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From one university sex scandal to another

In December of 2012, a female Florida State freshman reported that she was sexually assaulted by James Winston, Heisman-Trophy winning quarterback of the Seminoles. Winston was never charged. The police claim it was due to lack of evidence, although a New York Times report says there was plenty, including DNA, witnesses, and a secretly recorded video of a portion of the incident. The incident did not become public until almost a full year later, in November of 2013.

Florida State did not say whether administration officials, including President Eric Barron, were aware of the accusations against Winston.

Penn State University, which endured the Jerry Sandusky scandal, in which the President Graham Spanier was indicted, has named Eric Barron as its new president.

Florida State case unneeded distraction for Penn State, from


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Seems like the US University school system shuffle College Presidents & Coaches around just like the Catholic Church did with their priest.

When I heard about this story on my local news channel I thought to myself he will get away with this rape…football in Florida is huge like all southern state…school rivalries (Florida State/Univ of Florida/ Univ of Miami) there was no way the Florida State University was going to let this victim tarnish their school football program the money side is too big…people are obsessed with these teams even going to the extent of painting their cars/vans with their school colors and sadly they will do anything to protect their favorite school even to the point of turning a blind eye to abuse. It’s liken to all of the people who blindly followed Hitler…you always have to be careful what band wagon you jump onto because it could lead you down a very evil path without you even knowing it until it’s too late.

It very sad to think about this girl, that at such a young age she was abused, an age that you are so excited to start your life then something like this happens changes your life for ever in a negative way and for her this becomes national news pouring more salt on her wounds but the absolute worst part is the fact her abuser was put on one of the biggest pedestals that could ever be built for him by the school officials/football program when there first priority is to protect the victim. So sad!

The fact is men will always protect another man…”guy code”…it takes a strong person to stand up to a abuser..but most of the time the abuser will masterfully manipulate others around him and in this case he hire one of the best PR firms to do his dirty work for him.

The only saving grace is he will slip up again and then the public will finally see the truth of who he really is and they will knock down his pedestal they built.

Brit Mae

Here in the UK our football players (soccer players) get away with rape at an alarming rate.
They’re treated like gods who can do no wrong.
They’re over-paid and an awful lot of them are arrogant as a result.
If I was a young woman out on the town and a footy player approached me I’d run like the wind. Maturity and hindsight are amazing. I worry about the lovely young girls out there who are dazzled by the wealth and athletic good looks of these guys who behave like this.
My wish is for a better justice system around the world.
The saying here ‘The Law is an Ass’ is proving correct, particularly when it comes to rape.

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