Identifying speech patterns of psychopaths

Researchers used a computer analysis to compare the language of psychopathic and nonpsychopathic murderers. They discovered distinct differences.

Read Psychopaths’ words expose predatory mind on Futurity.org.

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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YOU DO SPEAK THE TRUTH!!! THE ABOVE POST IS VERY INSIGHTFUL! Thank you for that post! That affirmation not only for yourself but for every one here at Love Fraud! TOWANDA!!!!!

“What human being would want to lack empathy…..”

What they want is to be like us. To be us…. someone posted earlier.

My ex once stated
“I want what you have”
He was referring to the relationship I have with my daughters. But I suppose, after reading many accounts and articles here, you could say he literally wanted what I had. Period.

You know what keeps me going is the absolute belief that he wants what is mine. What I’ve achieved. Normal things like family, friends, a job I love he wants all those things but he can’t have them. It’s not he wants to lack empathy he just wants all that for nothing. Desperate for love and approval but destined to never get them.
Empty existence? You betcha.

Towanda Truthspeak. It will be my first year spath free too! Cheers me dears:)

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