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Fraudulent love syndicate in Malaysia pulls in $68,955

facebookFive Nigerian students between the ages of 25 and 34, attending a private college in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, plus another girl local to Sungai Buloh, were arrested for operating a fraudulent dating syndicate on Facebook for the past six months.

The suspects formed relationships with the victims and then requested that the victims transfer money into the suspects’ accounts. So far, the syndicate has collected a total of RM 223,000 (US$68,955).

Local Girl Involved In FB Love Fraud, from Malaysian

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Nigerians AGAIN! Why is it ALWAYS Nigerians? Even there in Malaysia—not just a different country but a different continent—it’s STILL Nigerians pulling these scams—and corrupting the locals to boot! It’s never Ghanaians or Togolese or Ugandans. It’s always Nigerians! All right, I know Nigeria has more people than any other African country, but that still doesn’t account for the absolute monopoly Nigerians seem to have in this field. Besides, if numbers were all it was about, then Brazilians and Indonesians and Bangladeshis, among others, should also be major players in this game. But they’re not; it’s always Nigerians! Do you think there’s an International School for Scammers in Lagos or somewhere that keeps churning out these trained conmen?

This gang had the nerve to try their antics in Malaysia, where I’ve no doubt the authorities are much stricter about this sort of thing than they are in Nigeria. Mind you, they won’t hang this crew as they do for drug offenses; but I wonder if they’ll get the rotan?

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