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I wish I would have known sooner that people like this existed


Spath TalesEditor’s note: A Lovefraud reader who posts as “Zenagirl10” sent the following story.

I have had 5 years experience with a sociopath. It started out my ex was dating a friend of mine and they were engaged to be married. They broke up and she moved away. Then he set his sights on me.

Initially I was not interested in him at all. But I thought he wants to buy all these things for me and at the time I could only afford the necessities. So I continued with the relationship.

Everything moved so quickly, he was constantly texting, phoning and wanting to be by my side 24-7. I was like wow, he must really be in love with me.

There were several red flags that I did not notice and I wish I would have listened to. The 1st red flag was that it all moved too fast and he seemed too good to be true.

He wanted to be alone with me all the time. He was always rude to anyone who wanted to see me. (friends/family) He was even jealous of my pets!! Everything was his way or the highway and he was never wrong.

He portrayed himself to be a hardworking man, who was religious and wanted to start a family. All of this was a lie. He was an alcoholic who cheated on me throughout the relationship.

He would always criticize everything I did. I couldn’t even walk or talk right in his opinion.

He would always say that he didn’t want to have any friends because all they did was cause problems. He pretty much ran all my friends away except a select few.

We both live in the same small town and he lives two streets up from me. He hangs out at the town watering hole and has given everyone a sob story of how bad I have treated him.

He hangs out with a new bunch of people now. He has totally changed and he is not the same person I met 5 years ago. I told my son I think he must have been probed by Aliens, LOL!

He has even started talking like his next door neighbor. He is now mimicking his new friend.

I saw him in the store recently and he acted like we were old acquaintances from high school.

He has done triangulation with me and his new girlfriend as well as his neighbors against me. I fell for it hook, line and sinker and totally exploded in front of them. Now they really do think I am the crazy one.

I never knew evil existed until now. It has been 5 months no contact and I wish I did not live in the same town as him. I have been going gray rock this whole time so that he will think I am boring and never want to contact me again.

I was having severe panic attacks while with him. Now that he has been out of my life I am panic attack free. I am hoping that one day, karma will come back around for him.

He was always criticizing my makeup, how I dressed, my music and everything that I stood for (democrat).

I bent over backwards to try to make this relationship work, thinking if I treated him the way he wanted to be treated, he would do the same in return. I was almost broken by this relationship. Luckily I figured this all out in time or I don’t think I would be here today.

My mom and friends even told me that they noticed a change in me and that I was starting to act like him. He totally brainwashed me with his craziness.

Thank god this is over. I wish I would have known sooner that people like this existed.

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Dan Baron

Absolutely, according to the first paragraph, the sociopath was initially, her “ex”, or a friend of hers.


oh my the pet thing! I can relate to all of it really except my spath did such a number on my head I am panicking with out him…like detoxing oh and he lives across the freaking street!


I have a group for people who have been through all of this abuse. I myself have been through it and this group is helping me heal and helping others get their story out safely. Feel free to join!

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