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How to protect yourself online

The Internet is now an integral part of our lives, so it’s important to know how to protect ourselves online.

The U.S.government has created a great website,, with all kinds of information on exactly how to do that. Lovefraud strongly recommends that you take a look at it watch the videos and read some articles with great tips for staying safe. Here are a few good ones:

Common online scams

Computer security

Using IP cameras safely

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I cannot begin to thank you enough for sharing this. I am a victim of electronic stalking. I refer to myself as a victim rather than a survivor of this kind of stalking because I am still picking up the pieces and discovering new ways my life had been compromised electronically, not to mention it’s been very expensive to undo the financial damage that had been done.

My ex was big on electronic gifts, including IP cameras. He stalked me using these gifts, even when we were together. People do not realize how connected we are through technology and the internet. It does not just happen in the movies. It can happen to anyone, especially when dealing with a tech savvy person who is determined and has bad intentions.

I have gone through countless devices, passwords and have had many accounts compromised. The scary thing with some IP cameras is that if a hacker/stalker has had physical access they can access a certain code (the details ate beyond me) that can be used to hack other software/devices. I learned this the hard way. Even having a password for your cameras cannot deter from this.

After replacing devices, routers, etc he was still able to get in. I belive he used the cameras. And very creepy that he could see what I was doing on the outside of my house and monitor me while I was in my home because the cameras had mics that fed into the inside of my home.

My cameras and online security made me feel safe. It couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

I encourage LF readers and others to beware of electronic gifts. I loved my ex and trusted him before I knew what he was. He has isolated me tremendously because of his gifts, however I continue to prevail, despite still having to make changes and discovering new ways that he’s figured out how to use the Internet for his stalking gains.

I have only one device now that I completely trust. I use it for writing here and for certain accounts that I will not access via any other device. I create new emails for every account, which has helped.

Some may think I’m paranoid. I’m not. This is happening and it’s horrible. I am grateful to have my therapist, family and a couple of great friends who not only are there for me and believe, but who have witnessed my horror first hand.

This has been a slow process. I’m not out of the woods as of yet but I feel I’m getting close. My biggest challenge has been to figure out the order to change devices/accounts/passwords. I feel like it’s truly a science at this point.

I pray for everyone who has experienced this. I miss the days of no social networking, paper accounts and everything not being connected online.

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