Stalking Q&A

How do you know if you’re being stalked? If you are, what should you do?

The LadyLux website recently posted advice for women on stalking. The website interviewed four experts, including Brad Robinson, a former CIA agent who is a private investigator and a member of the Lovefraud Professional Resources Guide.

Here are some of the questions they addressed:

  • How can a woman tell if she is being stalked?
  • Is a stalker typically someone she knows, or a stranger?
  • What should a woman do if she suspects she has a stalker?
  • When should she contact the authorities?

For the answers, and more information, read:

Stalking: Are you a victim? on




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That was a good article. A couple of additions, though.

If a stalker is calling you often and keeps using different numbers to thwart you from blocking calls, don’t disconnect your phone. Get a second phone with a different number. Be careful who you give the new number to and make sure they won’t give it out to anyone, ever. When you disconnect a phone, the stalker knows to start looking for your new number. Eventually, the stalker may suspect you have a new number, but this will buy you some time.

I never put my trash out on the curb until just before the truck comes down my street. Once your trash is at the curb, anyone can legally go through it and even take it. A stalker wants to know everything about you including what you had for dinner last night and what went through your shredder. Arrange to throw your trash out somewhere else.

The article said to tell a family member about the situation. Tell as many people as you’re comfortable with. The more people who know, the better. And document, document, document.

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