French to introduce law banning psychological abuse

Those of us who have been psychologically abused by sociopaths—whether we’re male or female, and whether the abuser is male or female—know that the abuse should be criminal. It appears that in France, it just may happen.

A Lovefraud reader sent me a link to an interesting story in Time Magazine. Legislators from France’s ruling party are expected to introduce a bill that would outlaw “conjugal abuse of a psychological nature” in both married and unmarried relationships.

According to Time,

The legislation seeks to target the verbal and mental denigration, humiliation and manipulation that typically lead to physical abuse. The hope is that the bill will help prevent the emotional wounds that words often cause before a punch is ever thrown.

I hope the law gets passed. I hope it works. We’ll have to see what happens.

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French bid to ban marital abuse that’s psychological

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Yo, Oxy bodacious!

Since you said up yonder how good a cheerleader I am, I have a great cheer of my own to share with you—

“Rah-rah-ree, kick em in the knee!!
Rah-rah-ruts…kick em in the other knee!!”


Nicolaid, thank you for those links. The bullying site lead me to some other links and I’ve just ordered two books by Robert W. Fuller on abuse of rank and dignity for all.

Mike, this conversation is making it more and more clear why workplace issues belong here. Thanks for talking about what you’re going through.


@ JaneSmith
It’s ok, you don’t have to apologize. I must admit I made an undiplomatic entrance in the first place :-).


I cannot help but copy/paste and repost your comments. This is where I see no difference between as you say “you” and “us” — I share these same sentiments and feelings. I just could never put it together so straight and to the point. Other than saying things like “we need to recognize the postive and negative and strengths and weaknesses in different personalities and learn from all of them” everyone has something to offer in this world.

Anyway because your words really resonated with me I just have to post them again.

Autisticsouls/Mike wrote :

my main interest is to work towards more harmonious society. A more harmonious society means a more moral and ethical one. To get there education and understanding of human natures is crucial.

Interest in different personality types is due to recognizing all their different gifts to humanity as well as figuring out how to stabilize and stregthen their weaknesses. All personality types have stregths and weknesses and their own special gifts to share with the world.

The psychopath is the only one that seems void of anything good and true or to hold any positive elements that can ultimately serve society and humanity. Any contributions they make seem only superficial or short term. It is also the one personality that seems to keep our social evolution from getting to a better place. Stunting us all and holding us all back. All personality types may clash at times, but still can strive for a common goal and have good things to contribute to one another, all can be very complementry if nurtured and supported enough. But the psychpath, holds us all back, keeps us all prisoners. affects our ability to trust, keeps us defensive and wary, affects every area of society in a negative hold. It is a disease and cancer upon us all.



Yes, I most certainly did need to apologize to you even if it came about by the reproachful email from Donna.

I went overboard, angry in protective mode, disregarding your feelings and I was wrong.

Partaking of the humble pie is necessary and beneficial for me when I deserve it. Keeps me from putting on airs.

Also, if I’m going to continually announce to being a grown up, a full fledged adult, well…I should accept accountability for any wrong doings, mean words and actions I commit.

I will never reach that special place of true emotional, psychological and spiritual growth and enrichment I am seeking if I behave less than what the Lord wishes for me.

So, I will strive from here on to treat others as I would have them treat me.

Doesn’t mean I’m going to allow the cluster Bs and the garden variety weirdos and freaks to have a go at me. Uh, no. Completely different ball game with entirely different dynamics in that arena. Know what I’m saying?

Anyway, peace and joy and love to you.

OxDrover says:

Dear LTL,

Sometimes I will go lie on the couch to sleep- because it doesn’t feel so lonely to sleep alone when you are on a couch as it is not somewhere two people COULD sleep.

Oxy I wish I could give you a hug.
– I have spent so many months on the couch trying to come to terms with sleeping alone. I light a fire in the fireplace at the slightest hint of cold as it soothes me and I go to sleep reading – sometimes fully clothed I wake up in the same position I fell asleep.

I finally forced myself first to sleep with my children and then to move to my own bed. I’m there and it is not always easy.

I have just started to date someone but he lives an airplane ride away – which is better for me so I can take it real slow – as I fear my eagerness for the warm body will cause me to minimize things that should concern me.

Sending you wishes for a wonderful loving warm body to come into your life.

Dear Breckgirl,

That “need” and “desire” we have for a connectedness and a warm body does make us more vulnerable and in “long distance” relationships where you are only able to see the person in a “best light” when you are with them rarely or just talking on the phone can give us a false sense of their trustworthyness. So I suggest that you be VERY slow with this person and get to oknow them in a wide variety of situations, and I also suggest you get a BACK GROUND check on this individuall from a private investigator and follow up on it. It actually is very inexpensive $250 or so and you can get a list of where they have lived for their adult lives, any criminal convictions, etc. a list of their neighbors (you can call these people) and while that may sound “sneaky” it also will give you some idea about the character of this person and can compare their “stories” to what you know is the truth. If you met this person on-line, be doubly careful.

I hate to sound like a paranoid nut case, but I have found that not everyone presents the “real” them, and I know of quite a few cases (personally) of people who married con-people off the net. Better, I think to be cautious than “caught” again. I didn’t even meet my X-BF-P on the net,, but through an special interest group and had casually known him for 10 years before we started dating. But that did help me eventually get on to his tricks before I married him since some of the women in the group had gone with him when he was still married and I found out about that. By that time, though, I was head over heels for him and it ripped my needy little heart out.

I would love to have a man to snuggle with at night, but I would rather sleep with the dog than another psychopath. NO JOKE! At least I KNOW the dog loves me! LOL

This sounds good.

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