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“It’s done. I’ve killed them.”

dancing sisters

Indianna 3, and Savannah, 4 were smothered to death by their father.

On Easter Sunday, 2014, 36-year-old Charles Amon Mihayo, of Melbourne, Australia, went to the home of his estranged partner’s parents, where he had made arrangements to see his two daughters, Indianna, three, and Savannah, four years old.

He dressed the girls in pretty ballerina dresses that he had bought earlier that day, and had them do a dance in the back yard for their mother and grand parents. Then he brought the girls inside, locked the doors, video recorded them dancing again, and then smothered them to death while their mother and grandparents were locked out.

When police arrived Mihayo told them. “It’s done.I’ve killed them.”

Charles Amon Mihayo watched his daughters dance before murdering them, from

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This is so disturbing.


Weeping for those two precious girls. Shocking tragedy. Horrible. Horrible.
Let this further steel our resolve to stand up against these monsters and stop this type of horror in our civilized world.
Attacking innocents is the marker of the disordered and is completely intolerable in society.


May the souls of these beautiful children be safe and blessed with God!
And may the monster that killed them meet a suitable end!!
This is an unspeakable sorrow!!


absolute heart-wrenching….my heart goes out to their mother and grandparents. May these beautiful little girls RIP and may their mother & grandparents find some time of peace in their lives as the years go by.

As for this evil evil despicable man…may jail become the bottom of hell for him.

Makes you wonder if Earth is hell, what other explanation could their be for such evilness.

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