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FBI asks for help in finding 240 teen sextortion victims of Lucas Michael Chansler

Lucas Michael Chansler threatened and blackmailed 350 teenaged girls into sending them explicit images of themselves, eventually collecting 80,000 images and videos of child pornography.

Chansler, 31, of Julington Creek, Florida, pretended to be a 15-year-old skateboarding boy when the contacted the girls. He is now serving 105 years in a federal prison for his crimes. But many of his victims remain unidentified.

So the FBI is asking the public’s help in identifying additional victims. His screen names included “HELLOthere” and “goodlookingguy313.”

If you have information that may help identify victims of Lucas Chansler or believe you may have been victimized by him you can complete a confidential questionnaire or email [email protected] You can also call the FBI Jacksonville Field Office at 904-248-7000.

Local man extorted hundreds of teen girls for sexual photos, on

Sextortion help us locate additional victims of an online predator, on

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I hope elementary schools start educating children of the dangers of potential predators out there. Kids are online now almost from the time they can talk, and not always with parental supervision.

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