’s brain.

Steven Hassan of Freedom of Mind Resource Center is a cult expert has many post on his facebook page about how these terrorist leaders are brain washing their victims. Steven Hassan has been on terrorist European Conferences educating Governments around the world on how these leaders brain wash people into leaving their town/life to go to these terrorist groups.

I agrew to a point. While I don’t like abusive language and derogatory behavior either, it is their right. Who are you or I or anyone to draw that line. Yes it may be irresponsible but it isn’t something they should die for. I agree with Jan 7. It’s about shock value and fear. That is why they are terrorists.

These people were MURDERED by psychopaths. Psychopaths still murder all kinds of people, even those who have never insulted them. That’s what murdering psychopaths do.

I was impressed by the Millions of peoples of Paris, of France, of Europe who stood and condemned that psychopaths are NOT going to be allowed to control France.

So our society should only use kind words towards the terrorist?

Terrorist, domestic abusers, pimps, cult leaders, dictators, drug dealers (all psychopaths) want the “good” people of this world to watch what they say…these evil people do not want the good people of this world to think for themselves, they do not want the good people to join forces instead they want the good people to become isolated and silenced with fear. In this latest terrorist attack the evil people have lost their fear control, the good people have stood up and said enough! This is powerful.

Your point is every valid when dealing with good people that saying the wrong things towards other good people but when it comes to terrorist or other abusers you must speak the truth, you must not be censored out of fear, you must stand with others, you must not be isolated & silenced because of fear otherwise the evil people mentally, emotionally & verbally control you & others.

The cover of the magazine that Donna has posted has a picture of a Catholic Priest, my religion but I am not offended what so ever. Why? because that is their opinion and I have mine. So why are these terrorist upset? because they are so brain washed by their psychopath leader that they can not think for themselves or see that it is ok to have a different opinion.

But again it really has nothing to do about the newspaper expressing their opinion or freedom of speech….it has to do with all psychopaths want to install fear, they want to control others, they want others to be puppets for them to be the puppet master…they love to see good people emotional broken down. Dont focus on the fact they target that newspaper focus on the fact they are killing innocent people in the western world for pure joy just like they have been doing in the middle east & Africa for years and years…these evil people do not care what their target is, they only care that people will be killed and the news will report it for them to watch with joy at the horrific events they did to good people.

The best thing you can do is teach your son how to spot a dangerous person…did you know that 1 in 25 people mainly men are psychopaths? YES!! 1 in 25 people!!! Experts believe that we have at least one of these evil people in our circle of family/friends/coworkers and that we meet one in passing everyday…that is scary. But our society thanks to people like Oprah have said “ahh you have to get along with everyone”…well guess what psychopaths love this outlook because they can now sucker everyone into their evil con game. Teach your son how to truly survive in this world by educating him that it is ok not to get along with others that have different views, it is ok to not be friends with everyone, it’s ok to cut bad people out of your life if they do not treat him with respect & kindness and are toxic. That is more important then teaching your son to be silenced by bitting his tongue to get alone with others.

Jmmira, I am not really sure why you have found your way to Lovefraud it’s very complexing to say the least and your post is very abusive and toxic. So I will end the conversation here.

It has come to pass, my warnings in 2009, of the sociopathic culture of Islam. My love affair with an American grown Muslim male, which began as an exotic flight on a magic carpet, ended with the realization that “they do want to kill you.” The Muslim Romance Trilogy of which writing Part 3 is a struggle for me seems to grow longer each and every day, as more and more acts of insane, barbaric torture continues to terrorize us. But it must come to conclusion, as I have found closure, and would really like to get back to gardening, sewing, auditioning, walking, and laughing!
Do not date a Middle Eastern Man!
Off to watch a silly old movie.

Juliet Montague

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