Genetic mutation plus alcohol leads to violence

A study of criminal offenders in Finland found a certain genetic mutation and alcohol consumption was associated with impulsive violence.

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Aprilshowers – you may find this site useful

‘Caring for someone with bipolar disorder can be overwhelming’.

‘Caring for someone with a psychiatric illness is especially hard for many reasons. Health care coverage is far more limited than for other illnesses. Just getting someone who is in a state of mania — even when psychotic — hospitalized and accurately diagnosed is a major accomplishment. ……..’

There is also a site which explains why you feel the need to self-harm and how you can empower yourself to overcome those feelings.

Not all of the information will apply to you but sift through it and take from it what you need.

Hope this helps.

thank you so much for the links and for your support. I am going to read them both now.
May 2011 bring you and Ox and everyone here a peaceful, self empowering year!!

God bless you

April xx

April Showers 🙂

I concur – NO CONTACT: That means:

Deleting his telephone number
Blocking FaceBook
Delete email address
No contact with his family or his friends

‘NO” is a complete sentence!

Stay Healthy – Stay Away!

Take the advice of this experienced group!

God speaks to you through other people – take his advice!

Be kind to yourself! 🙂

Peace and Blessings


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