Coming soon: Love Fraud, the book!

On and off for the past four years, I’ve been mentioning my upcoming book about my experience with a sociopath, James Montgomery, and my recovery from the ordeal. Well, the book, Love Fraud—How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan, is at the printer, and will be available in about a month.

In writing the book, I had five goals:

  1. Drawing attention to the problem of sociopaths.
  2. Showing how sociopaths weave their web of lies to trap people.
  3. Exposing the impotence of social institutions in dealing with these predators.
  4. Explaining why, from a spiritual perspective, we fall into these relationships.
  5. Offering hope that we can, even after these devastating encounters, recover and flourish.

I’ve launched a new blog specifically for this book. It’s called, simply, Love Fraud ”¦ the book.

I invite all Lovefraud readers to visit the new blog. You’ll find more information about the book. You’ll be able to read the introduction and a chapter. I even have a photo gallery. And, there are reviews. I’ve asked some Lovefraud authors and members to read advance copies of the book and write their impressions. Two are posted.

Autographed and numbered copies, plus FREE shipping

My family, of course, has known for a long time that I’ve been working on the book. Two years ago, my young nephew, then eight years old, asked me, “Can I have the first one?”

Of course, I said yes. Then I thought, how will he know which is the first one?

The solution is autographed and numbered first edition copies, which we’re making available to all Lovefraud readers in a special pre-order offer. If you reserve your book now, while it’s at the printer, when they arrive, I will autograph and number it, in the order in which purchases are received. (We’re up to number 5.)

Plus, SHIPPING IS FREE for all U.S. destinations. International shipping is 40% off.

For more information about this offer, visit the Lovefraud Store.

Different discussion

I’ll keep posting articles on Love Fraud ”¦ the book. As you all have a chance to read the book, you may have questions, which I’ll do my best to answer.

I expect that the blog will take our discussion of entanglements with sociopaths into a new direction. As painful as it was, I learned that the entire experience was an opportunity for spiritual growth. Although we’ve touched on the topic here on the Lovefraud Blog, it will be even more prominent on the new blog.

If you want to post a comment on the Lovefraud Book blog, your regular log-in credentials should work. The log-in link is on right side of the page, at the bottom. If you have any problems, please let me know.

Stop on by.

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