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‘Hitting Home with Sarah Ferguson,’ a two-part documentary on domestic violence in Australia, airs Nov. 24 and 25

Isabella Cullen’s husband, Ben, hit her in the face as he held their child in his arms.

Wendy fled her ex-partner with her children. They had only the clothes they were wearing.

“Rachel’s” injuries are documented by a doctor who runs a forensic domestic violence service.

These are some of the stories included in “Hitting Home with Sarah Ferguson,” a documentary about the “epidemic” of domestic violence in Australia. It airs Tuesday, Nov. 24, and Wednesday, Nov. 25, on ABC in Australia.

As the women tell their stories, they describe the same behaviors we discuss here on Lovefraud every day. The stories are chilling.

Woman whose husband punched her until she was bleeding in the face as he held their one-year-old son in his other arm explains why she stayed with him for years, on

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