Identifying speech patterns of psychopaths

Researchers used a computer analysis to compare the language of psychopathic and nonpsychopathic murderers. They discovered distinct differences.

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jordeez: mine used to say that everyone who said they loved him were all truly haters. HOW IS THAT ONE?

We were all haters because we wouldn’t accept his vileness.
Yet, if you attempted to meet him halfway, there was no such thing…it was all his way and that was by devouring you. Literally.

New Years Eve will mark 8 months since I have spoken a word to it. It continues to stalk me every so often. It has learned how to ‘sugar coat’ and ‘honey’ the words “IT” leaves me. I don’t wish to cut it off, I want “IT” to say what “IT” wants to say to me. “IT” will never get a response from me, ever again and I think “IT” is starting to realize this. It has left four messages, not counting the endless phone calls from unblocked numbers..I HAVE RESPONDED TO NONE and NEVER WILL AGAIN.

I have been cautioned to be very careful because New Years Eve also marks an anniversary date for him, as well, personally. “IT” has not been very well nor stable. To put it mildly. It has lost a wife and two mistresses within the past year and that is just skimming the surface!

LIES: all of it…
I almost was drawn away with the tsunami of bullshit.
I was so far down that ‘rabbit hole’ that I almost didn’t make it back. THAT is how crazy it was…I was trapped in madness.

It started when I gave up control of my own ship.
I will never make that mistake ever again as long as I live.

I have learned within the past week or so how ‘cunning’ a person this really is, if you can actually call it a ‘person’. I am stronger than “IT” and I think “IT” knows it now. I have always been stronger and I think that was my ‘attraction’ to “IT”…my strengths…I was something “IT” is not but wishes “IT” could be without having to do any of the ‘paying for it’ – if “IT” could have murdered me and climbed into my skin, I believe it would have done so.

“IT” is learning “ITS” place with me, though, I think. After all of this time…this is the true second period of NC for me. The first time, I was like four months into it and had a near fatal heart attack…someone contacted him and BAM: there “IT” was all over again…recovering from my physical condition was rough enough – there was no way I would have survived it if I had kept or allowed “IT” to remain anywhere around my life. Not after all the death threats/attempts. Once that trust is lost, you can never regain it.

Coming through this ‘withdrawal’ and that truly is what it was..after being so masterfully and skillfully ‘conditioned’ for just about five years, through my own affections, to tolerate way too much – way too much…almost a complete loss of ‘self’. It has been likened to being held hostage, as I think I have told many of you before. Psychologically and emotionally held hostage for just about five years…oh yes, it was so difficult coming through this and I don’t think I will ever completely be ‘out of the woods’; there will always be scars and I shall be changed because of this experience forever but in a stronger way.

I suppose I will spend the rest of my life looking over my shoulder now that I have a psychopathic stalker…but I am not afraid of “IT”. In reality, I think “IT” may be just a little afraid of “ME” and I think that is appropriate at this point.

“IT” has been requested on several occasions to cease further communications. But then, “IT” has already violated itself on numerous occasions, without my input…so, nothing surprises me anymore but I am strong enough for this. I always was. That is what made me a target and a challenge….

How dare a woman be stronger than me!
Of course, when you just hate all women, it’s easy to have that attitude. Women, they are only good for one thing….well, two, if you count what’s in their pocketbook, I suppose.

I said there was three phases coming through this; I was wrong. I seem to be finding a fourth…resolve. My resolve is very strong now. I have shielded myself with another layer of armor. I am protected and resilient now. I have recovered and healed well from my heart surgeries and I can stand strong for myself and my life and this “THING” whatever “IT” is, I am sorry my friend and someone I loved so much is so possessed but it’s true and there is no way to reach him any longer. I cannot and will not sacrifice my life. Even if I did, it still wouldn’t be enough to sate that monster inside of “IT”. I refuse to sacrifice myself for this ’cause’ any longer or any further and if it does not cease, I will make it cease, as I have stated so many times before….I MEAN WHAT I SAY. PERIOD.

So, do me a HUGE favor, please – on this New Years Eve, I want you all to think of me, as I shall you, and I want you to celebrate with me, and I will celebrate with you…we are starting over’s what we make it…WELCOME 2012!!! YAHOOOO!

I am grateful I have had this place to share my thoughts and my experiences and my opinions. I am grateful for you all. You held me up when I couldn’t walk by myself and hit me on the head with the frying pan when I was being naughty.

Happy New Year my friends…
My life is recovering, slowly but surely…without “IT”.
I never thought I would get here but I am here…not all the way yet but close enough that I can taste it. Hope I can stick around long enough now to enjoy some of it; know what I mean? 🙂

*Blessings to you all*
P.S. Have a drink on me….


Dear Duped,

Eloquent friend..

You are a challenge because you are strong and that makes you a target! Sick, depraved, vile piece of sh*t.

So glad you live to tell your tale. Your words resonate with me. Hope you’ve got some champers on ice for new years eve. Cheers!!


thanks strongawoman for the hugs and support.
It means a lot to me.

You don’t know the half of it, My Friend…
Oh yes, strong and very much a target.

I am happy I am living to tell my tale too. 🙂
I am happy as well that you are able to decipher something from my words…sharing my experiences….

Trust me, Dearie….THIS New Years Eve is going to be a wonderful one, just like I promised myself it was going to be and there is nothing going to stop it from coming. Not anymore.



“Truthspeak says:

Here’s what the spath worm wrote at the end of his own parody of himself (some words altered to avoid copyright):”

I would love to post what my x-spath says about himself on various dating sites…


Strongawoman, and everyone,

Indeed, we have everything to celebrate for 2012. Sure, we’ve been deliberately damaged by the calculated machinations of one (or, more) sociopath, but we have the ability to LIVE, rather than just EXIST.

September’s end marked the end of a fraud of monumental proportions for me, and November propeled me into an arduous healing process. I don’t like it, one bit, but I intend to do the hard work and believe – in my soul – that I’m going to be just fine.

When I was talking with my counselor about this incredible feeling of uncertainty, she put it together for me: uncertainty + vulnerability = anxiety. I cannot predict the future, and I’ve been moving through a molasses of fear nearly my whole life. This is going to be a challenge, but I’m capable and so is each and every one of us. We cannot change what we’ve experienced, but we danged sure can learn from it.

Finally, betrayal is the deepest, darkest circle of Hell, according to Dante, EVEN over wanton murder. I questioned my son why this might be, and his answer was so insightful: a victim of murder experiences an end to their pain and torture, while a victim of betrayal relives the torturous agony every day, for the rest of their life, unless they find some sort of closure.

So, the sociopathic worm has effectively banished himself to the deepest, darkest, coldest hell imaginable, even in waking life. What human being would WANT to lack empathy and remorse?! What kind of empty existence would that even be?

The brightest, and most HEALING blessings to one and all for a Happy New Year. Towanda, everyone. And, thank you, Donna – we’re all going to be okay, in due time.

Ox Drover


YOU DO SPEAK THE TRUTH!!! THE ABOVE POST IS VERY INSIGHTFUL! Thank you for that post! That affirmation not only for yourself but for every one here at Love Fraud! TOWANDA!!!!!


“What human being would want to lack empathy…..”

What they want is to be like us. To be us…. someone posted earlier.

My ex once stated
“I want what you have”
He was referring to the relationship I have with my daughters. But I suppose, after reading many accounts and articles here, you could say he literally wanted what I had. Period.

You know what keeps me going is the absolute belief that he wants what is mine. What I’ve achieved. Normal things like family, friends, a job I love he wants all those things but he can’t have them. It’s not he wants to lack empathy he just wants all that for nothing. Desperate for love and approval but destined to never get them.
Empty existence? You betcha.

Towanda Truthspeak. It will be my first year spath free too! Cheers me dears:)

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